Miss Delicious #96 : Exploring the not so conventional food offerings of Ximending, Taipei!

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Dear Steemit Friends:

I can't wait to share with you today an exploration of some of the many exciting restaurants of Ximending, in the heart of Taipei in Taiwan. Last time we explored the sights and shops of the area so now this time we venture inside the many different food retailers to do one of my favourite activities - eating!

The diversity of food found in Ximending is huge and you'd never have enough time in your entire life to try all of the different restaurants and food stalls that it has to offer. Frequented mostly by the younger generation of Taipei the area is well renowned for being cutting edge, fashionable and a great place to hang out.

Having Afternoon tea— in Machi Doggie

Machi Doggie is a fashion shop and cafe owned by the famous Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, a long with his wife Hannah Quinlivan. The whole place is themed around Hannah's pet dog, a Pomeranian who is called Machi!

You can see Machi's little face features both on the clothing shop and on the cafe. The design is absolutely adorable and I do really love Pomeranian dogs so I just had to go and check it out.

I had already shopped myself silly around Ximending so I decided to mostly skip the clothing range and fashion store in favour of a nice sit down afternoon tea in the coffee shop.

The place was really busy, especially for an afternoon, with dozens of local young people taking their time to relax and enjoy each others company in this most cool of surroundings. The style is absolutely amazing, with big glowing lights everywhere. From SMILE signs, to hearts, to the important Machi, everything was lit up and the atmosphere was buzzing.

There's clearly a lot of inspiration here from America with signs for Route 66 and old fashioned American signs and cars scattered above the open kitchen. You know that I always love this kitchen set up - it feels so special to be able to see the chef's at work and appreciate a well run kitchen, while your food is being prepared.

Some more of the signs spread around the establishment

Having a quick peek inside the clothing store before sitting down for afternoon tea

I absolutely love Machi, I wish that I could have met him at the shop! But I imagine he is too busy jet setting around the world with Hannah and Jay. Jay Chou is famous for his music, singing, record producing, acting and directing. His first album was released in 2000 and was a massive hit. He is now a household name thorough much of Asia and has sold more than 30 million albums! He was even on the cover of Asia's TIME magazine being called the New King of Asian Pop.

He has since launched an extremely successful movie career, even breaking into the western movie market with his co-starring role in Now You See Me 2, alongside Mr. Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) himself back in 2016. He also starred in The Green Hornet, a movie that was hugely successful world wide, playing the character of Kato, a role made famous by Bruce Lee in the TV series!

Clean cut minimalist lines mixed with industrial chic add to the style of the service counter


I was very excited to eat here at Machi Doggie because the food and drinks are also themed around Machi! I love dogs and now I get to have cute dog shaped food too! Perhaps that's a bit weird actually but it was all so cute - you'll see!

Look at all this amazing Machi themed food and drink. The coffee mugs are shaped in a Pomeranian shape, the little marshmallows have faces, and the coffee art does too! On top of all of that, you can get Machi shaped waffles and other food too. Needless to say, I was in heaven - good food, cute dogs and beautiful modern arty-ness keeps me very happy,

mmmmmm, machiiiiiii

They also have some crazy drinks on the menu, from Butterly Pea Juice with Lychee to Cotton Candy Soda. These are all served with an interesting modern twist - mine came in a lightbulb! Though probably not a real lightbulb. It felt like a bit of a magicians laboratory actually.

Enjoying my Machi waffle on a stick

Bye Machi! I had a wonderful afternoon tea, one that was truly unique. Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan have created something really special in this cafe, and their design influence and passion for art, modern culture and of course, the Pomeranian Machi, really make this place a cool place to hang out.

The 'Modern Toilet' restaurant... you'll have to see to believe

OK next stop, the Modern Toilet restaurant for dinner. Now... I'm going to have to let the pictures do a lot of the talking on this one. You'll see soon what I mean. But first, a little history...

Modern Toilet was first established in 2004 after the idea came about to have a toilet themed restaurant. It was a bit of a joke at first, but the idea seemed too funny not to try! The first restaurants served chocolate ice cream in toilet shaped cones and it caused such a stir and became so popular that there are now three different restaurants, all serving a variety of different foods.

The theme of the restaurants are in the name - toilets. Most of the foods are served in a toilet and even the seating in the restaurants are toilets, with crazy toilet seats to sit on! Could I really not visit such a crazy place? Of course not, so enjoy with me now - Modern Toilet.

