WORLD TRAVEL PLANNER - How much does it cost to travel around the world? PART 1

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Many more years ago than I want to admit, I bought a air ticket to fly around the world. It cost about $2000, and I traveled East from New York, to Florida, then to Europe, Paris, Rome, Spain, onto Thailand, India, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii, and San Francisco, Phoenix, and Dallas.

It took me 6 months, and I came home very tired, and sick, but I had accomplished something nobody else I have ever met had done. Still to this day in fact ;-)

Such tickets are called RTW, or Round The World tickets and are still available in various formats.

RTW tickets are actually airline alliance passes. You buy a ticket from one airline that can be used with them and their partners. Many years ago, there was an airline called Pan Am, and they had a sister airline, Cathy Pacific that served much of Asia. For $2000, I was allowed to fly ANYWHERE these 2 very large airlines traveled, and would submit a list of cities I wanted to fly into. The actual order of the visits, would be decided by their routing office, based on their best routes they would dictate. Then I would get back to them with dates.

It worked out pretty well, as long as I was willing to "go with the flow" I could change the dates of my itinerary if necessary at any time, for $50. What a deal!

Current Airline Alliances operating are 2 today:
United Airlines (Star Alliance) and American Airlines (Oneworld).

oneworld alliance members.png

Oneworld Alliance Members 2.png

I have now researched which airlines are included in each; at the time I traveled decades ago, I was told to choose 1 partner airline in addition to the hosting airline, Pan Am, from several available.

With the current alliances, your ticket is only good for partners within that alliance.

RTW tickets prices range between $2,700–$10,000 USD, depending on your mileage, route, and number of stops. A simple two- or three-stop RTW ticket might cost as little as $1,500 USD.

This might be on some of the world’s budget airlines such as Ryanair (Europe), Southwest (US), Air Asia (Asia), or Tiger (Asia/Australia).

RTW tickets come with a number of terms and condition. Generally speaking, a ticket is valid for 1 year from the start date and requires you to end in the same country you start in. You don’t need to end in the same city but you need to end in the same country.

Star Alliance is based on how many miles you travel and they offer passes in 29,000, 34,000 or 39,000 miles increments.

Star Alliance Members.png

29,000 miles will get you roughly 3 continents (outside of North AMERICA),
34,000 miles will get you 4 continents,
39,000 will get you 5 or 6 continents.
The more miles you get, the more destinations you can see and vice versa. (There are also passes that are limited to geographic regions in the world.)

Each pass allows up to 15 stopovers (a stopover is considered 24 hours in one destination) and you can get the ticket in first, business, or economy class. There is also a special “Starlite” economy only fare for 26,000 miles, but this is limited to a maximum of 5 stops. The more miles you want on your ticket, the more places you can visit – but it also means the more money you will pay.

Star Alliance also requires passengers start and end in the same country, though not necessarily in the same city. You can also backtrack over continents but not over oceans. This means you could fly from Australia to New York and then New York to Los Angeles but couldn’t go from Los Angeles back to Australia. When you cross oceans, you would have to keep moving in your original direction. It should also be noted that backtracking, surface sectors (what they call the parts of your trip you take overland and not with an airplane), and transits/connections all count against the mileage total.

Oneworld offers two different kinds of passes: one that is segment based and another that is mileage based.

Global Explorer is Oneworld’s more conventional, mileage-based ticket. There are three levels – 26,000, 29,000 or 39,000 miles in economy class as well as a 34,000 in business and first class. Just like with the Star Alliance mileage-based RTWs, all miles are counted, including overland segments. This pass follows the same rules as above.

Oneworld’s other pass is much better: The OneWorld Explorer is based on the number of continents visited (from three to six), has no maximum mileage limit, and up to 16 segments. A flight segment counts as one flight so: 16 segments = 16 flights. If you want to go from London to Hong Kong but the ticket includes a stop in Dubai that counts as two segments. With the Oneworld Explorer, there are no overland penalties or mileage limits. You simply get 16 flights.

