Travel with me #98 : Ayada, Maldives - A Slice of Paradise! — Steemit

Travel with me #98 : Ayada, Maldives - A Slice of Paradise!

in travel •  last year

Dear Steemit friends:


For those of you who have lived in Beijing or Northern China for full year, you will know that the seasons, Autumn and Spring are very short. The summer is consistently above 30 degrees Celsius with little to no fluctuation in temperature. Around November, the temperature suddenly changes and quick goes from a summer climate to a winter one.

Temperatures drop from above 30, to near zero in the space of a month. For many, this signals the start of a long and harsh winter with short days, long nights, and near freezing temperatures. During these months, the government offers state sponsored central heating to help keep it's people warm, but for the most part, venturing outside means a battle against the harsh climate of Chinese winters.

Not all of China has this kind of extreme climate change. In-fact, the southern provinces enjoy mild temperature changes all year round. Places such as Shenzhen and Hong Kong have lukewarm winters, and warm tropical summers.
As a person who grew up in Shenzhen, my body is well adjusted to warm tropical climates. After many years living in the north of China, I have yet to build up a resistance to freezing temperatures and as a way of "coping", I make sure to have a winter escape lined up to help pass the time.

Last year, my winter escape was Hong Kong and Hainan. This year, my winter escape is to the Maldives. It being a few kilometers from the equator surely means gorgeous weather, and compound that with the relatively untouched private island life, it was everything I hoped for a fantasy getaway.

Things didn't quite work out the way I expected, but let's see what the Maldives is like!

The Maldives are essentially a group of about 1200 islands spread over 26 Atolls in the Indian ocean, most visitors will choose a specific island when they visit and if time permits, hop around the various islands within their respective atoll.

The island of choice for this visit is called Gadhdhoo. A private island, part of the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in the south of Maldives.

The journey involves several legs and from Beijing takes more than half a day in total. The first stop is the capital of Maldives, Male.

From there, we fly domestic, to Kaadeddhoo airport in the south. This is the closest island with an airport to Gadhdhoo.

The domestic flight was short, bumpy and very crammed. There was only one plane on this service and it was the dual propeller kind you frequently see in islands. I thought there would be the ultra exclusive private water airplane to shuttle me there but I guess that will have to wait for the future!

The next leg of the trip is the hour long speed boat ride. As you can see, the island resort has their own boat to shuttle their customers to and from the resort.

The boat ride is fun but the novelty wore off quickly, the constant hits and bumps caused several of the girls on the boat to start feeling sick, myself included. Thankfully we arrived before anyone needed to vomit and we were warmly welcomed with a coconut drink and a neat row of "butlers" waiting to greet us as we docked on the island.

Ayada Maldives.

When you think of Maldives, you will probably see floating houses out in the ocean. And that's because these Ocean Villas are their signature offerings. The villas extend into the lagoons and on the shallow emerald blue ocean waters. There are 122 villas in total, and approximately 1/3rd of them are ocean villas.

My heart was pounding when I saw them because I couldn't believe I was going to stay in one! I've had the pleasure of staying in plenty of villas before, but not ones built on top of stilts floating on the water!


The island is teeming with tropical wildlife, whether it's little lizards, tropical fish, or crabs. All you have to do is look around and you'll catch some little creatures running around.

The Ayada Sunset Ocean Villa Suites

Welcome to my room! This is actually one of fifteen Ocean Villa Sunset Suites. Like the other traditional roof-thatched villas, they each have a private pool deck with pool, but my villa has a view of the sunset, as well as an extra large living room with a floor window.

The interior design is a mixture of the Maldivian island style and Turkish. The Turkish part comes from the fact that the resort was founded by Turkish people.

The Kitchen Area

First Bathroom


The bed faces the pool deck and ocean. It's such a beautiful view with such light blue water. What a way to wake up!

The Master Bathroom

This is the second and main bathroom. It has another shower, a toilet, as a huge bathtub with yet another view of the ocean.