Not quite sure what to expect before entering the restaurant

OK I expected toilets, but I didn't expect this many toilets. Each seat was a toilet, the lighting was in... certain shapes, the tables had wash basins in them and even the art on the walls was more... shapes.

They even had toilet piping painted in different colours as lighting

As you can see from the art behind me, toilets can of course be used for many different things and in many different ways. I don't know what I expected but every single inch of the restaurant had a toilet theme. I was getting a bit nervous for my food actually!

Pull up a toilet and have some food

What would a themed restaurant be without some merchandise? Everything from little edible chocolate toilets to cushions in the shape of... I didn't think you could make so much stuff related to toilets!

Even the windows were in the shape of...

At least they had real toilets too! Though I imagine they'd be quite hard to find because of all of the other toilet signs - which one do you follow to the real toilets! Also check out this gold bling toilet - so crazy.

When the food came... well I don't know what I was expecting really. It was served in a nearly full sized toilet bowl! This was the Modern Toilet Chicken Curry and I have to say it was absolutely amazing. I can understand trying to bring in customers with a gimmick, but I really felt that Modern Toilet backed up their gimmick with genuinely nice food. I suppose you can imagine that this experience was extremely weird, however.

I... erm...

Thai Tom Yum Hot Pot beef

Thai Tom Yum Hot Pot beef

Korean Kimchi Hot Pot Beef and more themed stuff

Luckily the side dishes weren't served in toilets as well. I don't think there would have been enough space on the table! It must have been extremely strange for the waiters to be serving in this environment all day.

This is the dish that made Modern Toilet famous - the classic chocolate ice cream in a toilet. The attention to detail on shape was almost too much for me, especially how they'd managed to make it shiny. As much as I'm posing for the photo here, I was quite weirded out by this point! I did eat the icecream, which was some of the best chocolate icecream I've ever had, but I think that's probably enough of the toilet restaurant for now!

Meat Warehouse, Korean BBQ with an English Tea Time Twist

Time for something a little more serious I think! Next stop on my exploration of Ximending's restaurant scene was Korean BBQ Meat Warehouse which I had heard amazing reviews of. Also Korean BBQ is one of my favourite styles of food so I was really excited.

One of the unique features of Korean BBQ is that the dishes are usually prepared on grills that are built straight into the table itself or on portable stoves that are used at the table. Sometimes you might sit in front of the chef and he will char grill the meat in front of you! At Meat Warehouse it was the first kind, with the grill built straight into the table as you can see here.

Korean BBQ is most famous for its meats. In Korea, this style of eating is called gogi-gui which means, "meat roast". There are usually many different types of meats to choose from, including the obvious beef, pork or chicken. They come in varieties, some beautifully marinated and some left simply prepared so you can enjoy their simple traditional flavours.

Meat Warehouse makes a fun little twist on the Korean BBQ concept by serving the food as if you were out for an English Afternoon Tea. I could almost imagine little finger sandwiches stacked up on the plates and perhaps some scones!

Once you've received your selection of meats and vegetables, then it's time to get grilling! Simply place the meat you want to eat on the hot charcoal in front of you and start to char grill that tasty meat. You can cook it to whatever level you want and it's always a great sharing experience. It feels very enjoyable to sit around the able with friends, sharing the grill, and taking your time over your food, to cook and talk.

This was one of the most beautiful Korean BBQ restaurants that I have been to, and I think the little English Afternoon Tea twist was a lovely touch. The side dishes were also amazing and the variety of different foods, from sea food to marinated meats was really delicious.

A final meal in Universal Tonkotsu Ramen Nagi

Universal Tonkotsu Ramen Nagi is famous in Tokyo, Japan and Taiwan for serving the most amazing ramen. First opened in 2004 in Tokyo, the restaurant has now expanded with seven locations in Tokyo and five in Taiwan. They've won awards for their ramen, being voted best ramen and Tokyo Ramen of the Year - so I had to go get me some.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup that usually has meat or fish based broth, with noodles and various toppings such as meats, seaweed, onions and egg. It has become famous around the world for its taste and frequent appearances in anime making it a world wide staple.

One of the really unique things about Universal Tonkotsu Ramen Nagi is the ability to customise. You can choose from the menu which soup base you want as well as loads of other customisation so you can get the ramen that YOU want.

