Travel with me #93 : The Rixos Downtown Antalya!

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Dear Steemit friends :

Our recent travels have taken us to the south of Turkey where contrary to popular opinion, we've been able to side step the shallow pretences of the area being a holiday resort.

Sure enough, we encountered many instances of Turkey's rich historical heritage; Kaleici, Aspendos and Perge to name a few, proving that the area is more than just a winter's escape filled with commercial and westernised hotels and resorts. It is an area of Turkey with it's own categorically important landmarks, each etched into a part of Turkey's historically populous timeline and contributing it's own unique backstory.

Today however, we'll be exploring "the other side" of Antalya - the Hotels and Resorts. My original plan was to stay in Antalya for a few days, and enjoy the holiday facilities and amenities before doing more adventuring in Anatolia. One hotel which drew my attention was Rixos Downtown Antalya.

Rixos is a hotel chain that was founded in Antalya in 2000. Since then, it has become the largest hotel chain in the East Mediterranean Europe Region. In the 17 years since it's inception, Rixos has opened 27 luxury hotels, many outside of Turkey, including countries like Georgia, Egypt, Russia, Azerbaijan, UAE, Ukraine etc.

Knowing that the Rixos grass roots are right in the centre of Antalya, the five star Downtown Antalya was a natural choice. Like most accommodation in Turkey, the prices are very reasonable, and you will find yourself paying more at some 3 star places in other parts of Europe. Star ratings are nothing to go by these days.

The first thing you'll notice, is the streamlined design of the exterior. It's arc-shaped atrium design echo the silhouettes of modern dream liner cruise ships. This one, permanently "docked" just a few minutes walk from Konyaalti Beach. It's non intrusive modern design blends in with the lush green nature which surrounds it, the serene landscapes the hotel nestles within, disguises the fact that it is in the city centre!

Inside, the hotel rooms are accessible via these golden capsule lifts. The mezzanine at the centre allows maximum natural lighting from the glass top, bringing attention to the proliferating plant growth on the walls between the levels.

It was like walking into a near future dystopian green-house, built to weather an apocalypse.

Four golden capsules shuttle the guests to their respective floors, whilst offering them a view of the mezzanine through the capsule glass.

This is the main lounge area at the foot of the lifts. I admire the daring carpet colour and design. Too often we see a shade of red represent the luxury and class of a hotel, yet the Rixos seems tame and more "human".

At the other side of the lounge, there is a bar area which again uses the bronze and golden colours similar to the capsule lifts. The marble texture on the sides of the bar with it's swirls and elegant designs gave it that extra touch of class. The Grand Piano in the corner sealed the deal.


This is the hotel's own "luxury" concession. It always baffled me why people would go shopping for this kind of stuff inside a hotel. It's completely non-essential to your stay and is more expensive than buying it from the official retailer.

I'm not sure why this vintage rotary dial phone was put here. Clearly it is a decoration, but one which is devoid of consistency with the rest of the hotel. Still, seeing one instantly reminded me of my childhood and how excited I would be to ring my friends with the telephone, just so I could play with the rotating dial of numbers.


The hotel also has a fitness centre in the basement which doubles up as a spa. Strangely, I feel more conducive to Spa treatment in the Winter so I didn't go inside to see what the facilities were like.

Still, the place looked like a cave dwelling. It turns out that cave style living is is not an exception to the norm in many parts of Turkey. We'll see later on examples of cave dwellings in Capadoccia.

Outside, the hotel is lush with many palm trees and other vegetation. It's very much in line with their green motif and thankfully, serves as shade from the sun.

This little place just beside the pool has Shisha. I didn't actually try it this time, but I could smell the good scents all around.

Big cushions as an alternative to the many chairs around the swimming pool.

Some people said that the kittens and cats in and around the hotel make it look very tacky and and unprofessional. Not deserving it's star rating. I disagree. I think it's lovely seeing them look after strays. This little guy reminded me of my dear Bruno when he was young.

Here are the views from up high in the hotel of the pool, and conversely, of the hotel from the pool.

The Room

A very reasonably sized room, considering this is the cheapest one they offered. It's almost the size of a suite. The bedroom and the resting area is separated with small modesty dividers, when pulled apart, the room opens up and feels very spacious.

