Our Adventures Continue with Spectacular Beaches and DELICIOUS Seafood in Guaymas, Mexico (VIDEO)

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Today is Laska's first time ever at the beach.

Her reaction is priceless! Even though she's a Siberian Husky and built for snow, we're pretty sure she's a sea creature at heart.

And after a few long, tedious days of driving, we are absolutely stoked to spend some time in this beautiful oceanside city. In our video today, we also share how much food costs in Guaymas, Mexico.

Up Next on our Tangerine Travels...

A tour of our Airbnb in Guaymas, Mexico (in English and Spanish).

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@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)

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Beautiful beach...I miss the beaches of Hawaii where I lived 25 years before coming to the mainland 3 years ago....so cold now in AR...
Wow, food is so cheap in Mexico...tostada is my favorite


It was really gorgeous there! We were so happy to finally be at the beach.

It was to be expected, but we're finding that the more "touristy" the location, the pricier the food. However, even in the biggest tourist spots, the food cost is at most 50% of the price we're used to in Phoenix.

thanks for sharing @tangerinetravels! i felt like I'm also hitching freedom with you guys! :)


We're happy to hear that it was relatable. Thanks for following along with the journey!