Travel with me #94 : The Queens Head at Yehliu's Geopark!

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Dear Steemit friends :


Yehliu Geopark is like another world.

There are so many reasons to visit the Formosan Island also known as Taiwan, and Yehliu Geopark is often near the top of the list of reasons. Geological formations resulting from thousands of years of attrition and erosion have gifted us with an unworldly composition of rocks. Perhaps the most iconic of these is the Queens Head, but aside from that one, there are also many other rocks in all sorts of shapes and sizes - many with their own nick names, describing their uncanny resemblances to worldly objects in the backdrop of alien landscapes. Therefore, a trip to Yehliu Geopark is like visiting another world, one with very appealing and unique geography.

The Queens Head is so iconic that it is often used as the unofficial emblem of the local town of Wanli. It, amongst other rock formations have stood against the geological forces overtime, contributing to their appearance today. It is however, a matter of time before these rocks lose their shapes forever as continuous natural geological forces erode them away.

Even though nature has it's way of going full circle, if you wish to see these natural rock formations in their mystical forms, it's definitely a good idea to visit sooner rather than later. I once visited the Azure Window in Malta, only to hear it had collapsed a year later. Nature works in mysterious ways, the beauty before us can come and then go, just like the tides from whence they were born.


Yehliu Geopark is part of the Wanli town and district, North East of Taipei along the coast. It is about 90 minutes via coach from Taipei Main Station, or about 1 hour via shuttle bus. My personal recommendation is to book a shuttle bus as they will come pick you up from your residence and drop you back as well. A common route is to pass by Keelung City on the way back. The vibrant bustling night markets there are a delight and draw visitors from all around.


From this aerial photo, you can see the 1,700 meters long cape of Yehliu Geopark, protruding out into the sea. This macro geological movement as a result of the Datun Mountains being forced out into the ocean as tectonic plates shifted.

The soft rocks here form a honeycomb like window lattice. Because of the monsoon season, the rocks are subjected to many months of hard battering under humid conditions. Uneven erosion under these severe weather conditions lead to the many holes. It's really as if the holes were created by creatures who live inside. (thankfully not!)


There is pretty much just one path that leads you all the way from the entrance of the park, right to the end of the cape, where you will climb several hundred meters up a fairly steep hill. At the top, there is a lighthouse.

Even though there are beautiful rocks everywhere you look, the attention is focused squarely on the Queens Head, the most recognisable and iconic rock formation of the park.

In the distance, you can see a little path with more people standing further away in the background. That is where the Queen's head is, as well as all the other Mushroom rocks.

In fact, all of the rocks were once spherical in shape. The thin pillars that we can now see supporting them are the result of faster erosion. This is due to more contact with seawater, and also because of the type of rock being more susceptible to erosion being the lower layer.

The result of this differential erosion is that we are left with the top rock layer containing more calcium, eroding slower than the lower rock layer.

There are three main types of these mushroom rocks. And they are all defined by the thickness of their 'necks' : Thin, thick, and neckless.

As time goes by, we will see the rocks cycle through neckless, thick and then thin necks as they continuously erode.

Lets take a look at some more of these amazing rocks below. Time to use your imagination and see if you can identify any of them!

A collapsed arch, a mini version of the azure window.

In the distance, you can see the cape of Yehliu, the lighthouse, and just below it, the 24 filial piety hill.

This rock has been given it's own name. You might have guessed that it is the Queens Head, but looking closely, you can see the shape is softer on the edges, almost resembling a little girl. Indeed, this mushroom rock is known as Cute Princess.

Nature's way of acknowledging the beauty of human form perhaps?

As you can see, this particular rock has a some what thin neckline. Yet, as you will see later, the Queens Head has an even thinner neckline. This means that the rock has been undergoing erosion for a very long time and that the weight of the head will soon overwhelming the neck supporting it, resulting in the head collapsing.

This is the reason that you will find sign posts for the Queen Head II and Cute Princess II near the entrance. They are replica's made from fibre-reinforced plastic, made in perfect 1 to 1 size and shape through computer modelling. In the event that the originals no longer stand, there are at least the replica's remaining.

A few foot bridges lead us to the main mushroom rock section.