The TV is positioned in front of the sofa, and not in front of the bed. This is to allow for a sizeable dressing table with a large portrait mirror. I'm not much of a TV person so this arrangement was perfect.

These are some shots outside.

The sea view is probably the best. You can see the mountain ranges in the distance as well as the sea. Also, from here you can see just how much 'forest' there is in town.

You can make out more of the city and it's buildings in this picture. Also, you can see some tennis courts. Those also belong to the hotel, but you have to pay to book a time slot to use them.


At night time, the area lights up, and the whole hotel becomes a light show. The pool is illuminated from below, all around, there is ambient lighting with just enough intensity to bring out the main features of the hotel, even accentuating the hotel in some ways making it look more edgy at night.

The city is also really bright with lights. Part of the reason is that just down the road, there was a carnival with lots of rides. That's why there's the extra bit of lighting from that direction.

This is me inside the capsule lift. Doesn't it look so futuristic? The rooms on the other side look like futuristic living quarters in a self sustaining green house Noah's arc.

Food time!

Rixos has several options for food. For most, the main buffet restaurant is the best option. Only an additional 10 euros or so a night, and you have access to the buffet restaurant.

I will say, I was really confused when I first entered the restaurant. The was no staff to direct me to a free table, nor was it clear how the staff check whether you have a meal package or not. I have heard that some guests have come to eat at the restaurant but didn't pay, whilst others have only paid once and come to eat two or three times.

Needless to say, the food is prepared very meticulously, and there is such a broad selection to choose from. I won't describe each, but I did take photos of pretty much all that was on offer.

Doesn't all the food look so delicious and healthy? At least they're doing their part on curbing obesity through over eating junk food right?

Next up, they have the 24 hour lounge on the second floor which serves foods from all over the world, cooked to order.

As you can imagine, the 24 hour service is better suited to people looking for alcoholic beverages. I came down late at night because I have this habit of eating in the middle of the night.

After around 10pm, the 2nd floor restaurant is completely empty, leaving me to soak in the ambience of this majestic and elegant place myself. Of course, food is still the main reason i'm here, and so let's proceed.

Complimentary Bread

Probably a little excessive but really necessary! I always need something to kick start my hunger, and I was more than happy to start off with the sesame seed bread. They were warm to the touch and smelt like passing by Subways. Inside, the bread was almost hollow which although is disappointing if you're looking for something more hearty, is perfect as an appetiser.

Bruschetta with sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and pesto sauce.

This is like the second appetiser after the fresh bread. I love the pinch of pesto on top, mixed with the olive soaked bread.

Caesar Salad with Grilled Prawns.

By now you must have figured out that where possible, I always order a salad. I was told that the seafood was very fresh because of the Antalya's proximity to the Mediterranean sea and I'm glad it's true. Every bit of juice from the prawns tasted like the sea and the barbecue aroma only added to the appeal. I ate this salad with most of the cheese removed. Just the prawns and salad together make a perfect combo.

Turkish Manti (Ravioli).

This dish is often eaten with garlic yogurt sauce. I prefer to eat it with just the red pepper powder seasoning. Because it's cooked with butter, there is already a rich buttery taste. I also like that they're a bit smaller in size than their Italian counterparts. The bite-size ravioli makes them difficulty to resist. One leads to another... until the whole plate is gone.

Grilled Beef Steak with Mushroom sauce and Mashed Potato.

Mushrooms have an intoxicating aroma to them and whichever food they are served with tends to taken on a shroomy character. The steak here is no exception. It's "well done", so you won't be tasting the beef's rawness. Instead, it's a blend of mushroom and grilled beef.


The obligatory mid night fry up.

For some reason, the habit of eating fried unhealthy food persists. As much as I like eating nice food, I can always appreciate some good fries when I'm hungry.

Pina Colada and Iced Coffee


Beef Steak with Mushroom Sauce and grilled pepper and tomato.

This was my friend's choice. Exactly the same as mine except for chunky potato chips and grilled pepper and tomatoes instead of mashed potato.


This Turkish delight is never going to go out of favour for me. Pistachio is somewhat difficult to obtain where I live and therefore, it's not something I get to eat very often. That's perhaps why the Baklava is so appealing to me. In my travels in Turkey, I have come across some Baklava served with far too much syrup or honey. Here, the emphasis is on pistachio and just a hint of syrup and honey. I think this is the right balance.


