Travel with me #118 : Ximending (西門町), Taipei!

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Dear Steemit Friends:

I am back to writing and I have missed you all! I have been doing some exciting things for the last month, which I am excited to share with you in the future, but for now it's top secret! You may try to guess what I've been doing but I will be revealing nothing until the right time. I like to build your anticipations!

In today's blog I present to you a local view of Ximending which is an area of the Wanhua District in Taipei in Taiwan! Ximending is an important area in Taiwan's capital because it serves as a central source for fashion, culture and social activities. Most of the little area in the middle of the city is pedestrian, the first pedestrian only zone in the entire country. This makes it an amazing place to spend many hours, strolling around at your own pace with all of the other fashion lovers.

Ximending neighbourhood has a heavy influence on the youth and pop culture of the capital. It blends Taiwan's fashion in with other cultures from Japan and also the west. It has thousands of shops, stalls and food outlets, making it a great place to spend the entire day just soaking up the atmosphere of modern Taipei. It also boasts twenty theatres which are very popular, making it not just a centre of pop culture, but creative culture too.

We will explore all this charming shopping district has to offer from theatres to markets to shopping to art and of course, to food. Are you ready to start exploring with me? Let's go!

Ximending Red House Theater, a Japanese relic

So famous for its theatres, the most iconic is the Red House Theater which was built in 1908 to serve as a market place during the rule of the Japanese. In 1945 its use changed to become a theater and it soon became one of the most popular, and visually impressive. It is classed as an important historical site and for many, it's the heart of Ximending, representing all things artistic and cultural and providing a beautiful focal point to the large central square.

Surrounding the Theater you find a stark contrast between its age and the modern age. As soon as you turn around from the old red bricks you are met by concrete, high rise buildings and advertising. I love the mix of old and new. Red House Theater or Ximen Red House as it is sometimes known, was the heart of bustling commercialism in the area during the Japanese rule and then the heart of culture being used as an opera house and movie theatre. It's a great metaphor for Ximending which itself has seen ups and downs, re-purposing and rejuvenating.

Once the centre for theatre goers and shoppers, the area lost much of its popularity in the 90s. In a clever move, the city pedestrianised the area, causing millions to flock back to the area and enjoy the more relaxed shopping atmosphere. Taking advantage of the pedestrianisation and increased popularity, market stalls and food vendors scatter every available space in Ximending meaning you can find anything you could ever want to buy and eat.


Street art and pop culture from the youth of Taipei!

Many of the open concrete surfaces of the modern buildings have been heavily painted, some legally, some not. But all of the art found in Ximending has its own form of beauty. It represents the hopes, dreams, frustrations, interested and lives of the young people that live here.

On many buildings, nearly every surface possible is covered in paint.

I loved how the artist here had covered the pillars of the building with natural motifs like the tree trunks. In a place where there is very little greenery, they bring their own.

Almost Renaissance style figures mixed with modern motifs

Modern style graffiti contrasts and mixes with each other

The streets and shops of Ximending

Apparently there are more than three million visitors to the shopping district every single month. Retail certainly sits at the forefront of the appeal for most of these visitors who come for the hundreds of different designer shops and fashion outlets.

The focus is very much on the young with shops vying for who has the best and most attractive shop front. They range from grungy to modern to futuristic, but what they all have in common is that they are all stylish! The crazy neon shapes of Debrand caught my eye and of course I ended up buying something too.

This storefront had a look like the game 'Fallout'

Now that's some crazy advertising on the back of a bus! The strangest I've ever seen. Certainly made me stop and look at it when I thought a girl was climbing onto the bus!

One of the central pedestrianised shopping streets full of shops

Art is everywhere here in Ximending. Not only is the fashion a change for people to express their culture and their creativity, so too are the walls. This spray painting of Michael Jordan reminded my very much of the famous graffiti artist Banksy... does he also work in Taiwan?

Life in Ximending starts early!