The Pool Deck and Private Pool

This is where I spent most of my time. The private deck and pool. It's a very large area with it's own sofas, hammocks and infinity pool. I'm not a particularly competent swimmer so I prefer to be lazy and sit on my floatables on the private pool. You can go into the ocean water if you want, there are even stairs leading you down, but the strong winds make the waters very difficult to manage for anyone who isn't a competent swimmer (me).

Loungers and hammocks line the edge of the pool deck and are a great alternative to the sun couches by the pool. Of course great views galore, and on that particular day, plenty of sun!

The highlight of the pool deck is without a doubt the private infinity pool. From some angles, it looks as though the water is running off the edges into the ocean. That's why they call it the infinity pool. It's actually very easy to fall off the side whilst sitting on the floaties.

In the distance you can see some of the other islands part of the atoll. There are a total of five in view from my villa. Each of them either belong to other island resorts, or are privately owned.

Check out the video tour!

So, what do you think of Maldives and the Ayada resort so far? It has been quite a while since I visited a private island, the last time was probably Pink Sands in the Bahamas. Since then, I've been craving for a slice of paradise once more, Maldives being the answer. In upcoming posts, i'll be showing you some more ways you can have fun on the island, including the various restaurants as well as some of the activities on offer.

Don't forget to upvote the post if you liked it, follow for more travel blogs, and leave a comment to let me know what you think!



那时候很好奇,现实中的马尔代夫真的像麦兜说的一样吗? 我在心里划着问号。每每到冬季,人们的自然生理反应,就好像得了天生的抗拒寒冷综合症,总想往温暖的地方跑。去年的这个季节,我带大家游走了充满原生态美感的海南和摩登都市香港,今年很开心我有机会跳上飞机,开始了对马尔代夫这个绚丽迷人群岛的追梦之旅。一直以来,人们都喜欢把这1000多个珊瑚岛组成的马尔代夫称为“上帝遗留在人间的项链”,这一个个零零落落的小岛就好像一颗颗闪亮夺目的珍珠项链,它们的美不知夺走了多少人的心。

别看马尔代夫如今是令人们日思夜梦的度假天堂,其实这里最早的记载可以追溯到公元前三世纪,那时候已经有人长期居住在这里了,包括阿拉伯,印度和东南亚的船只,也都会停靠在马尔代夫歇脚,所以从很早以前,这里就是人们休养生息的最佳栖息之地。因为马尔代夫多是小而精致的珊瑚岛,所以来这里游玩的方式都是一岛一酒店的模式,在提前选好岛屿和酒店之后,我激动的踏上了珍珠海岛之旅。阿雅达度假村位于马尔代夫南部的Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll环礁南部边缘的原始珊瑚礁内,距离首都马累有431公里,需要乘坐60分钟的内陆飞机和50分钟的快艇上岛,虽然路程比较周折,但是丝毫不会影响到我的心情。




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U very beautiful.


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excellent post, very good photos I felt in that place is beautiful a very good content.

What a beautiful travel post @sweetsssj! Love your blog! Now you have convinced me to travel to a beach paradise. The Maldives may do ;)
Thank you for sharing your experience. Cheers!


this is the life that i dream of
i believe one I will also have good holidays like you
a list give a vote to also have some cheap good life in Kampala




This is really beautiful

I hope to embark on a very short staycation very make travel so good a thing to do..the photos are so awesome.keep making us so proud and thanks too for the love and support you give us @sweetsssj

It looks very beautiful. I would definitely like to go there one day!

What a beautiful resort. Thank you for the tour.

I take upvote this wiriting 1800th. It is so good photo with great writing. I want to go there too!

這簡直就是天堂! 水天一色的藍讓心情止不住愉悅~












你真的是麥兜的粉絲 XDD



You are lucky to enjoy the beauty of Maldives and to have an experience like this. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Hi sweetsssj, Congratulations to you on a journey of recreation and enjoyment, I hope that I spent a pleasant trip,Where scenic views,I am very excited about her,For such tripsI wish you good luck.