Please check out my video tour!

Thank you for joining me on a tour of Rixos Downtown Antalya. For those looking for a classy and yet affordable location to stay, this is a good choice. Not only is it situated minutes walk away from the beach, it's also a few minutes walk away from a large shopping centre. From here, it is only 4km to Kaleici, and best of all, as a guest staying here, you get a free shuttle bus and entry to the Land of Legends - a large water park build inside Rixos' other major hotel in Antalya. In another blog, we'll get to see this in more detail.

For food lovers, the range of options for foods are well covered. Having tried both the Buffet and the Lounge Restaurant, I can attest to the quality of the food. Especially taking into account the affordability, then Rixos is a no brainer!
Don't come to Antalya to stay at the Rixos, come to Antalya to visit the Old Town(Kaleici), the ancient cities etc. and stay at the Rixos for a taste of luxury at absolute bargain prices.

Hope you enjoyed my post, please give me an upvote if you liked it, a follow if you want to see more, and a comment to let me know what you think!



这家酒店其实非常重视公共区域,无论是户外空间或者室内休息区,都是全心全力去打造的。户外的休闲区非常自由非常大,浓浓的度假风情花园,半圆弧状的超大型游泳池,一层层递进,像泻湖一样,让人很有跳下去游泳的欲望。最特别的是,酒吧一般被设计在游泳池旁,供大家休息的时候享用美酒,但是在土耳其,除了酒吧还多了一个水烟吧。抽水烟是土耳其最与众不同的民俗文化,所以我也试了一试。这个鸟语花香的大花园其实也是土耳其猫咪们的最爱,当你在院子里散步,总会遇见被太阳晒得慵懒的小猫咪,正躺在你脚边打盹呢,瞬间幸福感爆棚。酒店的房间宽敞整洁,双人沙发和电视作为房间独立划分的空间安排很科学,拉开窗帘可以俯瞰整个酒店的夜景,充满魅力和气氛。从泳池边传来阵阵现场乐队歌手演唱的爵士乐,欢快而迷人。远处隐约看见Konyaaltı Beach海滩和Taurus Mountains山脉,充满了自然的生机。白天如果你有兴致,还可以乘坐酒店的免费班车去海边游玩,大约300米的路程非常方便。


最后再带大家来到酒店的餐厅尝尝土耳其美食吧,这里的用餐环境精致典雅,非常舒适,菜单设计的很有个性。首先上桌的是烘烤香喷喷的面包,有些撒上瓜子仁,有些撒上五谷杂粮,口味各异。马克西意式烤面包,精美的排盘让我有些舍不得拿起刀叉,吃起来又香又脆的,非常开胃。烤虾凯撒沙拉,清爽可口。接下来一盘土耳其式的袖珍小水饺上桌了,水嫩的发亮,秀色可餐,撒上胡椒和辣椒粉,吃起来质嫩爽口。烤肋眼牛排散发着牛油香味,肉质最有口感和嚼劲。菲力牛排鲜嫩多汁,每一口都回味无穷。每次遇到土耳其传统甜品Bakalava ,我都难以抗拒它的诱惑,那薄薄的酥皮夹着各种果仁馅,混合着黄油与蜂蜜的香气,咬一口口齿留香。今天的安塔利亚美食之旅就要告于段落了,之后还有更多有趣的美食经历想要和大家分享。

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the exterior design of the hotel is stunning - it does remind one of a cruise ship.

I love the mezzanine and the natural light through the skylight and the golden cupola elevators, but I am not a fan of the carpet colour or pattern. Far too garish and out of keeping with the modern design of the hotel. You were being diplomatic and kind as usual, sssj, but I suppose it's a matter of taste as well.

The food menu is amazing and I agree - quite healthy. Your hotel room was spacious and well-appointed and the views of the city enchanting.

I'm grateful to you for pointing out the modern features of Turkey. I must confess, I didn't think it would have cities quite as modern or cosmopolitan in appearance.

