On the Go in Egypt

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Hi Steemers!! Keeping on the go in Egypt isn't hard! With all its ancient history and historic landmarks there is plenty to see and do. You will def want to maximise all your time here.

While you can travel unorganised, constantly trying to haggle taxis and guides wastes time. Plus there are the safety risks with travelling on your own.

Not wanting to compromise our safety. Or miss out on going to this amazing place, we decided it was best to do an organised tour.

Now we had never done a big organised tour before. So weren't sure what to expect. Looked at various companies and after comparing itineraries, prices and departure dates, chose On the Go.

True to their name they kept us on the go the whole time we were in Egypt! We covered a LOT of ground in our 10 days.

Our jam-packed tour started by flying into Cairo the day before. This way we were able to unwind and relax for half a day ahead of the tour starting.


Early start for a day trip out to Alexandria, a port city on the coast of the Mediterranean sea.

It is a three hour drive from Cairo. Once here, see the Roman catacombs, pillar of Pompeii, Citadel of Qaitby fortress and the new library.

Arrive back in Cairo in time to watch the Sound and Light show.

After the show have dinner at one of the restaurants across from the entrance. Get to see a second viewing of the show from the upstairs restaurant.


Visit Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, this time by day. As well as walking around the bases of the pyramids, get to go inside one!

My highlight though was getting to ride camels into the desert with the pyramids as a backdrop.

Next we have lunch, then on to the Saqqara necropolis. Here you will find the oldest confirmed pyramid in the world.... Pyramid of Djoser

Have a few hours back in the hotel to pack and freshen up before catching overnight train to Aswan. Although we are staying in a "first class sleeping carriage" we feel cramped prison cell better describes it.

Haha make the most of it by having a nightcap before going to sleep.


Arrive in Aswan around 9am in the morning. Luckily our estimated 12 hour journey was on time. Apparently Egyptian trains are notorious for being late or running behind schedule. Since ETA's are just a "guide" today's plan was decided when we arrived.

Went straight to the marina to board small boats to visit the Philae temple. This beautiful temple dedicated to Isis, is on an island in the middle of the Aswan Low dam.

After, we stop at an Egyptian cotton shop on the way back to our hotel.

Free time by the pool until we go to the Aswan market in the late arvo.

Dinner is at a Nubian restaurant where we try traditional beef and chicken tangines.


Super early wake up call at 3.45am for three hour drive to Abu simbel. Stop and watch the sunrise over the western desert of the Sahara.

Explore the temples for a few hours before the three hour return drive to Aswan. Board our Feluccas and have a late lunch before we set sail in the mid arvo.

Moor on the side of the Nile as the sun starts to set. Spend the evening at a local Nubian family's compound.

Enjoy tea and apple shisha and play soccer with the kids. Have dinner back on board before calling it a night.


After breakfast we set sail. Our sailing is caught short though as our sail rips in the strong winds! The motor boat tows us to a little deserted beach where we spend most of the day relaxing.

When the wind dies down, the back up sail is put up and we sail further down the Nile. Find an appropriate place to moor for the night.

As its NYE we jump into the Nile to celebrate Brisbane New year. It's refreshing to say the least. Have dinner, drinks, music and dancing on board.

Followed with a bonfire on the bank of the Nile. Most of us ring in the New year but some retire early.


Woken up as the sun rises. Which is lovely way to wake up on the first day of a new year.

Once breakfast is done its time to disembark and say goodbye to the great crew. Catch a bus to Kom Ombo temple.

Then after a couple of hours here, its an hour drive to temple of Horus at Edfu.

After we have a two drive to Luxor. When we have checked in, there is time to order room service and chill in our room.

Before heading out to see Luxor temple at night.


Another super early start. Well worth it though to go hot air ballooning over Luxor!

After ballooning visit Valley of the kings, and queens as well as Hatshepsut temple.

Go inside Nefertaris tomb which is absolutely beautiful.

Stop for lunch then on to the temple of Karnak in the afternoon.

Arrive back at the hotel all templed and tombed out. Pleased to have the rest of the night free. Our tour guide recommends an Irish bar/restaurant called Murphy's. Dinner and drinks then bed.. what a day!!


First sleep in of the trip! Enjoy our first buffet breakfast too as no breakfast bags today. Lobby call is 10am and then it's a five hour drive to Hurghada. When we arrive it's straight to the hotels private beach in time for Happy Hour.

Have dinner at Moby Dick where we try camel. Which is surprisingly tasty. Very similar to an eye fillet.

Shisha and drinks follow.


Wake up and after breakfast go on a ATV safari through the desert.

After riding through the dunes for an hour or so arrive at a rest stop in the middle of nowhere. Climb the rocky mountain and admire the dunes we just rode through.

ATV back and arrive at our hotel in time for lunch. Then its drinks by the water until the sun goes down.

Head back into town for dinner. Bar hop along the way with food, drinks and shisha.

Get back to the hotel round midnight.


Not much sleep as up at 3am for our 3.30am departure. It's an approximate six hour drive up to Cairo. So we sleep most of the way even though we are all squished in. It's super windy and our little van is getting knocked about as we drive through a sand storm. Arrive at the Cairo Museum just after it opens. Wander through checking out the most preserved mummies in the world.

As well as stuff from Tutankhamun's tomb and heaps of other really cool artefacts. Once we have spent a couple hours here it's time to head to the airport for part two of our adventure - Jordan!

So as you can see we were kept on the go the whole time we were in Egypt!...and I wouldn't change a thing. Although come to think of it a couple more sleep ins might of be nice 😉 Thanks for stopping by ✌

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What an amazing place to by. These are memories for a lifetime

It sure is an amazing place, great memories I will always cherish 😊

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This sure was on the Go!! Great times in Egypt 😊

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It def was!! Such an amazing adventure 😁

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I would start this comment by saying very funny and creative photo for your last one!! In my opinion, you chose the best by visiting the country through a tour guide to maximise your time and get your stay in Egypt more meaningful. That country is full of history, architecture and something else to do, see and experience the time is never enough.

Haha glad you liked the pic 🤪 yes def doing a tour is the way to go, have you been before?

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Unfortunately not yet because I spent 6 months in North America combine language translations and some travelling. But it is definitely on my bucket list

6 months in North America would of been awesome! Hopefully you make it to Egypt one day :)

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I seriously hope so! Enjoy any of your travel!!

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