Travel with me #91 : The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Taipei!

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Dear Steemit friends :


I've always considered travelling an opportunity to learn and enrich myself with experiences which allow me to mature, and expand my knowledge. My second visit to Taiwan has allowed me to dig a little deeper into the complex and intricate history of this region. Many people know that the political relationships between China and Taiwan have had it's peaks and troughs throughout history. Today, considerable effort has been made by both sides of the strait to improve relationships, mostly through better mutual understanding of each other's cultures.

Although people in Taiwan speak a common language to mainland China (Mandarin), the island has drawn it's own path to development, (largely orthogonal to China's) as it followed the rest of the world in embracing industrialisation and globalisation.

Today, Taiwan celebrates democracy, albeit at relative infancy compared with developed nations in the West. In-fact, post WWII, Taiwan came under martial law from the Chinese Nationalist party led by Chiang Kai-Shek who retreated with the KMT party and it's remaining army to the island in 1949 after suffering defeat in a civil war against the communist party led by Mao Zedong.

Chiang Kai-Shek's Official Portrait

Chiang Kai-Shek was regarded as a controversial figure. He was often attributed with the deaths of millions of Chinese people during his rule as the President of the Nationalist Government of China (ROC). He was criticised for spreading ideals of democracy and capitalism under the veil of a dictatorship. His authoritarian rule constituted the suppression of anyone who challenged him, and there were many accounts of purges of opponents and critics throughout his rule.

He was however credited in part for his contribution to the Allied Victory of the Second World War against the Japanese on the mainland front, a task he accomplished whilst putting the Chinese civil war on hold, and fighting together with the Communists to defeat the Japanese.

Chiang Kai-Shek continued to rule in Taiwan as the President of the Republic of China until his death in 1975. A year after his death, the government instructed a funeral committee to build Chiang Kai-Shek's memorial. Even though I have no particular political stance, I do believe in studying history to be better informed of the modern history of China. It's transformation from Imperial rule, to state rule, the parties involved, the conflicts, and their inter-relationships. It's a part of history that very much shapes China, Taiwan and even Japan, Korea and Indochina.

Covering Chiang Kai-Shek's historical arc is a study well beyond the scope of any article I could ever write, but I do hope that the following tour will incite curiosity in many of you, motivating you to read more about the history around not only Chiang Kai-Shek, but also how modern China (inclusive of Taiwan or not) arrived in it's current form today. Believe me, it's a huge backstory well worth reading!

Let's take a look at the memorial hall below!


At the West, we have this grand entrance marked with the characters "Liberty Square". The central location of the square, along with it's large open area has made the square one of the most popular places for mass gatherings. Ironically, the gatherings were mostly in protest for pro-democracy, and for several years after it's opening, the rallies held there were pivotal in ushering Taiwan into it's modern day democracy. Of course, we know that by 1996, there were general elections held for the leadership of Taiwan.

For this reason, the square has played an utmost importance in securing Taiwan's democracy and has been named in dedication of the liberty from martial law.

In the background, you can see the Memorial Hall with it's blue octagonal roof and four sided white walls. It's situated on the eastern end of the square.

Facing each other, North and South of the square, we have the National Theatre and the National Concert hall.
Behind me is the National theatre. You may not notice the difference, but it's roof is designed differently from the Concert hall. The National Theatre is designed like Beijing's central pavilion of the Forbidden City.

Opposite the National theatre is the National Concert Hall. If you look closely, you can see some white and blue patterns on the side of the roof. The patterns and colour remind me a lot of white porcelain which is commensurate with traditional Chinese colour, as well as symbolic of Chinese culture.

The memorial hall itself is surrounded by a park. Two walk ways lined with trimmed trees lead the way to the memorial hall. You can also walk directly through the middle in the open space.

At the base of the steps, you'll find two Chinese guardian lions. Conveniently each guarding one of two steps leading up to the main memorial hall.

There are two separate sets of stairs leading up to the memorial hall, and each have a total of 89 steps. This number was chosen to represent Chiang Kai-Shek's age when he died. Once you reach the top, the view of Liberty Square and the two halls are pretty spectacular!

Stepping inside the memorial hall, you'll notice two things. First, the national emblem of the Republic of China on the ceiling.

Secondly, a huge bronze statue of Chiang Kai-Shek.