Bright, bold and quite traditional, Universal Tonkotsu Ramen Nagi is a great place to eat and not just for the food. A really lovely atmosphere where you can socialise with friends and enjoy some of the best ramen that the world has to offer.

The chefs cook so fast. You submit your order by circling the different options you want from the menu, with the broth, meat options and other extras, and then watch them assemble it in front of your eyes. A really easy and quick dish if you're on the run because the cooking time is so short. I got the best seat in the house (I thought) because I got to watch the skilled chefs cooking up a storm and serving the dozens of hungry customers.


In the top left you can see an example of the menu that you choose from

It's been a while since I did a Miss Delicious blog and it was a real treat to be able to share such a diverse range of different eateries with you. I had a great time at the first two themed cafes, enjoying both the food and the design. What did you think of Machi Doggie and Modern Toilet? Do you like themed restaurants or would you prefer a more traditional experience? I must know what you thought about the design of Modern Toilet...

Could I choose a favourite out of the four restaurants we visited today? Probably not because they were all so different, though I do really love Korean BBQ so perhaps Korean BBQ Meat Warehouse takes my vote! Do you have a preference between Korean BBQ and ramen? Both such favourites - I wonder which would win?

If you've enjoyed the blog today, and want to see more from me, then make sure you hit that follow button. I always appreciate an upvote, of course, and I love to chat with you all in the comments, especially when I've been away and busy for a while - it will be nice to catch up with all of you!

Check out my video of the food tour!


今天我们就一起去开启寻觅西门町创意美食的旅程,体验一把新生代年轻人的美食生活。Machi Doggie,听到这样小可爱的名字,就想到了每个人家里可能都有只萌萌的小宠物啦,名字确实让人好感倍增,而这家店更因为是由天王周杰伦和昆凌夫妇开的,变得星光闪闪。当然这对明星夫妇的小宠物就是这只人见人爱的博美犬Machi啦,你看Machi胖嘟嘟的白色小脸,作为餐厅的招牌Logo,在夜空中闪闪发光。


这里的食物真的超级可爱,3D立体的咖啡猫咪拉花新奇的让我挪不开眼,上面的立体猫咪竟然由甜蜜的棉花糖做成,一股幸福的味道油然而生呢,还有Machi logo的拉花图案咖啡,醇香袭人。最让我惊艳的是这个由周董《星晴》歌名命名的饮料,我知道玩魔术一直是周杰伦最大的爱好,这次把魔术玩到饮料里啦,而且还可以让你自己尝试其中的魔幻,太有意思啦,当我把魔术小灯泡里的紫色bling bling液体倒入饮料里,就会呈现出星空一般的迷幻涌动,这种荔枝汁和星空酒的碰撞,酸酸甜甜非常可口,同时还附赠一杯小冰糖水,饮料的浓稠度都可以依照自己的喜好调节,喝起来有一股清爽的冻茶汽水的味道,其中还放了一块Machi爪子形状的紫色冰块,真是非常细心的小设计。还有这个Machi样子的松饼,就像个超大的棒棒糖,造型独特,味道松软可口。






Greetings, beautiful, dear and charming sweetiejess

Food, food, food, is something I love to be around, though, I have to be away. I am making diet and avoiding most of the foods. Now my food is more protein. But this weekend, I got out of that regime and became fat (aiaiai). But I came back to him today.

From what I saw in your photos, there are many delicious and healthy foods. Some of them I've never seen here in Brazil. Maybe the preparation is different, not just the product itself.

It made me want to take a picture of you for me in which you are next to a black car. You are super beautiful in it.

Thank you and good morning!!!!!

hi julisavio! Aww the diet is the bane of every aspiring gourmand but we must treat ourselves once (or maybe a little more) every now and then right? Protein can be found in lots of natural food too, but I must say I don't pay too much attention to that stuff for now, I would probably not be able to enjoy the foods that i do if I did.

Thanks for commenting julisavio!

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wow your trips are always amazing but this one was really something else! That toilet shop will be in my memory forever, i' ll need to put it on the bucket list.

I love ramen but I really wanna try the tonkatsu in Japan even though I am sure its great in Taipei. Thanks for the new places to explore and sharing your adventures with us as always!

Ever since I joined Steemit back in July 2017, @sweetsssj was the blog that inspired me the most. The content has been original and #missdeligious never compromised on quality. Originality and consistency pay off. Very impressive work!

