Hotel Review - Alagon ZEN

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Alagon ZEN Hotel & Spa is located in district 1 in Ho Chi Minh city. It’s actually the perfect location for four days in this vibrant city. You can walk to everything from here. The roof top is the highlight of the hotel and the service is actually the best I’ve gotten at any hotel anywhere in the world. I’m impressed!

The rooftop has a bar, three jacuzzis and sun beds. There’s is a small gym that I planned on using, but when I saw that it was as much outdoors as indoors that didn’t happen. It’s way too humid and hot for a gym like that. There’s also a sauna and a steam room there.

Great sun beds and impeccable view of Ho Chi Minh.

The breakfast has a lot of Vietnamese options, which I love.
I tried spring rolls, Banh Mi and stir fry.
I love fruits and veggies, so I wish there was a bigger selection of that. But all in all, a good brekfast.

Working and eating at the roof top! The WiFi at the hotel was GREAT! I am so reliant on good connection as I do remote work. Really happy about his fast and stable WiFi.

The room is what make the score lower for this hotel.
I feel like the air quality in the rooms and hallways could’ve been better.
It was very humid, hot and stuffed. In my room there was an oil diffuser lamp on at all times, smelling like lemon grass. It was just too intense for me and my asthma didn’t like it either. I turned off the lamp, unplugged it, but every day it was turned back on my the staff.

It was also not AS clean as I would expect a hotel of this standard. But it had everything I needed and looked modern.

I’m a sucker for a nice crisp robe!

Oh and the minibar content was free of charge! Yaaaay!!!

To summarize:

  • the perfect hotel for a couple of nights in this huge city
  • the best service you can imagine!!
  • great WiFi
  • good brekfast
  • walking distance to everything (including an awesome street food market)

Score: 3/5 stars.

Improving the rooms would be so easy, and it would’ve given them 4/5 stars.

The service alone would’ve received a 6/5 stars! 😂 the staff were super helpful, polite and smiling. I felt so welcome!
But the rooms matter too.


I hope you enjoyed this review. Thanks for reading.


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