If you've read my blog long enough you'll know that I love a good night market. I don't know if you've ever been to an area that has night markets, but usually in the day they are quite quiet and a little eerie without the hustle and bustle of the expected market stalls. Ximending is amazing at night, but it is almost as busy in the day! I was up early and ready to explore and I was amazed at how many shoppers there were here already. Perhaps it's just a 24 hour shopping festival!

There were loads of market stalls set up everywhere and I realised that many people were also visiting the area for breakfast, not just for dinner at the night market! I'll call it the Taipei Breakfast Market.

Some of the many adverts for shows, shops, movies - colour everywhere!

Life in Ximending stays up late...

What shopping district would be complete without a night market? Ximending is known as the Harajuku of Taipei, and that becomes even more apparent at night. For those who don't know what Harajuku is, it is a district in Tokyo in Japan. It is synonymous with youth culture in Japan and is one of their centres of new and cutting edge fashion. Widely known as one of the centres of the Eastern and Western fashion worlds! Ximending is doing a great job at becoming a rival!

There are reportedly thousands upon thousands of shops and stalls in the district and looking at these photos again, it's not difficult to believe. Follow me now as we walk through these thousands of stalls. Most of them are fashion or food related but, as you can imagine, you can find a bit of everything here.

Though night markets are always overwhelming, they are also often extremely cramped, making it hard to see the size of them. You are more focused on squeezing past the person in front of you. But Ximending is such a large district and is so well managed, that you can see down most streets to see the sheer number of shops and stalls available. That's what made it so overwhelming!

Together now, we'll explore this market and I want you to take time over each image to see the colours, the items for sale and to soak up the atmosphere with me. They are talking better than I ever could!

At night, it's nearly as bright as in the day time with so many lights!

Of course, what post of mine would be complete without animals! Look at these spoilt little guys. They have their own chauffeur to take them around Ximending to shop for their favourite things. I bet they picked out some new collars for themselves, some tasty doggy treats for dinner and perhaps were on the look out for a new bed to sleep on too!

Even cats were getting in on the action in Ximending!

Ximending isn't just a night market

Ximending doesn't just have market stalls. All of the shops stay open late too, making it a fashion shoppers paradise. You all know me, I love my clothes and my fashion and I was in absolute heaven here.

A very popular game in Taiwan and in much of Asia is the toy grabber machines. Found in every single arcade all over the world, they are a glass cabinet filled with items, usually toys. The game is, you need to use the claw located in the top of the cabinet to grab and then drop the toy into the slot where you can retrieve it! I have seen perhaps one of these in arcades in other countries, but in Asia, and particularly Taiwan, they are much loved. So as you can see here, there is a 24 hour toy grabber machine arcade with dozens of game cabinets! You could play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you wanted... and of course in the best colour ever too.

Not just theatres, cinemas too!

Locally, this street is known as Cinema Street and it's pretty obvious why. There were dozens of cinemas, all showing the best of Eastern and Western cinema, Anime and more obscure films too!

As you can see, the street comes alive at night when all of the bright lights of the big screens light up the street and tempt you in to watch their movies.

This IMAX cinema is absolutely huge. Which movie would you want to watch on IMAX?

One of the cinemas showing off giant replicas of your favourite movie characters!

Singing the night away with some Karaoke!

As many of you know who have followed my blog for the last couple of years, I love to sing and dance and express myself! Of course, that's one of the joys of blogging on Steemit in the first place, to express yourself and all your loves and passions. While exploring, near the end of the night, I saw a beautiful KTV place! I just had to go and have a go because I LOVE karaoke.

Karaoke bars are usually called KTVs in Taiwan which means 'Karaoke Television' and they are extremely popular, as they are through much of Asia. There's many different ways to take part in Karaoke, from clubs where you can take a turn on stage, to a set up in the corner of a bar, to the private booth set up.

