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Today, I am home spending time with our daughter while my wife catches up on some schoolwork.Our daughter is napping now so I have a fraction of a moment to try and get some posts created which is nice as the morning so far has been cooking and cleaning. The cooking is for our daughter but, my brother @galenkp is coming next week and I don't want him to think that we always live like squatters in a drug den.

Tomorrow though, I am hoping that the weather will allow a little of this kind of view:


We are planning on spending a night at the in-law's summer cottage which is something we try to do every year. My wife really loves it there and last year, so did my daughter. She splashed around in the water and made sand castles. This year, I think she will really be able to give country life a good go.

My plan was to write a little there but I have been told I am not allowed to spend all of my time doing what I like to do so I guess I will have to limit it a little. What I will do though if weather permits is to take some photos and upload the unprocessed versions. It is always a bit of fun for me to share the raw images.

I won't spend much time on Steem though, just a little post and running (which I really try not to do normally) and of course some scroll and voting on my feed. Perhaps my voting Power can recover a little also. The last couple of weeks it has been hovering between 50 and 60% which is fine but means I have to vote more.

A lot of people don't get that side of it that the lower the VP, the less VP a vote costs. For example, if at 100% VP, a 100% vote will cost 2% of the total. But at 50% VP, it will cost about 1% of the total. What this means is that each vote amount is lower but it costs less in recovery time. At least to put it simply. The recommendation to keep it above 80 is only really important to maximize the value of each particular vote.

Anyway, the weather forecast keeps changing from sunny to raining for the weekend so my cottage plans will be affected by what the reality will be. I am looking forward to being out of the house though for a night as we have spent so much time trapped inside that it is almost like we are prisoners in our own home. Getting some fresh, country air should do us some good.

For now though... my daughter has woken up from her nap and, there is still a lot of cleaning to do....

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Happy weekend. Family visits are always something to look forward to. A weekeend at a nice cottage house with family feels like a luxury getaway to me

It is a luxury for us too. The last time we were away was a night at the cottage last summer. It is hard to travel for more than a night because of the dietary needs if the baby but, one night is better than none.

'Squatters in drug den" - LOL!!!! Reminds me a of a place my friends at university used to live in. Just kidding :-)

My vote value isn't worth much but I am doing it 40% right now. It adds up to 0.01 and at 40% I can give more than 20 upvotes each day and stay above 90% VP. When the weekend arrives this will go to around 70%.

At my current SP, voting is mainly about getting into good habits for the future.

At my current SP, voting is mainly about getting into good habits for the future.

Yes and, encouraging others :)

I am always running low on voting power. It is so difficult to not vote on so many of the wonderful writings they have here on steemit.

I hope you're able to enjoy your weekend without the rain.

The weather forecast has changed again twice...

Just enjoy voting on the things you like and don't worry too much :)

Hi Taraz. I am sure you don't need to clean that much but it would be good to see you dressed up in the cleaning roll. I can remember those days with young kids the amount of washing is quite crazy.

It takes time to recover the VP as i was around 60-70% for the last month and you can't get back. I even used the slider as you suggested but when you are already weak it is too late. I look forward to your upcoming .photos

It has been good voting with lower VP even though the amount isn't as much, I have been still voting as widely, if not more :)

I don't mind cleaning but not everything :D

Huh, I thought that was the case with the VP, from watching my own, but I wasn't sure. So, thanks for clearing that up in my head! Also, have fun tomorrow! A cottage by the lake sounds dreamy...:)

most people feel the VP lasting longer the lower it goes but don't quite know if they are imagining it ;)

It is a nice place in the country although, outdoor toilet... :D

At least the cottage has internet!

lol, well, 4G through my phone but, that is the way it goes now :)

the "nap" period can be the most hectic period trying to get stuff done and then when you finally begin to rest, they wake up. There is no resting in parenthood I've learned

Definitely no rest around this place at least.

Hands to work in cleaning your house so that your brother does not think they are illegal hahaha that made me laugh a lot

It is good to disconnect for a while from Steemit that makes emuy well to organize ideas and spend nice family time

One doubt this bridge is from the summer house?

this is the pier at the summer place.

Down here people jump on 3 day cruises when they deep discount them for a short vacation. I’ve yet to do such a thing. It always a little interesting when you go to contact someone and find out they are in the middle of the ocean right now having drinks and laying back on deck! Just right out of the blue nothing mentioned about it. They see the cheap price and go for it.

I hope you have an amazing time and the weather agrees more with you. I agree keep the writing limited! You can always sneak it in during the nights when it’s too dark outside to enjoy doing anything anyways outside of a campfire. I find photos for remembering things to write for later work out good enough for not having the time to do something in the moment.

They do the cruises to Sweden or estonia too, never get off the boat sometimes...

You can always sneak it in during the nights when it’s too dark outside to enjoy doing anything anyways outside of a campfire

I live in Finland and it is summer, the sun will set at 11:24 pm tonight :D

Hope you enjoy your day with family, and that you get to visit that beautiful view! Have a great weekend @tarazkp!

Cheers mate, I am looking forward to not having to work for a day and a half the most :)

Beautiful view! You're lucky to have permanent access to a retreat like that. Usually, when I want something like that, i have to spend hours on airbnb or expedia. I really plan to have something like this in India, albeit in the mountains, where the weather is pleasant.

Enjoy your trip! Amazing view, looking forward to the photos.

Yes, it is a few hundred kilometers away but in Finland, views like this aren't so uncommon fortunately :)

Aah, i am sure. I have never been but whatever i have seen of europe, i have always been amazed.

Father and daughter relation is very good relation . Beautiful scenery .

Thanks for sharing @tarazkp
Upvote you .

From which country you are? scene is beautiful

I live in Finland

I hope you enjoy your stay at the cottage. Don;t forget to take the pictures.

I will try not to forget :)

"I am not allowed to spend all of my time doing what I like to do"
"Anyway, the weather forecast keeps changing from sunny to raining"

Maybe the weather is nature's way of allowing you to write, after all, but still, I hope it doesn't rain, you get to recharge in the fresh air, and your daughter gets some of your time.

Your writing and your vote power will still be there for you later. :)

You gonna cook for us too? Remember that time in Cairns you and I made up that meal...Mush we called it. Tasted good. Didn't look so good... :)

Have a good time at the cottage.

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