I think your review of the hotel was honest and detailed and anyone planning a trip to Antalya would be well advised to stay at the Rixos


It seems like we share a similar appreciation of interior design. The mezzanine was also my favourite part of the hotel. I still hadn't formed my opinion of which colours work well in that particular setting but I was definitely taken off guard none the less.

Although I like to see the positive side in all my experiences, there were some negative things which I felt needed to be addressed. For instance, the buffet restaurant and it's lack of customer service. I was also taken back by the lack of eye contact and friendliness of staff. The customer relationships agent seemed to say one thing, and then mean another.

Despite the shortcomings on many friends, I tried to see the positives. Overall, if it's still worth it, I won't focus too much on the negatives.

Thanks for keeping me in check john.

Oh I think you are very controlled sssj and very diplomatic - some may perceive it as being sweet, which it is, but underneath I think you are caring and don't want to cause pain -the definition of a lady, actually :)


very nice post. such an honor to know you here at the community..

the rixos hotel is very nice to stay, hope they have also great customer support.

i love your photos specially the looks so tasty,..

great work @sweetsssj

i resteem and upvoted your post..

@sweetsssj the tour on hotel Rixos is amazing

love your post..the food is great...



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Looks warm (in every sense of the word) and cozy! I appreciate the consistency of the color theme of your photos. The hotel's interior is typical of a 5-star hotel, though other new designs now are more agressively modern. Good job!

I was thinking the same thing.... looks warm and cozy lol

Your posts are incredible and your travels are amazing!

Beautiful pics

Saya sangat menyukai foto dengan karpet ungu tersebut, saya ingin kesana, apakah biaya restoran tersebut mahal kawan ?

@sweetsssj, you are an award winning traveller. I eagerly look forward for your posts to catch a glimpse of what is happening around where you are because I love travelling. Thanks for this comprehensive details with excellent pictures.

petoz, that's an accolade I can't possibly accept, but thank you so much for the boost of confidence and I promise to work hard to maybe one day earn a title like that. Thanks again petoz

My thoughts exactly! Who takes your photos btw @sweetsssj?

thank you dear!

I have a good friend who travels with me a lot of the time. She's a freelance photographer. You can see a glimpse of her in my very first post about Turkey. She's not the kind to want spotlight though!

Foto yang begitu mempesona. Aku sangat menyukainya. Tehnik pengambilan foto yang sangat profesional....

Amazing Travelling.... The designs either inside or outside look so amazing and Lux... Can i know how much the budget you spent?

I will always reblog you, because i lake your blog

same to you but i lost my reputation

ooh i was in the Rixos in Dubai, didn't know that also in Turkey there are Rixos!

Wow, did it have a similar look and feel? Rixos was born in Antalya, Turkey!

Yep it is very similar, same feelings.. i really liked it!


Hey dear @sweetsssj you shared a very amazing wonderful the most beautiful luxurious hotel. wow i m so much impressed that i wish to visit it very soon. photos are very very awsome and the different dishes presented looks so delicious that my mouth filled with water. I appreciate you a lot that you shared the information and photos of this hotel in a wonderful presentation. Best of luck

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have u tried baklava?...I never tried baklava. Is a traditional dish from Turkey?

Would you like to say a few words about why @ned undelegated you his SP? Everyone who follows you would be quite interested about this whole business of vote selling you are "allegedly" involved in. They'd also like the price list, if one is available. 💖🌏🐱

@sweetsssj My Heart goes Pitter Patter while I watch you Travel. A beautiful woman showing us the world from her perspective. How is that not a Good Thing ???

thank you stokjockey, i honestly never thought people would be so interested in my adventures, but i'm so grateful that you are. Thanks so much!

Wow What a Grand Hotel this is! Nice collection of outfits dear , cool shades , looking mind blowing as usual . Thanks for the video , it's very amazing . Great work dear, highlighted each point very beautifully adding a professional touch to the post. Awesome post . So where are you busy now days? Everything good ? Take Care and Lots of Love 😊

Thanks vikbuddy, i'm doing goood, i've been taking some classes in a few things so maybe i'll share what i've been up to later when i'm more confident :)

Very cool place with a very gorgeous girl.

hello, @sweetsssj


Great places.I like very much your photos.

Really beautiful place ! You are the explorer !! Great post dear friend .


