Kwanjai Bamboo Garden, an environmentally friendly market, in Phatthalung province, in the South of Thailand

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Kwanjai Bamboo Garden is a community market that is friendly to the environment. It’s located in my hometown, Phatthalung province, in the South of Thailand.

Kwanjai means beloved, darling, sweetheart.

It’s a market that is surrounded by a lot of bamboo. So, the market is shady and has a very nice atmosphere.

At the entrance to the market, you will be attracted by a bamboo arch with the name Kwanjai Bamboo Garden in the Thai language.

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Kwanjai Bamboo Garden1.jpg

It’s interesting that Kwanjai Bamboo Garden doesn't use plastic or foam. The drinking glasses are made from bamboo tubes and the containers are mostly lotus leaves or banana leaves.

Moreover, there are no trash cans at Kwanjai Bamboo Garden. If you finish eating, you can leave your garbage at any stores.

Or if there is something that can be used again, there is a corner that you can place it for washing and use again. Or you can buy it and take it home. Some other containers are also biodegradable.

Besides, Kwanjai Bamboo Garden doesn't provide plastic bags, so you must bring your own cloth bag or basket from your home.

I think this is a good idea not to leave the problem of garbage overflowing in the province. This creates happiness for both buyers and sellers and it is truly environmental protection.

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There are many shops in Kwanjai Bamboo Garden. Their products are mostly from the community.

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Most of the foods are local foods with many varieties.

Some foods may look strange for you because they are local foods of the southern region which are unique.

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden provides dining seats arranged in a bamboo arch. You can buy food and then sit and eat amidst a refreshing atmosphere.

Food sold at Kwanjai Bamboo Garden is freshly cooked and everything looks delicious. The ingredients used are natural, clean, fresh, and non-toxic.

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Kwanjai Bamboo Garden can really be considered a tourist destination that is suitable for relaxing with your family on holidays.

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