Gone sailing in Norway!

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It's finally vacation time for me here in Norway, so today I flew up north to Molde to catch up with my parents in their sailboat. They've been sailing for three weeks now, slowly making their way north along the coast and now they were waiting for me in a harbor right next to the airport of Molde which is called Årø. My mom even managed to take a photo of my plane as it was landing!

My plane going in for landing

It's my first time sailing this far north (even though it's not really that far north), but we'll be heading south again towards Stavanger in the coming days. Even though the weather is not great (16°,lots of rain), the view here is quite spectacular: the locals claim that you can see 222 mountain peaks from here and I'm inclined to believe them!

Selfie! The boat

Now it's been raining for a couple hours but hopefully the weather will improve over the next few days so I can share some better pictures with you! Bonus picture: First evening in the boat was spent mostly in front of my computer as you can see below:

Coding away!


Love it!

Norway is such a beautiful country. My cousin is a tattoo artist who gets jobs offers from around the world, i was lucky enough to visit him when he was working there. He was living in Stravenget and i stayed with him for over a week, I even got to the see northern lights.. I'll really like to visit again

Norway looks incredible! I haven't visited yet, but it's high up my wish list.

I like it! Very interesting! Good Luck To You!

looks like fun!

happy sailing I really liked your picture

Look at those route resolvers!
@svk also gorgeous boat of yours!

Good pictures.
I want to go to there.

Thank you for introducing me to Steemit, Sigve! I hope you enjoy your vacation up north.

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