Thick-neck mushroom rocks look very sturdy, and you'll notice that the honeycomb structures on top are a different kind of rock to the neck.

I believe this is supposed to be the Japanese Geisha rock. I'm not quite sure I see it, but it's certainly quite elegant and beautiful looking.


Just to the bottom right where this picture was taken, is the Mazu cave. Mazu is the Chinese goddess of the sea, and the cave is named after her because of the statue that was previously placed inside the cave. Because of the frequent inclement weather conditions, the statue was moved away. Legend has it that Mazu made a presence before a fisherman demanding to be moved to Jinshang. This is where the Ci Hu Temple was then erected to consecrate the Sea Goddess.

This is the statue of Lin Tian Zhen. Most statues are erected as a sign of respect for high ranking person(s), or persons of notable importance. Lin Tian Zhen was an ordinary fisherman but with a heroic heart. On March the 18th, 1964, a group of students visited the area and one of them fell into the sea. This was before any security barriers were put up, nor was there any official scenic area for visitors. A local fisherman saw the student in the sea, and dived in to rescue him. Sadly, both ended up drowning and upon hearing this story, the President Chiang Kai-Shek ordered a statue to be built of Lin Tian Zhen in honour of his bravery.


I thought this shot was quite funny, look at all those umbrellas! (They're used to shade from the sun)


This is one of the 'Pineapple Bun' rocks sitting in a little notch on top of the larger bean curd like rocks. Who knew there can be food like rocks too!?


And finally, the star of the show! The Queen Head mushroom rock!As you can see, it's such an important and iconic rock that they have surrounded it with a perimeter of smaller rocks to stop people from touching it.

The man in the picture is standing on the walkway where people queue to take pictures.

According to geologists, the rock forming the Queens Head is around 4000 years old. It wasn't until around 1962 that the top part of the rock fractured and then broke off leaving the side of the head looking like side profile of Queen Elizabeth.

The neck of the Queens Head has suffered aggressive erosion over the years as well as perturbation from mankind. Though some measures have been put in place to try prolong the life of the Queens Head, it's collapse is an inevitability.

I'm very lucky to have a picture with the Queen Head whilst it's still standing. One of the reasons Yehliu Geopark is so popular is because of this landmark. Who knows what will happen when the Queens Head falls one day?


Please check out my video walking through Yehliu Geopark!

Yehliu's Geopark is a wonderful example of mother natures ability to forge unworldly objects that capture the fascination of people throughout the ages. The Queens Head and other strange and wonderful rock formations make Yehliu a unique landscape on this tropical Island and indeed the world. Not a single mushroom rock will be formed the same as another, and neither are their current states "set in stone" as perpetual weathering and erosion will one day wash away natures' sculptures.

Visit while they're still around!

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awsome stories as always!

thanks my dear, top commenter! :)

I am a bit embarrassed to say this, but prior to this post, I could not see Taiwan beyond its urban sprawl. It is amazing how so much of what we perceive is based on what we see over and over again. This was indeed a breath of fresh air. To think that all these years I was interested in the country and I knew nothing of this hidden gem. As always, great post.

We all sometimes lack appreciation. Best wishes :)

It really is just so amazing, isn't it? I spent the whole day thinking about your incredible comment and how it applied to this absolutely astounding post, and I know I'm a much better person for it. Oh gosh! I can't believe I just shared that with you. Now I'm embarrassed, too! hee hee (giggles)

I've been to Taiwan quite a few times over the summer to visit relatives, and I haven't heard of this place either, even though it's not too far from where we usually stay.

Wow you are all over the place Sweets, you should consider visiting the Colorado/Rocky Mountain Area and attending one of our Steemit Meetups (;

Wow! You're on a first name basis with her! I'm so jealous!! That's just absolutely amazing and crazy. I'm sure she'll go to CO now that you asked her too. GREAT COMMENT!

Lol we are on a first name basis with everybody... We are bold as Mountains! 😄

More places in Asia since that is where i'm based, but I do venture out quite often :)

Well if you've never been to Colorado, you'll have to eventually! (;

Beautiful pictures, as usual!

This is cool place to see, it looks awesome in the pics...