Though all photos are good but this one is really cute and adorable:

Now when I came to see the photos of Toilet Restaurant it amde me laugh at first sight and I'll puke some other time if I take a look at those gross toilet food photos again. I mean eating and toilet thoughts can't be at the same place called mind at the same time.

By the way, from marketing standpoint, it was meant to be a HUGE success. After reading this background history, it reminded me of Seth Godin's Purple Cow:

Modern Toilet was first established in 2004 after the idea came about to have a toilet themed restaurant. It was a bit of a joke at first, but the idea seemed too funny not to try! The first restaurants served chocolate ice cream in toilet shaped cones and it caused such a stir and became so popular that there are now three different restaurants, all serving a variety of different foods.

I found this 'not so conventional food offerings of Ximending, Taipei' very unconventional but your expression, exploration and blog was up to the mark life ever before. Thumbs up and lots of love from Lahore.

Steem On!

Goshhhh!!! Mouth watering dishes in a vibrant place with a stunning person! I wish I could visit this place once in my lifetime. Your post is as creative as the food & the restaurant! Too much overloaded in one single post:-) Kudossss to the author!!!

周杰伦和昆凌现在在马来西亚,柔佛影城这里.. 就在我家附近,可惜都没机会巧遇啊……

我还是去吃 粥杰伦吧……你吃过吗?哈哈哈...

那个尿壶的果汁... 哈哈哈... 不行..我喝不下..哈哈哈


报道说最近昆凌在 马来西亚柔佛 影城 拍戏。哈哈哈... 希望会巧遇吧……

粥杰伦,不知道哈哈哈... 只是听说...

对啊!那尿壶很像.... 哈哈哈... 😆😆😆

Top post Sweetsssj - and love the Steem shirt. You are a terrific ambassador for this blockchain - and by the looks of things, a knowledgeable travel consultant too.


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sirknight, thank you for the compliment!!

God damn, I love your pilot sunglasses 😎! 👍

I'm lost for words.... so much good stuff packed in one post! It really looks like Taiwan has many awesome locations to offer! The modern toilet restaurant made my day... I thought I already saw everything :-) but this is nuts!

Thanks for sharing and keep going on with blogging darling 🤗! Hugs from germany 😀

hey avizor! Haha I can tell you like sunglasses!! :)

You're definitely right about Taiwan, so much fun in such a little place, who would have thought they could come up with a Toilet restaurant huh??

Thanks again!

Haha, Modern Toilet和Machi Doggie都好有创意 连那桶咖喱鸡的颜色也好像便便。。。😆 宠物狗咖啡店里不只咖啡拉花,连杯子和华夫饼的形状都是Machi~ 真是用心 除了这家 不知别处有分店吗?很想去看看~


Hi my favorite Asian traveler @sweetsssj, I really love to see your steem promoting work with travel around wearing steem T-shirt. :D
If seeing @sweetsssj, definitely can see more delicious foods. I don't know why you selected much foods lol. Machi Doggie in Ximending, Taipei superior place I see from your photo clicks. Seems huge crowded there.
Another the Modern Toilet' restaurant is giving various kind of experience.

toilets can of course be used for many different things and in many different ways. I don't know what I expected but every single inch of the restaurant had a toilet theme.

Actually I haven't idea why they selected to built these restaurant through toilet theme. Probably the were found different marketing trick. But for me I never like eat like these place if food was so delicious.
Universal Tonkotsu Ramen Nagi is a romantic looking restaurant under the lights. Foods also like a romance lol:)

Absolutely I prefer to find oldest looking traditional foods indeed naturalize themes included restaurants. It increase my positive mind as well.

Hi dear! Always good to subconsciously tickle people's curiosity with Steemit :)

Toilets are certainly a very odd choice of ornament to attract visitors, but it seems to have worked! I must say that food is definitely the least interesting part of the whole experience, but the food and service industry is so competitive in Taiwan that I guess they have to get the attention some how?

That toliet restaurant is a bit.... Especially with the curry in a toliet bowl lol. I am going to Tokyo in November. May be I would seek out that ramen place and have a try

haha yes it is very odd, maybe not the best way to entice appetites from people.. but it was really fun atleast! Tokyo sounds really good, and I bet you'll find plenty of really good viable alternatives as well!