Wow amazing, I love the Maldives too! I was there in October 2017 and there are already many posts about my diving trip to the Maldives on my blog. Have a nice weekend!

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Greetings from Germany!
Jonas @future24


i liked in your comment sir


I'm sad that I didn't get to spend much time there at all. I will come over and look at your adventures =)


Maldives truely asia @sweetsssj
Awesome fascinating


excellent post congratulantions


I plan on going there in 2018! It looks amazing


You lucky! A very beautiful place to visit. Sadly I have no money to go :(


Me too. I wish I could visit that place too. But money is the problem really. I can only wish my friend. But thanks for your posts, at least it inspired me.


I AM SO jealous to! Whish I could go there to do some photography!


I'm going with you ;-) :D :D ... it looks amazing


You'll love it! I've been there a few times, flights are really cheap to the Maldives from places like Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India! It's heaven


I appreciate the way you commented in this post. I like it.

These are fantastic pics and description of the Maldives. I was at a coin shop the other day and I picked up a bill from Maldives. This is as close as I have gotten to Maldives . . . .

这些是梦幻般的照片和马尔代夫的描述。 前几天我在一家硬币店,我从马尔代夫拿起一张账单。 这跟我到达马尔代夫的时间差不多。。。。

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Pristine beaches and clear water. Who would ask for more?


not me that's for sure!

Awesome Maldives :)

The little crabs, the patio with the incredible view, the bath tub and the ottoman in the bathroom were my favourite shots, magnificent!

Thanks a lot for sharing your warm home away from warm home! ;)

Namaste :)


eric!! Thank you, I have to say I spent a lot of time in the bathroom and the tub, it's such a beautiful arrangement :) Thank you for enjoying it with me in spirit :)


I sure would too @sweetsssj! And the balcony outside! WHOAW!!! Again, a big thank you, keep on taking good care, smiling, Steeming and, above all, thriving! Namaste :)

the views and water color are stunning, just wondering how crowded it is and what times of the year it would be crowded ?

amazing post thanks for sharing


you're welcome machhour!

Simply beautiful travels Jess thank you for sharing them with us and in such great detail


you're welcome, and thanks for dropping by, always appreciated!


Earth is Flat check this OUT!

It is a slice of paradise! The view is awesome! OMG! 😍

Wow. The Maldives is so beautiful lovely resort, so hospitable. I bet you had the time of your life

Amazing! Looks truly stunning over there!

You seems in the paradise!

Awesome post.
Thanks for taking me there, this post managed to take me there virtually and i enjoyed it.
You are one of the cutest and coolest steemian i have ever followed.
Keep posting the great content and i will never miss your single post from now onwards.

I have never been to the Maldiveds but it is defintly on my list of places to go!! Thank you for the inspiration @sweetsssj



hi joeparys, better make sure you go soon, it's going to be under the sea within our lifetimes!


Please take a look, I laughed when I first heard flat earth.

@sweetsssj, your travel story is what I look forward to, because is an opportunity to travel with you. Thanks for sharing

You are living dream life. Earning money from Steemit and traveling for it. (Not jaleous, just saying) Keep posting photos from your amazing journeys.

Amazing scenery! My friend just visited Maldives recently and she was not disappointed. She enjoyed it quite well. You always look pretty on your travel blogs and the pictures are awesome.


thanks phillip, I can imagine your friend was more than satisfied with her visit. For me, the only disappointing part was the weather. It was great otherwise!

Hey delicious beautifully beautiful, gorgeously gorgeous, sweetly sweet dear mam, is this is in Maldives, really it's like heaven I am so much excited to visit there how wonderful place is this and it's beautiful panoramic view is so beautiful is due to your loveliest present over there as on all pictures you are sweet innocent beautiful and gorgeous.
Thank you dear mam for this awesome travel and sharing the beauty of Ayada.


haha oodeyaa you've repeated yourself a few times there! I'm glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for commenting!