There are some inscriptions on the wall, these are the Chinese characters for Ethics, Democracy and Science. These are the essences of Chiang Kai-Shek's political thinking.

Perhaps the highlight of the cavernous hall, is the changing of honour guards every hour.
The purpose of this ritual is to relieve the guards on duty for fresh ones but it has become some what a display of perfect synchronisation, both of the movements as well as the guards steps. In such a big empty all, the echo's from their steps resonate around the large crowd who watch in awe as they perform their routine.


On the ground level, there is a museum which showcases many of Chiang's belongings, including items from his personal treasure, his writings, clothes and even his cars.

Moreover, the various rooms exhibit Chiang Kai-Shek's life at various points in time, and in various places. From China, to Japan, to Taiwan.

You'll also see pictures of his wife, Soong May-ling and her sisters, Soong Ai-ling and Soong Ching-ling.

This is Chiang Kai-Shek's 1972 GM-manufactured Cadillac.

This was the car he actually used right up to his death. He had another car which was a 1955 bulletproof Cadillac Limosine, but he only ever used that one once.

This is a life-size re-model of Chiang Kai-Shek in his presidential office.
When I first walked into this room, I jumped thinking he was actually there!

Not too far from the memorial hall, about 5 minutes walk, there is a famous home run restaurant which specialised in braised meat on rice - a Taiwanese speciality. After browsing the museum and seeing the memorial hall, it was a good time to get some late lunch.

Most home run restaurants will look something similar to this. Nothing fancy, with the menu hanging up on the wall. Kitchen staff will work at the front of the restaurant, and tables will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

This particular restaurant is so well received that it frequently has queues of people waiting to be seated. This is what the red line on the floor is for.

Here's all the food!

Taiwanese Braised Pork on Rice


Fried Bean curd in Chilli Sauce

Steamed Bamboo Shoots

Braised Pork Belly

Braised Soy Egg

Scolded Water Spinach with Braised Pork

Chicken Soup

They have Pikachu soda here!!

Please check out my video of the visit!

Thank you for joining me on a very brisk tour of the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial hall. Visiting this place made me realise that there is so much recent history that I don't know about, particularly as the two Chinese regions have until very recently been isolated from one another.

In China, we've all learned about Chiang Kai-Shek, but it's always been with a one sided perspective. Finally, i'm able to see the story of this man from the other perspective and balance out my views and understanding some more. At the very least, it was an intriguing part of history to look into, and i'm glad that Taipei have preserved this memorial hall (and it's exhibits) as a place to face history, recognise agony and respect human rights.

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A divergence from your usual posts today, sssj, and one that's remarkable in a way.

You permitted your followers to see a more reflective side of you as you recounted the intricacies of the troubled relationship between China and Taiwan --a topic that I would be wary of exploring.

I think you did an admirable job of trying to be objective and cognizant of both sides although we both know your education was biased in this regard, but you have made every effort to see the merits of each side's point of view and I think that's impressive, even admirable.

Some say beauty is the only thing worth having in a woman but I think beauty and intelligence complement each other in comprising a fully mature human being and I believe your openness to new experiences has deepened your appreciation of various countries' history and culture.

One of your respondents called you a history teacher, and I think that comment wasn't far off the mark.

You're not light duty, sssj, and you're not afraid to weigh into even controversial matters.

Yes, of course, there was the obligatory tour of monuments and tourist sites as well as a visit to a simple local restaurant offering homemade food, but for me, the impressive thing was how you navigated the minefield of China-Taiwan relations.

Finally, I had to smile at the museum showcasing so many of Chiang Kai-Shek's personal belongings--it reminded me of the Elvis Presley museum in Niagara Falls complete with pink Cadillac.

I suppose even political leaders can become celebrities.

An intriguing post today, @seetsssj

Thanks John, I think you recognised the difficulty I had when approaching this piece. Aside the huge amount of essential reading associated with the matter, the hardest part was as you said trying to be objective. For all of my life, I was taught one view of the story. A view which obviously has it's bias and yet we had no reason to believe there was another view to consider.. until now.

As a result, learning about things I thought I already knew became a revelation of sorts, and a new opportunity to learn again. Such an enjoyable exercise I must say!