Sorry, if you've never heard of Karaoke, let me explain. Karaoke was first developed in Japan and helps normal people like you and I, have fun, sing along to your favourite song, and feel a bit like a pop star. They play recorded music, without the usual singing, and then you sing along to the words which are printed for you to sing a long to on a TV screen. The karaoke market world wide is said to be worth $10 billion! As you can tell, it's very popular.

The first Karaoke machine was build in 1971 by Daisuke Inoue, which played music and allowed people to sing a long to the words through a microphone. Originally, the machines were in restaurants and bars, off to one side, for people to use. Over time, the more private style of entertainment started to take off where you could have a private area with your group of friends to have a good time and sing together - these are my favourite because I still get nervous if I had to sign to a room full of strangers!

Look at these chandeliers!

What I love about Karaoke is that it is very fun and very liberating. Your first time you are very nervous to sing in front of people, even just your friends, but you are all doing it together and that makes it great fun. You can express yourself and just have a great time, usually socialising around some food and drinks, and cheering each other's performances.

Thank you for joining me on my day shopping and touring around Ximending shopping district. It's really nice sometimes to be able to just take a step back from the hectic daily life and just enjoy a day walking around town, with no real goal other than to enjoy ones self and just 'be' in that place.

I hope you could see and enjoy the area and the atmosphere. Of all of the activities of the day, I saved the best until last. As you can tell I love KTV Karaoke and I just wanted to share that love for it with you all. I hope you enjoyed learning about it if you haven't heard of it before and if you have, but haven't tried it, you must go and experience it - don't be nervous or shy and just take some good friends.

If you've enjoyed the blog then please vote and follow and I would love to catch up with all of my new and also long time followers in the comments below. Thank you and have a great day!





















▶️ DTube

What a great post. Beautiful photos. I loved the Street Art and your animated gif showing all the sides of that building is a lovely addition.

I have only seen Taipei in old Taiwanese movies from the 80s. What a difference!!! 😃

Thanks for sharing.

hi trincowski, nice to see you here ! I was realllly impressed with the street art, and more so by the fact they are a welcome part of the neighbourhood. Normally these things would be covered up quickly back home in China, but evidently not so in Taiwan. There was a period of history where Taiwan had a lot more attention, particularly in the booming 70's and 80's where the entertainment industry featured Taiwan and Hong Kong quite a lot. To my surprise, Taiwan seems like it hasn't changed much from then (not that I was around).

There is a culture and an artistry that captivates the visitor. From the graffiti and stonework to the pulse of the people, there is a fusion of images and energy that comprise the tapestry of this city. Thanks for sharing this artistic pulse with us.

Absolutely, certainly for retained culture and sense of identity, Taiwan really is a precious gem. A lot of it comes from it's short history and influence from the Japanese and KMT, but the rapid development in the 70's and 80's and subsequent levelling off has really helped Taiwan stay grounded.

All the love and appreciation for you and all members of this special community
I hope you follow me and support my attractive publications. @lfgiaa
All love, appreciation and respect for you

Very classy. Props to your photographer as well!

thanks kevbot! We've had a lot of opportunity to practice!



that also my caught my eye! i will be scared if i saw that..whew!

你實在是太厲害了.... 連我看得都想去了.... XD..... Steem應該聘請你當行銷主管的.... 讚!


哎,我可是認真的… 😁😁

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Greetings, Miss Sweetiejess

You're beatiful as always. I really liked the video. The look shown on it is very different from the country where I live. This makes me happy to be able to meet new places by viewing your post here on steemit.

The photo I liked the most, besides the video, was the one with the hehehe puppy.

Thank you and I wish you a good day !!!

hi julisavio, I must commend you on being one of the best engagers on my posts, i'm always impressed with how quickly you get through them and leave a comment, I really appreciate that! I think Asian locations can be quite interesting for the crowd here on Steemit because most people are in the west. However, no matter where I am, I hope to give my own perspective on things and give you guys some useful information in the process!

Thank you. No wonder I do that. I think you are very cute and your posts are kind. I always wait for them.

