Travel #19 | The Footprints Of God, Namibia - Africa

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The vast Grasslands of Namibia, Africa feature mysterious circles. Believed, the circle is known as the footprints of the gods.

Africa's outback indeed features a variety of natural uniqueness. Including the mysterious like the circles surrounded by grasses in the remote desert of Namibia. The magnitude varies, for its own diameter reaches about 2-15 meters.

On the inside, not overgrown with grass or any plants. This phenomenon is not only in Namibia, but also Angola, South Africa and even Australia.

When viewed from a height, the circle makes such a polka-dot pattern in the desert. Tourists can find this mysterious circle in the area along the 1,800 km long. The distance is hundreds of kilometers from the nearest village.

Himba tribe who live in the village are familiar with this circle. Reportedly a strange form in the desert that has existed for centuries ago, and there are various speculations related to its origins.

No Plants Grow Inside The Circle (Image Source : BBC)

The myth circulating among the Himba tribe mentions that there are dragons living below ground level. The dragon's breath burns the grass above it until it barely forms a circle. There are also who think that the circle is the footprints of the gods.

Meanwhile, scientists are still researching the real what is the main cause of the formation of a circle with grass around it. Professor of biology at the University of Hamburg German German for example, Norbert Juergens, said the circle is caused by the soil termites Psammotermes grounds grounds.

But Juergens allegedly denied biological experts from Florida State University, Walter R Tschinkel. Tschinkel did not feel finding these termites in the same location.

As reported by the Guardian, around 2017 then ecological experts from Princeton University also find out the origin of the circle that he said the footprints of the gods, using a simulation on the computer.

They made several simulations to mimic the impact of the existence of termites that build underground colonies against the form of grass that grows bursting on the ground. In one of its simulations, a circle similar to that in the Namibian desert appears, as digital termites perform their activities.

But the pattern became different after then came the grass among the mysterious circle. These experts came to Namibia to check directly and take a photo of whether the patterns in a real computer simulation show up here.

Surely, what is the origin of the mysterious circle is still being investigated. But of course the traveler can enjoy this miracle anytime while traveling to Namibia. The various sides appear to be photogenic to immortalize in the camera.

The phenomenon known as the Footprint of the Gods (Image Source : BBC)