I really admire you. I would love to make a living traveling. I've traveled to lots of places already. I'm working on it. I'll hopefully get to it. :)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes wow I was surprised that you made this post! But it is nothing too controversial!
I bet you will have no problem and this is a good step in the right direction, just keep up the 3 Mantras of China Taiwan Relations, Language, Travel and Culture

China and Taiwan speak the same language

China and Taiwan allow travel between their neighboring nations and Communication online is also vital

China and Taiwan share the same Han Culture.

There will be no future conflicts between China and Taiwan and prosperity is the agenda. My country of course is meddling but we have an agenda to keep our own relationship with China stable for economic reasons.... Taiwan will find some sort of happy balance like Hong Kong and Macau... do you think Taiwan will become like Hong Kong? or was that situation unique because of British Rule? It seems like Taiwan will have much to teach the Mainland when it comes to open democracy, freedom of the press and personal and religious freedom.... when all combined give you the vibrant economically advanced Taiwan.... the levels of creativity and incentive are higher in Free market systems... maybe we can convince the Chinese government that a more open China will be a more wealthy China.

I want you to remain free from controversy and if anyone important is reading this, they should know that Sweetsssj has always portrayed a positive view of China and it's people!

Anyway you will set an example for Chinese to join Steem Blockchain and to invest in new cryptocurrecy. China is already the leader in Bitcoin and I have maps from Google Trends that show China as the #1 country growing on Steemit. Look at this google trends graph from just now!

China shows up as the largest country with the highest search numbers for Steemit! So we should start catering to our new Chinese Audiences!

We should also expect a Chinese Stem Hardfork like Golos for Russia! I hear there is a steem hardfork for China coming starts with a Y i believe and is the Chinese word for voice maybe? I feel like I have heard about a Chinese steem hardfork, maybe you know about it... I believe that will be a project we should pay attention to, and in the meantime, let's pay attention to Steemit in China and Taiwan and Hong Kong!
And thank you again for all your support! You are making my life so much better and I cannot tank you enough! When I am a steemit whale next year I will continue to promote you and will repay your kindness one day in an equivalent manner!!

first time here! I'm inspired by your blog. Great sharing! Love You Sweetsssj

welcome welcome , hope to see you more often lordkalki

all photos awesome

This is a really beautiful place, great pictures. Seems like traveling with you would never be boring.

thank you, and i'll do my best to keep it that way!

oh Nice places. Your photos added extra ornament with the view.
thanks for posting and sharing.

you're so welcome mohammed, pleasure.

our beloved
@sweetsssj, this poem is dedicated for you..hope you will love it.. fans club of sweetsssj ^-^

Thank you for the wonderful journey! I like that Taiwan is very open to cryptos ;-p

you're welcome g-dubs! I'm not really sure how open it is to crypto, but when I met the steemit community there, they were extremely welcoming and seemed very open to discuss about it.

good post @sweetsssj. This post very interesting. I like your post.greeting succes my friend.

thanks nona, hope you learned something, if not, atleast curious!

This post is great, I love this. You make a joyful trip on the days you pass will be great fun, I really want the trip as you do, you are one of the people I always follow, but I do not have the ability to do the same as you have done in steemit moreover I am still a beginner in steemit. I like every post you, regards from me @ thepink ..!

thank you thepink, its my pleasure, and hope to grow along side you in the future, thanks!

you are welcome @sweetsssj. hope I would be great here like you

Came by to show some love. Having lots of problems with the esteem app tonight. I was actually watching a special on a tech convention in Taiwan. I was very impressed, and amazed at how they're innovating technology there. I think its time to get back to studying Mandarin again.

thanks for the love geechidan! I actually think the mobile web app works really well! Taiwan is really carving out it's niche in a new generation with new competitors. The four asian tigers are not doing so well these days, mostly because almost the entire world is relying on China for growth, but we all know nothing goes straight up without coming down (atleast a little). I hope you get started with Mandarin asap!

Wow this is an intriguing post. I got to learn about

Chiang Kai-Shek's memorial hall, the theatre and concert hall, the museum also

I wish to visit Taiwan and this beautiful place and i wish to taste Steamed bamboo stoots, chicken soup and also drink that soda. No i think i want all the foods

I love the way you decribed everything in the hall, it made me understand better.

lots and lots more to learn too, lots to explore some day!