Thank you very much!!!


Hellooo Sandia,

Iam so happy to see you again writing and sharing on Steemit, it's like ages since i saw your new post and as expected that if you pist anything new then most probably i have to save atleast 15-30 min. To read everything that you shared,

It's like more then a year since i know you and read your blogs but still each new post feels as fresh and new as i read your first blog post on Steemit.😇

It's also good to know that you are working on something very special and secret 😉 and trust me can't wait to know about that.

Well this post full of beautiful night markets, cinemas etc and especially you and your mom's chemistry in the video.

Btw i like your "Steemit Is My Boyfriend" t-shirt,😅😅 good one really.

Keep posting dear bcz i really love to see your posts more frequently.😇

hi shiva, so lovely to see you still around and commenting! Also, i'm still impressed you aim to get through the entire post thoroughly, some how they seem to be getting longer and longer! Me and my mom are the best partners in travel, I really have taken after her I think!

It's good to read your post bcz of rich and good variety of Content with a good mix of knowledge and Photography.

Wow 1200 votes. Crazy.

WOW, such a colorful and vibrant place, I want to go there! Have you ever been to the Philippines? I'm going there in January.

hey mark! I haven't had the opportunity to visit Philippines yet, but I've put it very high up on my bucket list, I will be looking at your blogs for ideas what to do!

I haven't been to Taiwan before. I'd like to go one day.

Definitely worth the trip i'd say!

May we so friend, because we are the same women😚

How lucky..! God bless you more.

I love the simplicity of your photos here. the right angle and the contrast of the photo is perfect in the right spot.

thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure my sweetsssj

take care and see you on your next post.

Upvoted and resteem @sweetsssj


Welcome back to steemit...amazing photography and art

thank you my dear!

I would also like to go to Japan. Very beautiful country!

This is in Taipei, Taiwan my dear!

Thanks so much for for posting. Has been a while since I have been on steemit. You still have a good way of posting amazing pics . 😘😘

Amazing Taipei! seeing all those nice pictures would make me want to travel there... Any budget tips?

Very beautiful I'm fall in love with this Image

Do you write for a magazine or something like that? If you don't, then someone is missing out. Amazing article, @sweetsssj!

thanks wizzdom, will do :)

Impressive Blog. Love it!

thank you so much!


中文里没有提top secret啊,哈哈。

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nice photography

thank you, my camera is getting a lot of love!

I could be wrong but it sure looks like you are wearing a gold shirt in a few of those pics!

haha goldy, yes that's almost true, more yellow!

all the places that you visit are beautiful, very beautiful, I really like to see what else, plus the people are very beautiful, thank you for sharing.

thanks for liking it putraabdal! :)


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hey avirush2018 thanks very much!

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hey your posting so many pics buy things is photos with travel , when i started watching your 1st pics i saw you are very cute and professional and i learnt that how we can express our journey like present story, thank u so much mam, ill also try this.

hey shyamshm7 glad you got something out of it. Hopefully you'll make use of some of the ideas and layout! :)

Wowww you are so cute dear 😍 i want to travel with you 😊😄 i love photography

heyy wishart, thank you so much!! I'll of course continue my travels and share with all of you, (on steem of course! :)

Waw..hello @sweetsssj ....
Finally, I can see you again on #DTube, I'm very happy.

Last year I always took part in the video of your traveling adventure via DLive, I'm glad you moved to DTube,
Welcome to DTube my fans ...
I am very fascinated with your videos while on DLive, hopefully on DTube it is even more interesting ... I like you 😘...

Yes, dtube is definitely the way to go. Hopefully I can figure out how to use it better in the future!

Yes, @sweetsssj ... I'm glad you are at @DTube ,,, your journey is the best, people will like it and always follow your travel videos. A good choice..!

great Pictures, Ximending in Taipai looks really great.

