Can you actually travel without travelling? YES!!

in travel •  4 months ago

Travelling can help you distress, take away your mind from work and let the thought of freedom sink in. It is true that meeting new people and exploring different kind of cultures can make you thrilled and enthusiastic.


Take a big leap.

Our life is the creation of our mind. Take some time to find a place that is quite and conducive for relaxing. Meditate and think that you have traveled somewhere else where you could do whatever you want and just have fun. The excitement of actually going there makes you feel young again. I have done it several times and it made me go back to the past when I was still young and when there is nothing to think but to play, eat and rest. The great Albert Einstein once said-"Imagination is everything, It is a preview of life's coming attraction." The feeling of traveling through your mind makes me feel I flown through a plane and flown off to face another adventure.

Imagine that you are in a forest listening to the whistles of the wind and the cockle sound of the birds. Discovering new artifacts and makes you think that it might make you popular in the future. Just like reading a book where the author takes you through his/her imagination and makes you feel you are actually there.


You don't need money and the things needed to travel. You just need your mind and your heart be ready for your next adventure. It will rejuvenate your heart and soul.

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