What a wonderful trip @sweetsssj
Everything's that you've shared always makes all the people feel amazed and interested, and you look more beautiful with a black shirt. And then, the museum,
the foods, the pikachu soda going to be such a uniqeness things that could not find the other places.

thank you! Isn't the black a bit scary!?

Black Works good! But you look good in everything!
Your black Steemit Hat is so cool i wish my steemit hat was black like yours, I will have to order a nw one that looks more like your steemit hat, your steemit hat was custom im guessing but we should use it as the master template for all steemit hats! They should all look like this!

I need this hat but with my own steemit username! The black color and white steem logo is so cool!

I really need a hat like this!!!!
wow when you lok through google images for "sweetsssj" your pictures are mind blowing! youre soooo attractive , youre like an anime character who is perfect and idealized but youre a real person!

I really have not ever seen a female that is as attractive as you... maybe it is because you are on steemit and I just love steemit so much, and you just become the perfect woman since you're a steemit whale and super hot and cute and your upvotes are worth so much! the total package!

The fact that you know about and are one of the top authors on steemit just makes you so much sexier! A woman who knows about crypto currency is a woman after my heart! XD lol it's very rare for women to be interested in cryptocurrency! No other woman can compete with your looks OR your intelligence! (or bank account/bitcoin wallet/steempower)

You are the ultimate internet girl! You are the Eastern Crypto Queen !

Are you a secret agent??? Traveling the world collecting intelligence??? :D Special Agent Sweetsssj reporting for duty!

OH and your cute song in the beginning of your video was super super cute ! was that your voice?? It makes me melt!!! :D

You are going to reach $1 million dollars in Steempower by summer of 2018!

It has a really nice story and you took so many awesome photos!

Hey @sweetsssj ! As always, your post is very informative and pleasure to read, so keep steeming :)

thank you! this one's kind of long, but i hope you enjoyed the pictures !

If a post is nice and interesting to read, it can be a book long :)

i want to travel for this place very beautiful.

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I love the way you walk me through history with such detail and emotions that make me want to learn more, and like wow, I wish I had a history teacher like you back in college. That would have been great. There is a big chance I will be there next year, and so I love all of the information you share. How long will you be there?

hey johnnyray, there's so much more to explore and i'm glad I could give you a little kickstart with some pictures and of the basics. I've actually returned to China now, I wasn't in Taiwan for all that long, but I still have many blogs to post about my travels there. Hopefully you'll like them:)

Always looking forward to read your post as we "both" travel the world of wonders. :) You deserve my vote dear!

I hope one day you will have the time to vote for me as Witness. I will treasure your vote for a very long time.

Please VOTE @yehey for Witness, go to and vote for yehey.

Follow me @Yehey,
Thank you.

Once again @sweetsssj you are amazing and now I now why I don't watch TV. I have you and others with beautiful pictures and food to look at. You make STEEMIT such a joy...........

thank you stokjockey! I honestly haven't watched TV since smart phones came around..

@sweetsssj You are saving yourself from Negative Programming that TV puts into peoples heads. You are one of the SMART ones. NO TV !!!

This post is great :)

thank you jonathan

Thanks for sharing great photos @sweetsssj. Another informative and visual blog, today, I learned about Taiwan's culture, foods and architecture.

you're welcome decentropia, thanks for visiting! :)

beautiful place

I like every post you. me very impressed photos beautiful ornament with the interesting view. thanks for posting and sharing.

you're welcome keks, thanks for dropping by!

Beautiful pictures and the foods👌🏼!

haha, the foods were very much needed after the museum!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow! Black Beauty @sweetsssj You look amazing. Why you always look so wonderful that's not fair , you are forcing me to fall in love with U. That pink steemit cap totally suits You and I liked your Water Bottle too. Coming Back on Post , I have not seen anything beautiful before , What a Great memorial hall, amazing beauty and great masterpiece of art and culture. Thanks for giving a quick info Chiang Kai-Shek. Wonderful Museum, Amazing pics , this turned out to be a complete package for all travel geeks , loved it . Yummy Food Too. Hence again you proved you are a traveling Queen and no body can do perfect than Our lovely @sweetsssj. Hat's off Girl , You are Seriously something else. Well missing your presence on steemchat there is lot to talk with you , hope to see you soon. Good luck dear , meanwhile if you had a little time plz have a look at my latest poem , I had been working hard to improve my poetry skills , hope you like it :
Have a great day dear, Love U

hey hey vikbuddy hows it going?

hi , Just noticed You reached 75 reputation Score , Congrats girl you deserved it. So You are the 2nd Women on Steemit after @stellabelle to reach that mark and i wish you to be the 1st women on steemit to reach 100 Reputation Score. Best Of Luck

thanks vikbuddy, it'll be a few years before 100 I think! I'll check out your poem.