Btw: i like your Steemit T-Shirt :)

hey freddio, thanks! I thought the Steemit t-shirt might subconsciously get people onboard!

really cool idea, steem on :)

Hermosa publicación, las fotos muy bonitas dan muestra del colorido y animado de la ciudad Ximending ademas del contraste entre las construcciones antiguas y modernas, La publicidad de la chica en el autobús esta genial. Felicidades

Hi, Sweetsssj! My gf wanna to Taiwan too, coz no need visa for filipinos until next year. Sadly that we don't have time to visit it soon. But seems i have to start re-read ur posts about China coz from this year no need visa for me))

vi1son!! You are still here (really happy). I think you and your gf will have a great time in Taiwan, I certainly have and I keep going back whenever i'm in the Asian region. China of course is a vast place, and you will no doubt find so so many places to visit. Just a look back in some of my old blogs will give you some good ideas I hope!

once again another great post shared by @sweetsssj . I am always blown away by the amount of work that you have to put into your content. as a consumer I really appreciate your hard work and as a content creator you have set a bar for one to aspire

masterroshi, thank you so much. I really appreciate this vote of confidence. I think it's important to be proud of whatever you post, because it is at the very least a reflection of who you are as a person and how you like to accomplish things.

So beautifully written. It was like you show us Ximending live. The most lovely thing I liked in your article was your STEEMIT SHIRT which really suit you and street art on walls which represent culture of that area. Clapping for those artisis. And once again I am appreciating your article, your Hard work.

Have a safe journey

hi usman93, thank you so much! Ximending is probably my favourite place to hang out in Taiwan! Always trying to do as much as I can to promote Steemit so wearing steemit gear is part of that!

Thank you for taking us by the hand
by Ximending, what great pictures and what a good article. Impressive

my pleasure dear!

Great to see you again! :) I would love to visit Taiwan someday, it looks amazing! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I can't wait to hear about the Top Secret news you have. haha :) You are looking lovely as always. :)

hey mrchef111, so nice to see you still alive and kicking. I have some new locations that i've visited recently so hopefully i'll be able to blog about those in due time!

Awesome can't wait to see them! :) :) :)

Your post is always beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!

raineej, thank you so much!

Beautiful photos, thank you for posting such a wonderful post, every image I move to those beautiful streets, particularly where urban art interventions are. Regards!

wilmerguedez, thank you so much dear, hopefully you can pick up some of the atmosphere through the pictures!

Que lindo trabajo muy artístico y precioso te felicito sweetsssj te ganaste un nuevo seguidor disfrute mucho las fotos y el vídeo es viajar y conocer el mundo sin salir de casa.

Hi Sweet
Long time no see as I missed your last post. Evertime I went to Ximenting I always rush through coz there's so many people there. Good to know that's actually a bit more than juat street market stall.

Look forward to you revealing your new secret project.

hiii livinguktaiwan, I'm going to try to post a tiny bit more frequently, these last few months i've been travelling quite a bit so i'm going to be blogging about those new places very shortly and have a lot of great content to come!

Hermoso lugar!

I like the ninja turtle statue! It is crazy how much of an influence Hollywood has made around the world.

I know right! Taiwan was probably the first place to get heavily influenced by Hollywood culture with it's early support from the US after the second world war. So many people speak English really well in Taiwan too!

Thanks so much for for posting. Has been a while since I have been on steemit. You still have a good way of posting amazing pics . 😘😘

thanks dcwordofmouth, then i'm even more glad that you had the time to come to my blog after a break and leave a comment!

Thanks so much for for posting. Has been a while since I have been on steemit. You still have a good way of posting amazing pics . 😘😘

Thanks so much for for posting. Has been a while since I have been on steemit. You still have a good way of posting amazing pics . 😘😘

Miss delicious :). Great photo very nice post @sweetsssj

haha thank you dear :)

Excellent post. Success.

thanks raysan!

Hey you! Hope all is well, good to see you still traveling around!

adriansky, good to see you! I've been doing my thing of course!

