Are the Day Tours in Mazatlán, Mexico Worth the Money? Shenanigans on Stone Island! (VIDEO)

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If you've ever been to ANY tourist destination, you've probably also been hounded to death by the day tour/excursion salesmen. They want you to go kayaking, zip lining, snorkeling, horseback riding, boating, etc. etc. etc.

Well, we were skeptical to say the least.

Are they worth it or is it just another tourist trap? After haggling the price down to 750 pesos for the two of us, we went on a Stone Island Tour in Mazatlán, Mexico. In this video, we share some of the stunning views we saw from our catamaran ride, our experience horseback riding, and what you can expect from a day tour in Mazatlan.

SPOILER ALERT: We went with a company called King David. Although we did have a great time, they were highly dishonest in their tour offerings. The kayak supposedly broke the day before and the ocean water was too murky for snorkeling. We're hesitant to believe both of these things because our tour guide had a heavily rehearsed speech about both. All in all, it was an enjoyable day, but we would have foregone the activities and paid less had we known that the things we wanted to do most were unavailable.

One of the Best Parts

If you decide to take a tour with this company, hopefully you get the same person leading the way. Our tour guide was bilingual, energetic, and hilarious. He made the boat ride leagues more fun than it otherwise would’ve been. Before we got to the island, he was (by some type of sorcery) able to recite every person's name on the boat. There were about 40 people there. And, he completed the boat ride back to Mazatlán—about four hours later—by doing it again.

Can I get a "dayyyyyum!"

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We continue exploring more that Mazatlán has to offer. The food. The people. The beach. And a few shenanigans, too, of course. ;)

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Мой бро опять жжет .Thanks for sharing this. Mazatlán seems to be a nice place visit

It is, we really love it! It's a clean city with a lot of good eats, and much better prices than we're accustomed to. Plus, the people are really friendly!

I'm glad that you know how to haggle, it is a must for tourists like you. If not, they will abuse you and charge you more than the usual price. 750 pesos is a good price though.

Haggling is a mostly new concept to us and it's taking some getting used to! We experienced that abuse with a pulmonia (Mazatlán's golf cart version of a taxi). Locals pay 30 pesos for pulmonia rides and he quoted us 200.

Looks like long as there is ocean view, I will be interested in visiting there. Did you see any crystal clear ocean water during your whole trip so far?

Not yet. We have almost exclusively just been walking along the wavy shore where it's never crystal clear (because the waves are constantly throwing up sand). We've only been out on the water once, which was during this tour, and we didn't experience it there. We may need to do a snorkeling tour in Puerto Vallarta!

Sounds like Maddie did better with the sea lion sound. hehe
$40 is worth it IMO.

I knew hers was better ;) Her vocals and impressions are always better than mine. I sometimes tease her too much.

Thanks for sharing this. Mazatlán seems to be a nice place visit :)

It is a nice place to visit. We'd even consider living there for a while.

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

horse riding seems fun :)

It was a good time! Thanks for watching and commenting :)

Welcome! Enjoy your trip :)

Everything you need to accomplish your goals is already in you, thank you for being so creative