Taipe is good place for traveling with family.


Great place and culture! thanks for sharing these amazing pictures.

you're welcome kyawmoe, hope you enjoyed :)

Love u Sweetsssj <3


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Thank you @sweetsssj for so much impressions & information.

Great photos.

Have a great day,

good job

looks great!!!

Very nice pictures. I learned new things about Chinese culture have very beautiful places and traditions. Lots of food! That here in my country Mexico we love Chinese food but adapted to the Mexican.

Beautiful journey and a great collection of art and culture.

love the way you decribed everything in the hall, it made me understand better

There is generally more than one side to a story and you can't understand it in the most complete manner unless you are willing to learn about the other points of view. I just had this conversation with some people tonight, and I'm glad to come here and see you take steps to learn about things that are different from what you had been told in the past. I personally think its good to learn different points of view! Thanks for the pics and descriptions, as always!

thank you kenny, it's always a tough one when matters of politics are the topic of discussion, especially when it's between Taiwan and China. Still, it's always valuable to see things from different angles, and not just take the information spoon fed to us as straight up fact. This is one of the things I learned during my time abroad, that it is reasonable to question and seek your own answers, even if the information came down from "official" sources.

post a very good, I always view post you and I always resteem have you, please help vote me that my account more bagus.sekian just that my hope to you, thank you..

Te amo @sweetsssj

good post, thank you for sharing the experience of traveling to us, so motivate us to travel like that. hopefully achieved ..hehehe

i hope you can get the same opportunity one day, good luck!

impressive work and the monuments you covered in pictures are totally unique and looks stunning

thanks gkumar, it's a pretty significant place not only for the historical importance, but also aesthetic it lends to the surrounding area.

Wow Awesome Your traveling is good.

All of your pictures are just awesome and the steemit logo in the first picture is very nice.

haha thanks smartgeek :)

Tempat yang indah.

Wonderful place, full of energy, of times, of stories. The privilege of touring its spaces in grandiose. What a great way to refresh our view and take time to detail the architecture and art in such a detailed monument.

Maravilloso lugar, lleno de energia, de tiempos, de historias. El privilegio de recorrer sus espacios en grandioso. Que excelente forma de refrescar nuestra vista y tomar tiempo para detallar la arquitectura y el arte en un monumento tan detallado.

I agree, it's a place with so much history behind it, it definitely needs some good reading to fully understand why such a monument exists.


Your beauty on the pictures got my mind fixed on all images and lines of this post; I felt like i traveled with you, This is so interesting, i love it and i wish to read more from you.
Nicely done!!!.


@sweetsssj - This is one of your blogs that is very informative not only about the beauty of the place but also it's historical background etc. The background that you have provided on Gen. Chiang Kai Shek is impressive. Earlier, I only knew and remembered the name because of Taiwan's airport. Now I know much more. Thanks to your blog.

The Arch design and the liberty square are very interesting. You have correctly pointed out the details like difference in roof architecture of the memorial hall and the Theater/Concert hall.

Your picture in front of the Concert hall in a simple but elegant black dress, forming a heart with your hands is stunning.

I always like the attention you pay to the people, small restaurants and local food. I used to go to those small family style restaurants in Taiwan very often. Thanks for covering those. I felt nostalgic to see the photos of the bean curd in chilli sauce. I had never seen Pikachu soda there. May be it is a recent addition

Thanks once again for this lovely blog. I request you to visit my latest blogs whenever you have time in your busy schedule. You may smile if you read my my sci-fi story. I always welcome criticism and comments from you my dear friend.



vm2904, thank you for sharing me your own experiences. It's surprising to me to hear your experiences in Taiwan, for what reason were you there?