@sweetsssj - Maldives seems to be tropical paradise! I have experienced the cold and smog in Beijing last year, so I know what you mean when you say you need a winter escape

The water of the ocean in Maldives looks so clear. I am very impressed by the concept of the infinity pool. As you have mentioned, the swimming pool appears to be infinite - in to the ocean.

You look like a pretty mermaid in the white bikini and sitting on the sea shell shaped float. Hats off!!
The two gifs with ocean moving up and down are just fantastic!!!

I have been to some lovely beaches in Goa, India and in Sri Lanka. I therefore, thought - what else can any other beach offer. However, after your blog, I think I will put Maldives on my list!! Thanks for such lovely coverage. Upvoyed full

When you have some time, I request you to visit my latest blogs on Light Effects series and let me know your valuable opinion. Thanks.



So preety !

you are beautifull and i like you photos


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So preety !

@sweetsssj so i got lots of questions right now...
first and for most, how do you manage to travel so much, i mean in my case when i save money for my travel it get spent on something else other than my plans to travel to different countries.
and what kinda equipment you use while traveling, i mean i have different cameras and different types of lenses, so its very difficult for me to travel with all of my equipment, so tell me how do you manage.
And indeed places like the Bahamas, Thai beaches and Maldives is a piece of heaven on earth..
Great and encouraging post to travel as usual.
Looking forward to more like these posts.

@sweetsssj Hey, great post as always. It is really nice that you provide some brief history, climate details and also a sort of travel guide and ask readers a question in the end, it is like a complete package which keeps the readers actually involved in travelling with you.

I see a lot of travel posts which just put plain photos without any description . That's what makes you different and one of the best travel author on steemit.

One request please, if you can travel to India and do a post here, it would be really exciting.


Thank you life-a-z, I'm glad you appreciate my style, of course i'm always trying to improve and I hope i will continue to do so in the future. India is definitely on the list, and coming up very soon :)

The heart shaped towels on the bed is a nice gesture but it makes look like the bed messy and unkempt :) haha the only flaw i found in your great photos from a place beyond paradise for sure :)


thanks for pointing that out, it was not arranged by myself, but by the hotel :)


Yeah! I guessed it :) I prefer when they are more creative and create for example swans or stuff like it :)

Wow this just looks so awesome. Wish I were there too.
My sister and her husband were on the Maldives this year for their honeymoon.
They were so impressed and just loved the whole island.
Someday I will visit too for sure.

By the way I love how much detail and effort you put into every single of your posts.
Well deserved rewards, keep on doing this way! :)

We in Argentina and especially in my province of Corrientes live with temperatures greater than 40 degrees, I know how to live with those temperartures, as it happens to you. It happens to me the same. I am so accustomed to the heat that I refuse to live in cold places, what a beautiful place it is Maldives, I love it, I do not know personally, but I have seen hundreds of photographs, the images that you present us are a true dream, it is a true paradise, the rooms are a real luxury, I love that pool with a view to the sea, thank you very much for including us in this lovely trip
I wish you a happy week dear friend @sweetsssj


wow very good comment friend @jlufer


hi jlufer, thank you for the insightful information. I had no idea Argentina was quite so warm, that is an astonishing temperature! I do understand what you mean about being accustomed to living in warm places though, and it is remarkable that given my adaptation to hot climates that I am living in perhaps one of the coldest parts of China!

Hii sandia :) iam very happy that you are trying hard to post more frequently without compromising the quality of the post and that quality is shown in your each post like in this one too,well Maldives is like heaven on earth and the clear blue ocean makes it like a paradise of beautiful pictures and view and this time also you are able to capture most of the beauty of Maldives and i don't know how you can manage to look that much beautiful in your each post because in this post you are looking like a mermaid of that beautiful ocean and the pictures with seap shell 🐚 holding a pearl is so beautiful and FINALLY i see your drone in this post hahahah,thanks dear to share the real beauty of Maldives, waiting for your next blog Sandia :)😊😊


Thanks shiva, always good to have your input. Only fair that I share my experiences of heaven on earth with everybody on steemit right? Next blog coming soon :)


:) everything is true and fair dear you can ask everyone :)

You are truly blessed to be able to visit places like these! I hope one day I am as lucky as you my friend :)

Amazing vacation venue but will too soon destroyed by rising sea levels.


that's a sad reality, we will have to appreciate it while we can!


