Hungary from above 😍+ flying to Spain ✈

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Hungary from above.jpg

So yesterday my fiancé @lauracody (make sure to follow her) and I flew from Hungary to Spain and while I’m happy to be in Madrid the flight was THE WORST one I’ve ever taken and I’m a travel blogger (so I fly all the damn time)! It all started out great with no turbulence in Hungary. Once we got close to Spain it started to get cloudy but the pilot was very kind and manoeuvred the plane around them. Then we heard the captain announce that we couldn’t land because there was another plane that was delayed and it needed to land first, so we had to stay in the air for another 20 minutes. Those 20 minutes were THE WORST 20 minutes I have ever spent in a plane! It got to a point where it was so cloudy that the pilot couldn’t avoid them any more so he flew directly inside one and the entire plane was shaking so hard I thought my life was over! Here is what the clouds looked like (this is not an image I took as I wasn't thinking about that at the time, this is an image from Pixabay)


When we got out of that cloud I was so relieved, only to find the pilot fly into another cloud and the same thing happened again! I get sick just thinking about it now! After we finally escaped the could and started the landing procedure I was so relieved and I thought the same thing I always think at the end of every flight: I never want to fly again. Of course we already have our next few flights booked and we are about to fly to Morocco next week lol but I looked up the weather and the flight should be fine. That’s another reason why I prefer to fly to (and from) warm destinations: There is less chance of it being windy and that makes flying so much more pleasant (in theory).

Anyways, the point of this blog post wasn’t actually to tell you about my journey, the point is that it’s actually really hard to travel and be a content creator on the Steem blockchain, because there are very few scheduling features. I mean you can schedule your blog posts on Steemit (I think), but there is no way to schedule your DTube or DLive videos, or Steepshot images. I would love if that would change soon.

So I’m now in Madrid and it’s time to explore this amazing city! Have you ever been to Spain? Let me know in the comments below :)


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I agree, it was the worst flight! xxx


It really was my love <3

Happy time in Spain dude ! :)

This is really adorable and wow.
Great capture @tanbay.

This is really adorable and wow.
Great capture @tanbay.