Happy Holidays from Norway

in #travel2 years ago

The holiday is back, and so am I!
I have been quiet for quite some time now. I haven’t been feeling well, so all my energy has gone towards keeping up my business. But the good news is that I’m so much better now and I’m currently spending time with my family, celebrating Christmas.

Catch of the day! Crab and some kind of crayfish.

Brussel sprouts. Because that’s what’s up!
I love the Norwegian Christmas food.

Holiday for me: reading!
I especially recommend the orange book.

My sister and her giant catch!
You’ll see how big the fish really was in the next picture.

It’s all about the angle!

Forget all you know about Santa and his sleigh. Santa travels by boat!

If you celebrate this holiday too, I hope you had a good one! And if you don’t: I hope you had a lovely December!

I prooooomiae you guys will hear from me more often now.
And I apologize for my absence.
I’m thrilled to be back here and to connect with you guys again.

Much love


Ser virkelig ut som en vestlandsjul det der😁.

Fikk lyst på en tur i båt selv😅

Kom og bli med en gang i januar da!

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Hey, so great to see a post from you! Glad to hear you're feeling better and that you're doing well.

So many questions.... How's business? Have you been traveling lately? What have you been up to???

Hi!!! How Are you??

Business is good. I have a new office, more clients and everything is great. It was actually a customer that brought me to Italy.

I also sold my place and bought an apartment right outside the city. So now I will be busy with painting and remodeling a little.

Well, cool! Glad to hear you're doing well and busy with Good Life Stuff... Try to sneak in a few posts as you can, lol. Miss seeing and hearing about your travels. Cheers!

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