Oooo love the doggie cafe! And your blue Constance even more 😉😉😉

aww thanks travelgirl! Are you a doggie fan or cat fan?? And you have a keen eye :)

So much good food and great places! Great post!

thanks markvance, glad you enjoyed!

Taiwan has awesome food!

Beautiful photos.. God bless u

very gorgeous women, thanks for giving us the moments of your travel, the restaurant is very unique with restroom type of concept with a twist.
I love it. thanks for sharing, the food is so excellent and super fun to eat.

the ice cream makes me laugh. ^_^ with your photo captions.

all and all.. its so great

Upvoted and resteem @sweetsssj

WOW what a post! BRAVO!!!
so many great pics and so much text must have taken ages to make this!

Hey....I am a comedian....if you could check my posts I would be glad...All the best, by the way..... 谢谢

One of the countries with the greatest culinary diversity is Taiwan. Although it is also one of the countries with the strangest meals in the world

I love trying all the new foods during my extensive travels too. Lots of fun food stuff. Thanks for sharing. Very nice post.

Big Steem Love 4 U!

loveon! You are a fellow foodie :) Thanks for the love!




This is a really excellent article. Thank you for sharing.

There's no way in Hades I could eat from a toilet though. Not while also being surrounded by images of poop and people being sick. Yikes! I was hungry until I got that far.

Hi @sweetsssj! First of all, you look gorgeous in every photo! Just as the food looks so delicious, too! That's why there is never a dull moment in reading your post because you know how to make a really good content! It keeps my eyes glued and my mouth dropping! Especially with the Modern Toilet Restaurant! That's just off the roof!!!

i agree.. never a dull moment reading this post! It just keeps getting interesting and finally the MODERN TOILET RESTAURANT! Now that was just crazy but fun! No wonder it's a big hit in their place.. UNiQUE!

Ohh man, Modern toilets seriously @sweetsssj, and with Machi so perfect, what an incradable experience. Hahaha..

那个博美狗狗的拉花,实在太美啦,都不舍得喝 XD

PS: 话说,那便便的套餐,我有点不敢恭维 lol 甜姐能吃下去,真是很厉害了!


吃了吗?来 @steemgg 玩游戏吧,决战到天亮倘若你想让我隐形,请回复“取消”。

Hello my dear, excellent writing, your description is very lively, without going there, I can enjoy the pleasure of being there, all the pictures that you've posted are very clear, not only your writing but also your style, attitude, display, presentation all are very very attractive not to me only, I believe it to all readers of your excellent article. Wish you happy life, God bless you.

thank you rafique1953 :)

Wow this is entertaining - such strange, weird and wonderful places - what an exciting life you have to see it all. I just want to know.... how do you stay so beautiful and skinny with all those food, or do you not really eat a lot?

Asian restaurants and cafes can be weird.

haha alishi thank you! I think i'm running up on borrowed time.. Still, I manage to walk about 20-30 thousand steps a day when i'm travelling so that is probably a good amount of exercise!

WOw! The food here is mouthwatering!!! But i cannot imagine eating infront of a cute little poop while sitting on a toilet! hahaha It's the weirdest, funniest, strangest idea for a restaurant ever!!

I love your post @sweetsssj! When i read it, it's like i'm also there with you!

I know how you feel! Sitting on a toilet is not an activity I associate with food!


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Excellent post I really enjoyed it keep up the good work my friend 👌

thanks kgakakillerg!

Not a problem my friend keep up the good work and I hope you have a wonderful day 👍

Your presentation is great. enjoy eating.

thanks ahlawat! :)

Modern Toilet Restaurant is, by far, the one that really got me!! haha.. It's worth a visit, though! I better include this on my list!

Thanks @sweetsssj... your posts are very interesting!

haha hope you find it as enjoyable as I did, it's definitely quite funny!

You love eat dogs and eat chicken my favorite food

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Are you from TAIWAN, HONGKONG or CHINA Ms. @sweetsssj? For a long time following you, I didn't confirm it yet... (^_^)

i'm from China kenny! :)

Ahhh... Nice to know that! (^_^) Thank you!
I'm a Filipino - Chinese working here right now in the United Arab Emirates as Interior Designer. I'm glad to know your country. Thank you!

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”
― Charles M. Schulz

great quote !

It looks like you had a seriously amazing day. And all of the meals that you shared on here look amazing. I am so jealous.
Great Post!!! Look forward to more of your posts...

it was a terrific day for sure! Don't be jealous, go try it!