Beautiful blog. I was actually going to head to Taipei so I'll use this as a guide - thanks!

Oh that's great, I hope it gives you some ideas, looking forward to seeing your take on Taipei as well :)

Wawwwwww long daysss for travel

Long but also very worthwhile !

This is a very lovely presentation! enjoy traveling

will do! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Realmente quedo bastante impresionada con el colorido y belleza de los sitios que nos presentas en tus publicaciones. Te felicito por poner al alcance de todos los usuarios de Steemit las maravillas de Wanhua District en Taipei (Taiwan). Saludos y besos mi amiga @sweetsssj

Miss delicious :). Great photo very nice post @sweetsssj

thanks akmar :)

Hi, you are a so cute girl. And I like your stt so much. Waiting for more...

more coming soon! :)

Absolutely pretty impressive trending article you given to the community. Really adorable your video and photo collections.

thanks kingsberry, hope you'll follow for all the future posts!

Hi @sweetsssj, That's great travel experience in Taiwan you've got. Delicious foods, Awesome fashion, culture and social activities included there. I really prefer to visit when you traveled location.
Glad to see you in Dtube. Past days you engaged with Dlive and I want to contribute more contents through Dtube. Better explain and nice clicks you caught on.

hi dear, it's always nice to introduce things to people who might take a similar itinerary. Just trying out dtube for the first time and seems quite good. Obviously with dlive making an exit from Steem, I couldn't support it going forward.

Yep. anybody know Dlive leave from steem blockchain and we have big opportunity to make videos using Dtube. I'll try to invite more steemians to Dtube. Please make more in future.

Thanks and waiting to see more valuable travel experience of Asian.

You are so beautiful :)

aww dear, thank you ! :)

I like you

Hi @sweetsssj thanks for this post. Gives a vivid impression of this vibrant and colourful destination. Loving the art!

you're very welcome kayken, thanks for dropping by!

Thank you!

Dear Mam @sweetsssj your blog regarding beautiful and historical monuments and covering beautiful places is almost a true journey of that place for us and it's really awesome that we enjoy it from thousands kilometres away like I am with you there.
Your pictures and the sense of taking their law beautiful images is very interesting and admirable and gives us idea how beautifully a place can be.
Yes we missed you dear Sweet Mam.

Your surprise could be beautiful like you.

I think you are planning for some business opportunities or there is something interesting and beautiful going to hapopens with your life I wish you all the best, let's keep this top secret as it will be more interesting and awesome to hear it from you.

We all love you and respect you because you are a business tycoon and ideal for millions women around the planet and this Steem world.

Enjoy your time dear Mam, keep smiling like this forever.

God bless you dear Mam.

oodeyaa, thank you! It's been a very hectic travel schedule these last few months, but you'll get to see what i've been up to in good time! Hope to see you more often!

YES My dear Mam the deliciously delicious lady @sweetsssj maybe you recall me,

God bless you dear friend.

You must had great fun out there moreover all the images are amazing and may I know that where did you got that steemit T-Shirt?

hey praditya, it was indeed a lot of fun! I custom ordered my t-shirt with a design I made myself :)

Ohh that is great for sure!

hi sweetsssj!
you are really very sweet.i see first time your post.Amazing pictures
you are looking so gorgeous.

aww thanks subhan-mian, so sweet of you too :)

Vapid. Fashion, is not at all important to those with cerebral horsepower, and that cerebral horsepower built this world.

我猜你去南非... 与野生动物超级近距离!哈哈哈.. 乱猜的.... 或者去崩巨跳、降落伞跳之类的!不然就是结婚去...哈哈哈! 期待你揭晓!



好~ 期待中!哈哈哈...

Awesome post. There is someone over on WEKU using your name and articles. They are not linking back to your articles here and I was worried they may be copying without your permission.

Hi papacrusher, i'm not sure what weku is, but I hope they will stop that as this is the only place I post my blogs! Thanks for letting me know!