@sweetssj - South East Asia was part of my region as the business development executive for a multinational company. I visited Taiwan twice in the past in connection with an infrastructure project. My friends from Taiwan representative company were kind enough to show me Tshiemen shopping area, the memoria sqaure and the family restaurants. I also remember going to a Soup restaurant. I think the make your own Soup experience ( called shapo-shapo or something close to that) was great. I hope you cover that in one of your blogs on Taiwan.

@sweetsssj your daily story post is very interesting to many people seen from upvote and comments that come with your level that skyrocket

I always follow your writing. Your every post more important for me. your picture is originally very beautiful. I always I vote & comment your post. please vote & comment my post #sweetsssj

Lovely! It's a real pleasure to follow your posts :)

Lovely as usual @sweetsssj :)

thanks goldie! 👑

I accept my new nick name! It’s an honor :)

I'm loving your travels. . . keep posting . . .we all love it:)

thanks goldkey, will do!

nice story and picture @sweetsssj

nice your all post.thanks a lot.

OMG! its a amazing place thank you for sharing :)

enjoy travel! good luck

Nice pic

Just Fantastic! no more to elaborate. Thanks 🙏 for nice sharing.

thanks face2face! :D


没有啦 回国了👧

we are your ture friend i m Pakistani we proud of china friend ship plz all chaina friend like my all post i need your help i m new and poor

That's a good content sir
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Nice to follow your travel


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for sharing good travel spots :)

you're welcome :)


谢谢你哦 : )

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

welcome to Taiwan, wish you have a fantastic trip every time:) I live in Taichung so if you want to visit here or you have any question, I am glad to help you.

thank you mei-en, i will definitely come to Taichung next time I visit. With such a lovely and growing community, I can see that being very soon! :)

谢谢你! 我是瑞典人但是对中国的历史和文化很感兴趣。我还没去过台湾,如果有机会我一定要去。 This post gave me a few valuable ideas about what I could possibly do or visit =D

great! And thanks for the Chinese part :) Good to see swedes with interest in Chinese !

Very interesting article @sweetsssj.
Great success to you.
Follow/ Upvote/ Resteem

thank you very much!

First! ;-)

Forgive me
I never thought you meant anything
Now I'm alone who never means when you lose

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Thank you for sharing beautiful moments and captures! Kudos

you're welcome, thanks for droppin by :)

I love you

Taiwan is my next vacation! I am more curious about the natives there and the islands.

ooh fantastic, there are many natives still there I think, but they are now well integrated into the rest of society, very few aborigines if any that are still living isolated from society.

Ah, I like your new style of posting pics, like a collage. And also the introductory part where you share a brief history of Chiang Kai. Between, I was just wondering, have you ever visited your neighbor country, India!!

hey! I do intend on visiting India soon, my later half of 2018 plans haven't been made yet so that will likely be when I come :)

I made the pictures into collage this time because there were so many, but I think it is as you say a nice change, perhaps a little overwhelming at first.

Good @sweet

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It seems you enjoyed your tour alot,,,I enjoyed reading your post @sweetsssj ,I felt like I was also there..Thumbs up👍😃

thanks prudent-rod1, bit of a historical one today!

Indeed,!Taiwan is rich with historical diversity and foods look tasty🙂😃

The pictures are very HD, it is nice to see these beautiful shots taken especially with you on it. So accurate and informative. Hoping for another travel pictures.

thanks jaderpogi, i'm a really picture oriented kind of blog, so rest assured, more travel pictures will be coming! :)

Wow! Very nice travelogue. I feel like I'm also traveling to Taiwan with your comprehensive narration of your trip. Thank you for sharing posts like these. It's because of you who can make people see the world without having to spend a lot on traveling.

Great job sister.go ahead.thanks for share your traveling experiance.upvote and resteemed

thanks cryptomaker! This one's pretty important for learning a little about modern Chinese history!

This is too beautiful...thanks for making steemit highly identified on the world ladder...your posts are splendid and it simply makes your readers so proud of you princess @sweetsssj ..upped

thanks, the community here is great, its not just me! :)

Lets do more for its greatest..keep making us feel good around you..l love steemit

good work Sweetsssj

so beautiful! I love the all the strong colours! Makes it kind of alive but at the same time kind of unreal :) like a dream

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It still feels weird to see you showing up in places that I am so familiar with... lol