I didn't mention this to illicit an emotion of sadness. In order to make something of beauty, it is necessary for something else to change. The sea level used to be 200 meters lower 20,000 years ago. That would mean that where you were lounging was on top of a hill at that time. In 50 years, your grand-daughter will be floating on another beach somewhere enjoying its beauty.

Oh my Good, the view is breathtaking! I wish go there somaday. How it is possible, that i dodn't saw your blog before! I have to make up for it!

Wow another amazing trip. You are truly blessed.


thank you grizgal, I really needed this trip, i was starting to get depressed in my cold home city!


It looks amazing. I really need a trio like this also unfortunately it will have to wait, with work, family and Xmas I just don’t have time at present!



Another fantastic post @sweetsssj , filled with a great story and information as well as awesome Photography pics !! I didn't know that the southern China area Shenzhen , Hong Kong have very mild and tropical temperatures at this time of year !! I so wish to go there one day , the villa looks so beautiful where you stayed ! Is that a glass floor in the living area !? Very Cool !! You are a very lucky lady !! 👠🎋🎎 🍀🍀🍀
I loved your video tour as well and I see it is a Glass Floor to see Tropical water !! Wow ! And awesome soaker Tub Living Like A Queen @sweetsssj !!Thanks so much for sharing your awesome stay with us , as soon as I get rich on Steemit I will join you there ! Ha haha !😂🌅💕✌👍🌅

Some great captures!


i liked this comment

嗨非美味..你的旅行是惊人的...谢谢你的分享 @sweetsssj



Really a wonderful place.. thanks @sweetsssj for sharing these beautiful pics, you must start vlog soon, visiting these amazing places..


I quite like the mixture of formats, the gifs, pictures, writing and short video. I think it's quite comprehensive. But yes, i will try put more into some video content in the coming year :)

Such an amazing vacation! I have to plan a trip there soon. just remarkable

Thanks sweetsssj, how much did the hotel cost per night? What approximately were your expenses?

A marvelous post @sweetsssj .Maldives and Ayada resort is really awesome. not only are the stunning islands, the magnificent hotels and the beautiful villas, but also the greatness of your travel @sweetsssj. I am proud of you and what you have done on your journey. one word for you is "extraordinary".


safran, thank you so much, not only for this comment, but all the comments before too. :)

Hi sweet, what a great place to visit,i love this photo,

the contrast and the combination of sky blue background is perfect picture to see...

i love the place...its very relaxing,,,,im so happy to see your photos...

the rooms and the private pool is so awesome...i love also the HD video TAKEN the the entire views of the resort.

all and all its wonderful and very informative post..very beautiful...

Upvoted and resteem your post..

amazing place

Wow beautiful place, its amazing, blessing for you @sweetsssj ;)

Hi @sweetsssj what a mind blowing pictures you shared. I'm in love with Ayada, Maldives. I quickly Goggled and found AYADA is really PARADISE on Earth.... Here are some pictures which I searched:





Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4


Please Keep posting Great Stuff & Stay Blessed!


It's really a lovely place, and stood out to me over the hundreds of other island resorts on offer! Hopefully the pictures you've found as well as mine show the reason why :)


Wow, it looks absolutely awesome. Thanks a lot for posting it here - I know now, that it's worth to pursue your dreams and work hard towards achieving your goals. I'm rather a guy who prefers to experience other country's culture and stay there to know more of customs than to seek so called 'paradise', but even if I don't require such luxurous things in my life, I will definitely need to visit it at least once for a week or so and experience this kidn of lifestyle :) It's definitely worth doing so - and who knows, maybe I will love Maldives to come there more often? Though it doesn't really seem like a location to come alone for an extended period of time, much better with your partner or at least a couple of friends :P

Nice places!

