Wat Yannavesakawan, in Nakhon Pathom province, Thailand - Part I

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Wat Yannavesakawan8.jpg

Wat Yannavesakawan is located in Nakhon Pathom province, Thailand. (not far away from Bangkok)

The name “Yannavesakawan” means “forest with a house of knowledge" or “forest of those who want to enter to wisdom”.

Therefore, with the intention of making this temple a forest suitable for people to come to seek knowledge, develop Dhamma and develop wisdom, most of the temple area is dedicated to trees rather than buildings.

It’s believed that nature that surrounds us is a vast, deep source of learning of Dhamma. It’s a close Dhamma that anyone who has wisdom will be able to discover.

Once arriving, you will get impressed by a lot of green trees.

The temple name in the Thai language at the front door looks simple and surrounded with greenery as well.

Wat Yannavesakawan19.jpg

Before entering the inside area, which is not allowed for any car to go through, you will see “Thammajak” which is located at the circle.

I think it acts as the symbol of the temple. It looks outstanding from a far distance.

Wat Yannavesakawan2.jpg

Wat Yannavesakawan3.jpg

Wat Yannavesakawan17.jpg

Wat Yannavesakawan is shady with small and large trees. Many flowers bloom all over the area.

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Wat Yannavesakawan13.jpg

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I think, apart from developing Dhamma, Wat Yannavesakawan is also a great place that provides refreshment and relaxation as well.

Wat Yannavesakawan9.jpg

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