Kwanjai Bamboo Garden, a friendly environment local market in Phatthalung province, in the South of Thailand

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Kwanjai Bamboo Garden7.jpg

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden is one of the nice local markets in my hometown, Phatthalung province, in the South of Thailand.

Kwanjai means darling or sweetheart

It is well-known as it’s friendly to nature and the environment; all shops do not use any plastic or foam, they only use natural containers (mostly bamboo and banana leaves).

Most of the shops were built with bamboos and the whole area of the market was decorated with a lot of bamboos perfectly and beautifully.

The orchids and the bamboo on both sides of the entrance in the first photo are magnificent and wonderful. In the above and below signs is the name of this market in the Thai language.

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden12.jpg

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden6.jpg

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden11.jpg

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden13.jpg

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden8.jpg

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden5.jpg

Plenty of bamboos and other trees around the area give good shady to the market. So, you can walk around and shop for some food in the relaxing atmosphere.

Apart from various kinds of delicious local foods and desserts, you can also buy handy crafts or artworks for souvenirs; handbags, local clothes, etc. They are beautiful and attractive with unique designs and cheap prices.

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden10.jpg

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden9.jpg

Kwanjai Bamboo Garden4.jpg

If you travel to the South of Thailand, please include “Kwanjai Bamboo Garden” in your travel list.... This market will not disappoint you, for sure.


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Thank you very much for visiting my blog. ;)

Hello, my dear sister :) I am so happy you are ok and still presenting your beautiful country. How magical is that !!! I am sending my deep love to you. Thank you for sharing your post I enjoy it a lot. Little tears even drop on my chest :) I wish me and Greg could again travel and visit your country as we promised. Let it be blessed that day. XOXO

Oh! I'm really glad to see you here again, my dear sister! ;))

I do hope you both are doing fine. I'm happy to know that you wish to travel to Thailand if everything is back to normal. And it's good that you enjoy my post.

Hope you both have a wonderful day! Stay safe and healthy! ;))

Looks like and interesting place!

I'm glad you found the place interesting. Yeah! The place has relaxing atmosphere and is surrounded by nice nature. If you visit there, you would love it. Thanks so much for stopping by. ;)

Wow! So green and so nice!!
I could stay there the whole day! LoL

Me, too! Apart from the greenery, another reason that I could stay there the whole day is that there are various kinds of delicious foods. I would gain a lot of weight, for sure! ;D

Many thanks! ;)

Don’t worry! Just walk around again to burn off excess calories! LoL

Ah! Good idea! ;D

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