Your travel-pics are amazing.

Enjoy those beautiful places.


I think it's so important to take a trip out during the winter. To change climate like that and relax is a good way to refresh. Vacations are not just a enjoyment, but a necessity to have the energy for success.

Your trip looks amazing and the room is awesome. Thank you for sharing!


oh...what a wonderful place! I hope In the near future I will also be there

what a great and amazing post you shared @sweetsssj, mind became fresh after reading and seeing lovely pictures alongwith stunning video.everything looks dreamy there and there is no doubt if we say that visiting a paradise on steemit.
Your this picture is much attractive and you looks so lovely there.
2017-12-09 23.14.23.png


haha thank you dear, who doesn't want to spend as much time as possible in paradise :D

nice Pictuers u add @swetsssj i wish you all the besit hope we can help eachothers have a nice day wiehle taking pic

I love with your posting this one, hopefully you can always share the post like this and can be useful for everyone. 😊😊👏


thanks my dear, i will do my best to always share this kind of stuff! :)


steady deh your post, do not forget to share the money for me, press his vote do not forget

wow excellent! you look like a angel.I like your post.


thank you ! I'm very flattered!

Have a nice hanymoon place.


i certainly saw lots of sweet couples..

There you go keeping the competition at the top tough, again.

Thanks for bringing the drone!

I looked at the cabinets in the kitchen and could only conclude that the microwave, fridge, and trashcan were missing?
Also, them sparkles were added?


I have a funny story about the drone, I recently bought the Mavic Pro Platinum edition brand new to use there, and I ended up crashing it the very first flight and breaking it completely!

As for the kitchen, it wasn't fitted with anything meaningfully useful!

I used a video editing app which adds the sparkles, i think it looks pretty :)


Ouch, that must have been disappointing.
Do they insure them drones?

The design of the cabinets dont make much sense otherwise.
Who wants a deep, short shelf?

I kept looking at those sparkles, most of them were very natural in appearance.

amazing looking place
looks beautiful you


thank you!

very amazing! one day i will visit it!


hope to see your blogs about it then :)

Hi Sweetsssj! Considering it is snowing here in Pennsylvania, that looks so warm and fun! Very peaceful and relaxing. The water is sooooo blue! Gorgeous room. I wish I was there. Stop by for a visit sometime. Have a wonderful day. Much Love, Tess :)


hi tess! A lot of people like snow, but not me.. here in China it is very dense, and can persist for literally weeks. It's very disruptive and incubates the environment like a freezer.. Thankfully I'm hardly ever at home so it's okay!


You are soooooo young Sweetsssj. Enjoy the world while you can. Have a wonderful day/evening. Tess :)

looks stunning and wonderful. the water is completely clear too you can see the sea depths.


the white sands really help a lot with the water colour, but as you said the water clarity is very good so with good sunlight you can see right to the bottom!

very good my personal judgment. his sense of wanting to go on that place


its worth visiting that's for sure..

i saw this video and i liked in your post


Thank you for watching the video!

That wild life on Maldive beaches looks truly spectacular. Thank you.


you're welcome dear, I managed to get some of others, i will show in later posts ;)


BTW: I love your choice of music to your video. Could you please let me know who the group is. I loved it!

Your post is always rich and captivating. Likes.


Thanks praise-eu !

When you think of Maldives, you will probably see floating houses out in the ocean.

Yeah! Traveling to Maldives is in my travel book.


Good good! Be sure to visit before it is completely submerged under the sea!

Awesome pictures!


thank you mrseventeen :)

Maldives are my dream!!! You are very lucky girl to see this beauty:)) I'm very jealous to people who live there 😍😍😍. It's a true paradise!!