A traditional plate from the middle east, lamb chop. Which can be enjoyed at Nicks Bistro, USA. Nice, comfortable place to have a relaxing and enjoyable evening with the family. image image image I took some pictures for you guys, I hope you like them !!! If you found it interesting, dont hesitate to like it.

Really, the spider web its curious.

image marshmellow party !..

spiders and spider web!! Looks like a cool diner though!

Very interesting thank you for sharing appreciate it you have my vote & resteem . keep up the good work @mannyfig1956

@sweetsssj - The resort is truly a wonder with all the natural plants and vegetation! I love the golden capsule lifts. You look fabulous in that lift - the golden color of the lift and your beauty dazzle the eye!

You are right about the daring carpet color of the lobby. I have never seen a purple shaded carpet in such a vast area. Somehow, it does not look gaudy.

I love the idea of the lit swimming pool. I have seen those in a couple of hotel recently. It looks so cool at night.

The steak with mushroom sauce looks so yummy. I have just had my dinner but feel hungry again!!

The video tour is cool. I love the green hookah on the table. I have a blue one at home that I bought in Dubai couple of years ago!

Thanks for this cool review. I feel like staying at that place for a few nights. Upvoted full.

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vm2904, as always, an absolute pleasure to serve you some light reading just after your dinner, and my apologies for waking your appetite up so soon after dinner haha. So do you ever use the Hookah?

No @sweetsssj. I do not smoke. Thought the hookah looks so tempting with it's nice glass and the bubbling sound of water as people draw smoke in... I have still resisted the temptation. I bought it mainly because it looks so cool!
Hey - please do not apologize. I can manage my hunger but can not miss your blogs! So keep on writing about exotic places and cool dishes! :)

I like your post.

thanks! :D

Nice pick hunny
Best post ever
Good word you did

thanks angelsmith!

You're welcome hunny 😘

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@sweetsssj why do you like traveling alone?

What if Godzilla will eat you?!

Good post.. heheee

thanks hee hee ;D

Iya hope my account Van Bronckhorst like yours.. :) hehhe

Good to see......

hellow im @artoraly from tunisia

pleased to meet you artoraly.

Beautiful post

I like all the pic of Hotel..its beautiful..

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之前在那个综艺节目 花儿与少年 还是 花样姐姐 里面 看过有期节目在土耳其录制的。真的是好美。甜心姐姐一发这个日志,我看了就更向往更想去了。。。美美美。景美,姐姐更美。姐姐连续好几次帮我文章点赞,太感谢你啦~么么哒,(比心)

that's awesome..!!



Nice post

hi @sweetsssj,I learned about your article about the culture and heritage site,that i may know,,however,,it cause me a very knowledgeable experience for me,that why,i really like your post,

just keep on posting and luckily we know everything,thanks to you,,
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it seems that all information creates good knowledgeable experience for me and to other, luckily to have you,,just keep on posting :-)

this place is one of the great places in the world

your photography and your title and post is so good .hello how are you lovely steemit user plz say some tips on steemit to me for help.

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I would travel with you,
With pleasure :) nice post

thanks valorgaming! :)

@sweetsssj Thanks for this mental break...I feel refreshed :-)

great! I'm happy to have this effect haha. ^^

a traveller is smarter and wiser than an oldman

i've never heard of that one, which culture is it from!?

Igbo Nigeria, West Africa

i'd love to hear the back story of that!

then come visit my country (big game and vast variety of cultures and food delicacies that will wow you your entire life), will you

have always wanted to visit turkey and this post just reconfirms that lol :) and the baklava looks amazing! 🍴

haha, what's the hold up! Go go go! Baklava awaits! :)

your posts remain the best. keep your friends even though whatever happens. spirit and keep smiling...

thank you husaini, i will do.

sometimes people are wrong to make sense of life. sometimes too people care too much what is done and what happens to others, whereas he is sometimes also worse. and this is an ever-present problem from humans. the best way to enjoy life I'm sure you know better.

As usually, you always share an informatif and amazing article About tourist destination. Proud of you my sweety friend @sweetsssj. Thanks for everything you have done for steemit. Your fans @maulida.

maulida, thanks for the nice comment, i'm grateful for all the people including you who come to read and support my post.

