Pink Sunsets and Pink Skies on The Island

in #travel3 years ago

I’m in love with Vietnam. For so many reasons. I think these pictures will speak for themselves.


The hotel I stay at has an infinity pool that is so great for enjoying sunsets.


The resort is litteraly ON the beach.


Me and two Piña Coladas enjoying the pool. 🏝

Why am in Vietnam for a month?
Because the weather in Norway is horrible this time of year, so I decided to move my office here.
Best decision ever.

Tonight I visited a night marked that offered so much nice street food! Will post about that tomorrow!



What a terrific series of posts on VM. I'm so envious of your ability to up and move your office to wherever you wish. What an inspiration to achieve your daily work...

To the extent that you're able, I'd be particularly interested in knowing more about the local fruits and vegetables. Many appear to be unknown here in the west. Or, perhaps just to myself...


Wow! Fantastic, just amazing these colors! It's like paradise. Thank you for sharing

Nature is amazing, right? Thank you for reading


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