Vlog #154 - We're Going BACK to the US?!? Mexican Military, Driving in Mexico, & Mexico Tolls

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Wow, what a ride this has been! We had a little one-week getaway to Ajijic, then as soon as we got back we realized we had to leave for the US border immediately!

Watch the full video below:

Or, watch it directly on YouTube here

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@tangerinetravels hello 👋 sir It looks very nice that you are returning to the United States, actually a matter of military is different, I think you enjoyed the drive, I liked your video, I need to come back to life like this.

Wow! Too many toll points there. At first i thought the fees were going down until i noticed they didn't really have a pattern for collection. Some are high and some are low.

8 hours drive turned 10 hours. Wow! You practically spent the whole day on the road. So sorry. Well done guys.

I am sure as tiring as it was, you still enjoyed the road trip. I think the crime rates and drug lords made those military guys ask what you do for a living. No one would want to have any issue with the Military so it is normal your instinct thought of something to say, to at least leave that spot.

Now that you have lot of change, so so many popsicles and tamales hahahaha.

You’re heading north of the border? Careful guys, I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about how dangerous it is up there. [Sarcasm… or is it?]

Thank God everything went well, the important thing was what they enjoyed and learned from ajijic. Happy journey.

Just so you know, it's standard practice at a military checkpoint to be asked what do you do for a living.

Always crazy dealing with the popo in a foreign country. The Carabinieri in Italy we deal with are intense!


have a great time in Mexico and be careful!

interesting and peculiar video, allows you to see things from another point of view. Greetings and my respects my support with my humble vote.

Boss this is the remarkable travelling. I wish that you are safely reaching.

Sehr guter und sorgfältig recherchierter Beitrag, weiter so

military life is completely difficult for civilians like us , but great that you are returning back to USA , keep follow up with the military friends and just be kindly and humble to them , as they protect us and serve our country without any greed.

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wow enjoyable moment.....

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