You're welcome my @sweetsssj, I will be more happy if you wanna read my blog too. Glad to know you beautiful Girls @sweetsssj


thanks ^^

酒店的設計、環境、風景和美食,令人不想離開酒店外出遊玩了!😄😄😄看到烤肋眼牛排⋯我又後悔深夜進來看到這個 post!太誘人的美食了!甜心小姐!🌈🌈🌈


Welcome to Turkey dear.. very nice pics from you.

thank you! :)

Hi @sweetsssj, look how exotic the everywhere, seems, you know becsuse of you i basically know most places in malaysia china and a host of other places, i live in Africa and i already know places in Asia, i hope one day i can visit thid places myself, thank you for bringing this.

@josediccus here

hey josediccus, it's my pleasure. I hope that it gives you some motivation to see these in person one day. That would make me very happy to hear :)

Yes im happy to follow your blog for your tours around the world. Thank you.🙌🙌🙌🙌

I have a good friend that has just traveled to Turkey not too long ago, she told me all they had there were a lot of meat mostly in lamb. I guess if you wanted better food, all you need to do is drop a few more hundred dollars and voila....GOOD food...haha...thank you for the photos!

mastaz, there are actually many traditional turkish cuisines in the local neighbourhoods that are very reasonably priced but exceptionally good. You can take a look back a few blogs to look for those. But, you are right, they sure do like Lamb! Thanks for dropping by mastaz :)

That view of the foggy mountains is the best one in my opinion.
:) Looking good.

thanks lazamedved :)

@sweetsssj to read your article is like being there! Perfect view of your perspective. Wow! Thanks.

thanks akashas, always a pleasure, and thank you for stopping by!

very nice place and I like your post :)

thanks petrichor! :)

Beautiful place to visit! I would love to spend my honey moon there

Certainly is, do have a look through some of my other travel destinations for potential honeymoon destinations! :)

Alright I will do... Though the lucky girl is yet to show forth. Still looking for her 😂 😂 😂

Nice pics!

thanks katrina :)

Thanks for our conversation, I learned a lot from you! Glad you still like my GIF....:)

oh stellabelle, thank you, like wise !! The gif is saved in my pictures folder, may I have permission to use it sometime ?? :)



Wow! What a great place and their food looks so delicious! haha hope I can come their soon :D

hopefully sooner rather than later!

Impressive development of the Rixos hotel chain, it looks dazzling, 27 hotels that impressive. and what good to know that the prices are affordable, the living room is stunning and beautiful, I liked its design and the beautiful color, the ascensore are very original and luxurious, I love the brightness of the floors, they reveal very good cleaning and maintenance, I love the spa and gym, ideal for lowering the levels of stress, the pool is really beautiful and giant, the rooms are very luxurious and complete with a wonderful view of the sea, I love how it takes life at night.
the foods and potres look very delicious and healthy, I must admit that it has opened my appetite, I love those loaves with seeds of semsamo in it.
Really a wonderful trip, thank you very much dear friend @sweetsssj for this wonderful work
I wish you a beautiful week

thanks jlufer, its quite amazing they've amassed quite the hotel empire in under two decades. Their influence is now stronger outside of Turkey too.

Thanks for enjoying it with me :)

Amazing post with pics and critique of the hotel!! We look forward to seeing more of your posts!!

thanks sambarkitchen, I will do my best, stay tuned!

Your All Posts are Awesum!!! I love Your Posts @sweetsssj :)

thanks!! Very happy :)


thanks dollarman!

You said the word “golden” in this post! I’m so impressed :)

you are most attentive dear goldie.

Lol :) shiny objects attract me !

难怪@nationpark 会说他不喜欢你的地方是你写的文章太厉害,让别人都写不下去...


very nice trip. enjoy.

thanks htunminzaw!


Wonderful sir

Just wow. The interior is killing it. And because of you, my list gets longer. Add hookah to that too.

haha nicholas, are you a hookah person?? :)

very cool very nice place.

yes, agreed with you!

A great and amazing post @sweetsssj.many ornaments in that restairant and delicious food deserved in it.

thanks safran :)

You’re always traveling. Makes me feel like I’m broke. Lol. I like your pictures btw. Quite detailed. Do you mind following back? So you can read and upvote some of my posts. @sweetsssj