This is a fantastic post. The pics are amazing. The location is unbelievable. I did not know this place existed. The mushroom rock is impressive. Thanks for sharing this place.

thank you goldkey, this is a really incredible place, even though it's not completely unique in that there are other places in the world with mushroom rocks, the shapes and sizes of rocks here are truly a spectacle !

an interesting post, @sweetsssj - an entire park devoted to an illusion.

The scientific term is Pareidolia - a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists .

Of course, the erosion of the rocks creating fantastical patterns is charming nonetheless.

On a more serious note, your trip to the park reminded me of the transitory nature of human life. Erosion is a force working through all of nature, including us.

I think the greatest example of erosion in terms of human life is E. J. Pratt's poem. Do you know it?

It took the sea a thousand years,
A thousand years to trace
The granite features of this cliff,
In crag and scarp and base.

It took the sea an hour one night,
An hour of storm to place
The sculpture of these granite seams
Upon a woman's face.

For me the geological park is not just a Disneyland of nature but a reminder of the fleeting and evanescent aspect of life.

Thank you for your amazing pictures of the site. It would be an interesting place to visit

What a fascinating poem, and on the surface it seems to fitting. A perfect descriptor almost, of the Queens head and how it came to be. I'm not a religious person, but I often look at these examples of nature and wonder how something so beautiful could just happen spontaneously and through random chance.

I'm not religious either but I believe. There's a difference between joining a club and knowing God :)

I was utterly fascinated myself, the poem being so incredibly insightful and interesting to read and talk about. And I just LOVE scientific terms! They are so super sciency! Just so super great and helpful on so many levels all of this.

Great stories as always

Excellent post.

@sweetsssj when you visit a walk, are you not afraid of losses?

I'm not sure what u mean?

@sweetsssj I mean, your trip really made me want to go to the same place. but I'm not sure, I can be like you.

maksud saya, perjalanan kamu sangat membuat saya pingin ketempat yang sama.tapi saya tidak yakin, saya bisa seperti anda.

Where does a cow stay when it is on vacation?
A moo-tel!

@sweetsssj another fun joke for you. A Horse walks into a Bar and the Bartender looks at the Horse and says "Hey why the Long Face" ??

Because a horse has a long face! :D

@sweetsssj You are a Very Intelligent Woman. I always enjoy the fact that you interact with your commenters on STEEMIT. Thank You

social media is all about being social right? :)

Yes it is. So many people to meet hopefully in person next year at STEEMFEST.......

wow very nice post with beautiful picture picture i like it very much

All of that picture are just WOW You are right i have to visit that place!!

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Magical and awesome a truly delight for the eyes, thank you @sweetsssj for this beautiful journey !

it's my pleasure, thank you very much for visiting :)

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Wow dear @sweetsssj it is really an amazing and fascinating island I have never ever seen before this , superb photography which inspired me too much that i had made my first preference to visit this island and Yehliu geopark

thanks dear, try to go before the rocks are all eroded away!

As always you have a gift in writing and telling a story fully supported with incredible photos, making all of us want to travel and explore. Good job, my friend. So, where are you going next?

thank you johnny, as always i'm very grateful for your positive feedback, I'm always trying to learn new ways to keep my blogs evolving! I haven't had a new area to travel to yet, it looks like likely around Christmas time. I do have quite a lot of blogs to come from my native country, in addition to finishing off my series on Turkey and Taiwan, I hope you'll find them enjoyable :)

Beautiful pics!!

thanks hms818! :)



@sweetsssj I just wanted to say that your posts are interesting and inspiring. I love to travel but I have been limited to the western hemisphere, so I appreciate seeing the places you go through your eyes and experiences. I was wondering who takes the photos or are you setting up a tripod and taking them yourself? Also in the pictures where you are wearing what looks to be a soda cup I was wondering if that’s a purse or actually holding liquids? I know there is little hope of you seeing my post but I wanted to give it a shot. Thank you for your contribution to Steemit.


you're welcome, thanks for visiting :)

Nice place and beautiful girl @sweetsssj 😍

thanks dear! :)

awesome article/ I liked all the pictures you shared and you look very sweet. you like very beautiful. I think travling is the thing which made you look young all the time.

aww haha thank you, also i'm not that old! :)

ahahah i mean you look like 15 years girl lol. so I wish I go with you in your next trip. .