Wow, really good post! Interesting. Taipei is one of the places I would like to visit and this post made me understand how it could be. The photos are really beautiful! But can I ask you which camera and lens do you use? Even in the evening the images are perfect. considering the quality of your post and some comments I've read, I think I'll start to follow your blog! :-)

Food pictures you shared are awesome but your face in these pictures made more adoreable.

The Modern Toilet Resturant is really a shitty idea 🤪 it really made me laugh amd you @sweersssj explored more then any restaurant i think that is why you post more pictures then other Resturant’s. But all these pictures are adoreable and I really inspired.

Have you run into @jpphotography yet? I think he might be somewhere near the neighborhood 😎

I haven't yet, is he/she resident in Taiwan?

Yes, he's based in Taiwan for a while :)

Delicious food is my weak point and getting good food makes me more weaker , thank you for this information

how come it makes you weaker dear?

Every time I think of Ximending, I think of quail eggs. And flamethrower beef cubes.

Very creative food and coffee pics. Enjoyed your shopping pics.

Such a great place to visit!
I like all! :D


Wow! That's a lot to take in. I seem you had a wonderful stay in Taipei. The Modern Toilet place looks really fun, it was my favorite part.


thanks elteamgordo! Modern toilet was quite the surprise!

A restaurant full of toilets, can't beat that for a laugh. I wonder how many people get confused and accidentally use the wrong toilets. Probably a bit risky bringing young children or old people to this restaurant. Probably wouldn't bring any cavemen friends there either.

Anyway, thanks for the laughs. Slightly different dinning experience than you normally share.

OMG you said “gold” in this blog!!!

I certainly did goldie!

Hi....You make great posts about food.....I also like to eat....but I am fat...you're not....All the best

aww don't worry about it, just enjoy one of the few true pleasures of life!

Of course I don't worry.....I am a bit fat because of the beer. Not very fat....I just talk about that because I'm a comedian. Furthermore, fat is sexy ;)

Nice post! I really enjoyed reading all of them. Modern Toilet looks really fun to visit! I will keep that place in mind when I visit Taipei.

Thanks wabakorea! You should visit soon!

I will! Have a good day!

The dishes are looking so tasty ymmmmmmm....🤤🤤🤤🤤
They also want to eat can you please invite me 😁

Who's "they"?

haha well we'll have to see about that ^^

Does toilet theme restaurant really exists? and this is really new concept I dont think that everyone will enjoy eating but still it is damn innovative. and yes you must had great fun! its always amazing to read your full of life blog. and yes I loved that pineapple sort of sling bag! from where did you got it, I want it for my girlfriend, she will love it!

great post... very nice photography.

i love the steem cap and shirt! Great support!

Very delicious food! Dont understand the Toilet restaurant. Its funny but more weird. Are there a lot of people eating? More tourists?

Have a great time, enjoy every moment!


-edga NOWARGraffitis

That modern toilet restaurant is very strange..... hahahah.

hi @sweetsssj
amazing pics, i am also living in china. most beautiful country

可是一直都沒有去台北..所以只能在他們夫妻的instagram看著 :)
香港以前也有那個廁所餐廳, 可是香港競爭太大就沒了.


i've been to Taipei twice already! i really loved the place as much as the food!!

Hi @sweetsssj I'm a bot, and wanted you to know that I've upvoted and re-steemed your post to help you with your promotion efforts! -exp

hello!!, incredible and tasty.

WOW! Now this is a blog! Amazing content. I got a lot to learn.

Korean BBq over ramen ( unless you are drunk, ramen LOL)

First of all you were looking soo cute in these photos & I wish one day atleast once time i can travel with you.....

aw thanks raghwendra, maybe we'll bump into each other on our travels one day? :)

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food looks delicious.. I am planning to visit Taiwan early next year, good thing I saw your post :)

Hi @sweetsssj! Another great post you have here. You always get into details whenever you visit a place or eat something. The Meat Warehouse really caught my attention. The food looks so delectable and I can't believe they serve it like you're in an English tea party which is so cool!


I have been to Taipei a couple of times. It is really a great place where you can find delicious food and nice people. It brings me unforgettable experiences. I wish in the near future I can stay there for a little bit longer such as 20 days so I can feel more exciting parts of the city.

great photo & great content!! enjoying to see more of your journal

What your favorite food

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