Have a nice trip @sweetsssj! Can't wait to see your next post about fun on the islands :)))


Thanks olgy-art, i'm not sure how many people live ont he island I was on. Probably only the staff.. still you are right, it is definitely a paradise!

Perjalanan yang sangat indah
Maldives surganya dunia

Beautifully put together. Absolutely love it. Well done.


thanks jr11 :)

Beautiful picture, i like it your picture sister @sweetsssj


thank you cakphotography, much appreciated

sister can you please tell me are you a travler i see all your post and you are my first person which i like auto i found all your post are pictures and traveling :)@sweetsssj


I like to travel yes, it is my life long hobby since I was very small. It's tiring, but I love it anyway!


ya we love to see the world with you you upload beauty of you and nature love it @sweetsssj

Hola @sweetsssj soy un fans que se admira día a día con tus publicaciones eres verdaderamente un fenómeno muy hermosa la publicación y las fotos en esta playa paradisíaca son bellas te felicito nuevamente y te invito a que veas una publicación muy humilde que realice para dedicarla a ti

Hello @sweetsssj I am a fan that is admired every day with your publications are truly a very beautiful phenomenon the publication and photos on this beautiful beach are beautiful I congratulate you again and I invite you to see a very humble publication to make to devote to you



hi felix, thank you so much for this, very nicely done :)

Superbe endroit, superbes photos et superbe femme 😉👍🏻 Merci pour ce voyage....

a very interesting trip ,,,


It was very relaxing, certainly satisfying my need to be somewhere warm!

The place looks absolutely breathtaking. Gotta visit there sometime!


yes, one of the few times where the actual place is as breathtaking as the photos suggest!

Wow! What can i say... another incredible post from u with some absolutely gorgeous pics! The ocean villas looked amazing! Definately one of my bucket list items :) That u so much for sharing ur adventures. Keep 'em coming :)


thank you channingb, you're very welcome and thank you for enjoying my picture. I'll definitely be posting more of this place and much more, stay tuned!

Fantastic photography @sweetsssj.Thanks for sharing.


thanks suchi!! :)

I always wanted to visit the Maldives! As so far the flight was too expensive for me^^ But some day I will go there!
How is the temperature now during the winter months over there? Because I am more of the cold loving people (unlike you) ^^ Maybe because I was born more in the North, who knows... I can't really handle hot temperatures, 25 degrees is perfectly enough for me :D
Anyway Great Great pictures!! And your post of course!


I'm sure the opportunity will present itself if you keep options open! The temperature is actually fairly mild. About 28-30 degrees C. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

Wow!! That seems like a lot of fun. Time to rethink my vacation plans.


haha, just add it to the list :)

AHHHH. that water looks so refreshing. It is so cold here. I really need a vacation. :( A guys got to dream.


it is refreshing!! I was feeling exactly the same way and then I just booked the trip on impulse!

I would be really curious to know who manages this account :-)

OMG The infinity looks awesome and you look terrific !!! Maldives has always been a place on my wish list !! Hopefully one day i can explore it just like you did. Have a wonderful time there sweetie !!!


suerisue! Maybe one of these days we'll go somewhere together. Maldives is definitely worth a visit though!

the photos looks very nice . great post


thanks dear

What a wonderful, blessed place! Heaven on Earth!


Almost like heaven on earth for sure!

wow so amazing I wish to visit there one day in this life... Enjoy your weekend @sweetsssj

Greetings from Germany


Greetings germany! You have a great weekend too :)

o man, I want to be there, it is so cold here now.

lovely post


cold really ruins things!!

Espectacular realmente 你好@sweetsssj我是一個每天都在欣賞你的出版物的粉絲,真是一個非常美麗的現象,在這個美麗的海灘上的出版物和照片是美麗的,我再次祝賀你,我邀請你看到一個非常卑微的出版物致力於您

I have never been to the Maldiveds but it is definitely after seeing this post its on my list of places to go!! Thank you for the inspiration @sweetsssj


i'm glad to have inspired you to go. Make sure to share your experiences with us on steemit after :)