The powers that be decided I wouldn't be allowed to apply for another shenghen visa for a while since I had one for so long before. There is a cool down period. Also it's incredibly difficult to obtain a non-group tourist visa now.


hahaahaa what you think.

Interesting Taiwan !
Beautiful queen's head and beautiful queen standing with it !
Fall in love ! I wish I can go there !!

Such beautiful natural architecture. Our Earth is stunning, and it should be revered more. I was lucky to visit Arches National Park in California a few years ago and it was an amazing sight. Its so poetic they way these unique formations we cherish come out of destruction. Everything is a cycle. I hope I can one day travel as much as you and take in more of these sights. Thank you for sharing :)

Beautiful photos and very interesting place. It's a bit like the desert on few photos. I would like to visit places that you show :).

It's as hot to be a dessert, but also very humid. But i see what you mean about the desert. It's hard to believe that that area is half submerged in water half the time.

Sand (even it's not sand here) and juicy green and blue water is associated with some paradise. You should visit Cyprus, I think you would like.

I will! It's on the list :)

@sweetssj your rank is great 75. Your all post are amazing.

excellent I love to see this so many times in order to perceive it, very good your publication is a great country and to know it of this is incredible

@sweetsssj why do you like traveling alone?

What if Godzilla will eat you?!

You are the amazing girl, good job...

thank you! :) :)

You are welcome....

nice blog anjoy life dear i am big fan you

very flattered my dear, thank you!

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serene and unique, very amazing !

Wow...may happiness always be with you @sweetsssj it was a very beautiful trip. Best regard.

@sweetsssj you as a nature lover really desperate to go where you want. I salute with you.

thank you, a large part of travelling is of course seeing mother nature's work!

Me gusta lo que publicas, desde que empece este mundo de steemt y vi tus post estoy pendiente de cual sera el siguiente. La mayoria de esos lugares nos llevan mentalmente a lugares magico, en esta oportunidad nos muestras a Yehliu Geopark , para mi que paso el día pegada a un computadora es una forma de viajar y conocer un poco del mundo que nos rodea, los hermosos recursos naturales, las historias que lo rodean, en fin , buen trabajo espero que sigas manteniendo tu calidad de investigación.

I like what you publish, since I started this world of steemt and I saw your post I am aware of which one will be next. Most of these places take us mentally to magical places, this time you show us Yehliu Geopark, for me, the day spent on a computer is a way to travel and know a little of the world around us, the beautiful natural resources , the stories that surround it, in short, good work I hope you continue to maintain your research quality.

thank you, i will do my best to keep the quality as high as possible. Hopefully you get to learn a lot and continue to enjoy my posts :)

your blog is really awesome. This visit and geopark is wonderful.

thanks yadhnesh :)

Great blog and some really interesting locations to visit. If you have a moment, I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my recent post "Exploring The Desert in 2018" and let me know what you think. Here's a link:

Thanks for sharing your story.

Nice place to visit.. thanks for sharing!!!

greetings to bustamam too :)

Upvote postingan @bustamam yes. thank you

very very nice


you welcom
I am from morocco
I speak arabe and amazigh and japanise and franch and inglich
lissen this music

another beautiful atmosphere is created here with the princess @sweetsssj ..The photos are so pretty and gorgeous,travelling is always got better here on steemit..thanks always for carrying us around the world

mcsamm, thank you dear, it's my pleasure and glad to see you :)

Charming place and good detailed post. I would love to be there as well and enjoy...

thank you ghazanfar.ali. Hope you can get the opportunity to visit soon!

The World Nature is a amazing. The Beautiful flowed mushroom rocks. Like a wonderland:)

ooh nice description, it is like wonderland! haha :)

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Always a delight reading your blogs. Keep em coming :)

thank you ankitt, will do! :)

Excelente calidad del post y hemosas fotos!! upvote!

thank you egonz

amazing @sweetsssj, that's all the words that describe each of your posts ..perfect

aww nayya24, thank you!