No problem! Thought you would want to know.

We missed you too my dear as always videos light up my day i waiting you ♥ much love from me
I notice also that you are interested of helping the good content to rise up than feel free to take a look at my blog i will happy for that action ♥

hey soufianechakrouf, great to see you, i'll drop by and have a look :)

You did a wonderful job
I feel like have been thier i can tell someone about this city
All thanks to you

thanks to you my dear!

Wowwww. So beuatiful

thanks omkiki :)

So great photography

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hey wanasoloben thanks so much! :)

Wow the pictures are insanely beautiful!!💚 And so are you!💜💜
Your steemit shirt is too cool!!! Where did you get it?
I want one 😍 😍

Nice content. I think traveling is one of the most interesting method for self-development.

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Nice posts. Nice places too.

this was awesome thanks for sharing

Beautiful places to see. Thank for sharing!

Beautiful content you have a new subscriber

Hi @sweetsssj, What a great post. Beautiful photos. I loved.

Thanks for sharing.

Lovely photos you got there! And the place tho, so stunning! :)

I love the graffiti wall! This will surely be included in my bucket list! Thanks for sharing... :)

Loved looking at your photos. It makes me want to go to Taipei and explore what it has to offer. I would totally add this in my travel bucket list. Looking forward to your next travel blog adventures!

@sweetsssj, 您好噢。我之前带团去台湾台北的时候,西门町必去的景点之一。后来难得自己度假去台湾,也是必去的地方。只是不一样的地方就是我去西门町和不一样的人,住不一样的名宿,还有很多的时间让我慢慢的逛街,唱KTV, 看电影。但是说到看电影,戏票真的好贵啊。在马来西亚看戏都没有那么高。(就当作是旅游中的体验吧!) 我可以知道下那个Art Street 大概是在那里吗?我好喜欢你的文章!好多要和你学习呢。

Welcome back @sweetsssj so cute

Hey sweetsssj, I'm from @steemstem, which you may have heard about at some point. I have a proposal specifically for Chinese folk regarding Steem. I live in China myself, and I have an idea that could be pretty awesome and I need more Chinese Steemians involved if possible, so if you're interested in how we can transform the Education landscape in China via steem, feel free to get in touch or one of your team on the SteemSTEM discord.

We're already working with groups from Nigeria and Venezuela, with a lot more potential to go.


It's always a delight to read your posts, I really appreciate the way you are able to convey so much in such an exciting manner. I met a girl in Delhi a couple of years back, she was from Japan and she used to tell me about the Ximending Red House Theater. I really wish I will visit here one day.

I have joined my favorite communities on the 1Ramp App

looks like a nice place to go to. so "touristy" and clean. nice.

Awesome! I've been thinking lately to visit Taiwan and seeing those nice pictures,brings back good memories. Thanks for this!

wow! Ximending is a great place!


Very beautiful photos,

🙋 So glad to see you back @sweetsssj ! Some how I missed your awesome post 3 days ago, but im glad I caught it now ! I cant wait to see what you have been up to and what you have in store for us all in your future postings my friend , i am looking forward to it as it has been very slow lately here on Steemit, especially during and after the hard fork .
This visit to Taipei looks wonderful , so bright , colorful and a very vibrant city and a shoppers paradise!! I really wish to visit there some day it would be quite an awesome expereince ! Thanks for sharing with us all , well done as usual !💕✌👍
Happy Thanksgiving ! We just celebrated thanksgiving here in Canada and I posted my delicious Turkey dinner @momskitchen if you get a chance to check it out ! thanks !

Your photos looks so vibrant and chic! I just love looking at it. I have been to Taipei before, but I never had the chance to explore it the way you do. Looking at your pics made me see and realized the things that I missed when I was there. Thanks for sharing this! :)

Welcome Back !
Seeing your posts in the trending section rolls back time by at least an year.

aww i'm still here, for many years to come :)