Such a wonderful heavenly place to visit .Really your post is truly amazing .Want to visit this place if i get a job.And the photography and also the video is awesom.Information of this park starting from the route to all probable information is helpful to all new steemian who are interested in travel.Particularly it is very helpful to me.Thank you for this kind of information.Tune in for your next post .Thank you again
Rock on vai.

Thank you for the lovely comment rockonbhai, glad you found the post enjoyable, and maybe a bit helpful. See you around :)

Wel come sweetssj

W. Clement Stone : Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.

WOW!!! Another and Best travel you have there @sweetsssj. Keep safe always and bless you more travels!

thank you dante01, all the best :)

amazing park. I think lot of enjoy there . thanks for that

you're very welcome, thanks for taking a look!

Upvote and reesteem!!!!

That water looks so refreshing. Thanks for taking us on this adventure @sweetsssj

you're very welcome vegetarianbaker, the water was surprisingly clear. I never thought of Taiwan being a place with crystal clear blue water, but apparently it is!

Beautiful curiosities shaped by nature with a beautiful view of the ocean.

The site is divided into 3 parts, kinds of mushrooms in rock taking the form of head or mushroom according to the imagination of each one. You will also see fish and other fossilized elements, pebbles in the shape of shoes, shaped like top candles ... all with beautiful colors of rocks sometimes yellow, sometimes brown, red ... bordered by the blue of the 'ocean
Very nice geological site, nature will always surprise us.

You are very right there, nature has always a trump card to play :)

Why you not at Steemfest Jess?

the powers that be decided that I cannot get a shengen visa (european visa) since I had one for so long before. There is a cool down period. You have no idea how hard it is for a Chinese national to get a non-tourist group visa these days.

Same with A Nigerian dear Jess, too many demands and conditions. Hopefully they take Steemfest to Africa sometimes; then i can attend one.

WOW... a very beautiful place, amazing photos and a great blog.

thanks bitcoinistic, appreciate your support as always :)

How hot is the weather. That’s sure looks hot

Gosh, good question, that day it was around 37 degrees C

Those rock formations are amazing. I am taken by the beauty of Yehliu Geopark! You are lovely, too.

Though I may never leave planet Earth in my current form, it feels as though I have visited other worlds !

Beautifull post and pictures.
Thank you!

This is really awesome
Hope you stop by Nigeria some day

I hope i will have the pleasure too!

Looks like a beautiful place, but my big concern is...

Why are you not in Portugal at Steemfest 2?? haha

Getting a shenghen visa has become increasingly difficult for Chinese nationals. I had one before but then it expired and i'm currently in a cool down!

Aww thats too bad. Hopefully it becomes easier in the future.

Do you know much about the Shenzen area in the southern part of China. I recently received a job offer from there and I am thinking about moving there, but I don't know much about the area. Any information would be greatly appreciated

i admire how you write these blogs in full detail.. also the pics are inviting. have you been to the philippines? you might want to check out some beautiful white sand beaches.

thank you june, it's always good to write a blog that you yourself would want to read. That way it's something you can come back to and reflect on :)

As for philippines, not yet! I have a few friends there, so a visit is due soon!

wow..awesome! i am glad to see you replied to my comment..

great to know you got some friends from the Philippines.. i bet you'll blog about it so i'll just wait for your entry then!



對! haha現在就想去買點兒>V<



I always look forward to reading your next post they always seem so very interesting. I just finished watching your video wow very nice . I hope you enjoyed yourself and always enjoy life to the full God bless
You have my vote

thank you, i've not had too much time to post as much as I want, but i'll do my best to post a regular blog. Hopefully you'll enjoy them for a long time coming :)

I have enjoyed your post ever since I read the first post couple of months seem like a very interesting Young lady keep up the good work look forward to your next post



Good video it seems really amzing interesting .

fascinating place i must say!

Thanks for your kind info and loke video

you're welcome dear

什麼時候來香港呀 XD


Wowww. This is beautiful

Beautiful place indeed!

nice places @sweetsssj,,your tour from taiwan,gives me some information about their beautiful sites.

hopefully you'll get some ideas for your own travels :)

I envy you roaming around all those beautiful places. I like your photographs :) Keep it up.

thank you samee! Will do :)

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thanks cyclope!