Unlike other tickets, overland segments don’t count against you and there are no mileage requirements. One of the benefits of the segment system is that every segment is counted the same – whether 2 hours or 10 hours – so you can maximize long-haul flights.


On all tickets, you can change the dates and times on their ticket at no extra charge so long as you don’t change the destinations! Changing a destination from Tokyo to San Fran, to Los Angeles instead, might be a fee of around $125.

While you can book rtw tickets directly with the airlines by calling the reservations line listed on their websites, you can find a better deal by booking through a third party:

STA Travel
Flight Centre (OZ/NZ)

Third party bookers don’t just deal with one alliance – they mix and match from all available airlines (excluding budget airlines) to find the lowest price, which saves you money. Moreover, you can fly anywhere and in any direction you want and the overland mileage doesn’t count against your flight because there is no mileage limit. is an amazing world travel planning site, and allows you to simply choose destination airports on a world map. Then add, edit and reorder your flights, push a button and a price range pops out!

What a great world we live in! ;-)

This is a "true" RTW plan starting and ending in Norway. NORWAY?? Yes, because as I mentioned in the RTW thread, RTW tickets are considerably cheaper from some countrues than from others, and for the time being one of the cheapest places to start (using Oneworld) is Norway.
In April you can fly from Dulles airport (so you'd need to get up to DC) on Icelandair to Oslo one way for $374. A four-continent Oneworld RTW starting and ending in Norway has a base price of $2642, so probably around $3000 with taxes.

For AirTreks, they have a new competitor:

One commenter mentioned that for the same trip, same dates, Ticketsroundtheworld was considerably cheaper than AirTreks!

But their trip planner is the worst, and will leave you very frustrated after using the other site's planners and maps.

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I got very tired of traveling alone after about 6 months, when I was in my 20s. Came home sick, tired and wanting more community than I had found other places. I purchased a house on a cul-de-sac, advertised for roommates and hired the neighbor to clean up after us ;-) One roommate was a skydiver, one was a mountain climber, one was a motor cycle rider. I was none of the above, and learned how to do all 3...

This is a significant great achievement @surfyogi and this makes you a significant fascinating man. I have a fantasy to venture to the far corners of the planet some time or another in the wake of graduating . I know these tips here today will prove to be useful.

Awesome great to see such things as i really love travelling around the world.

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"but I had accomplished something nobody else I have ever met had done. Still to this day in fact " .
Wow this is quite an impressive accomplishment @surfyogi and this makes you quite an interesting man.

I too have a dream to travel the world some day after graduating . I know these tips here today will come in handy.

Ps: i really wish you could check out some of the cool messages i sent you on discord.

Wow, with a post like think we have all we need to get our own RTW tickets.

My problem is the fact that i dont think this service can be found all over tge world, for imstance, i dont think it can be found in Nigeria. And some of tye airlines you listed cant also be found here. Does that mean we dont stand a chance to travel tye world as well. If this the only way to go about it?

I don't know if this services are available yet in Nigeria, but I know they are a few agencies that offers something similar.

You might consider booking from a country closer to you that offers this service and probably move to the country a few days to the beginning of your tour.

Like he mentioned that Norway offers a cheaper rate if you are leaving from them. You may book to start from Norway, then move in there a few days to your tour.

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Hello @surfyogi
I bid you greetings,
Its been long you posted and i was wandering why that was, hope you are okay sir?
Thank you for your insight this morning and hour on this educational and informative piece World travel planner. I will try visiting when about travel and i will let others know, cost variation looks high:)
Have a blessed day ahead..i am @vickyrich

Interesting information. Thank you, I did not know about this before. It turns out that you can travel without having huge funds.

A wonderful review, my friend and use of the is very convenient when traveling, which of course saves our time and money! Thank you @surfyogi

oooo wow this looks pretty expensive but I'm sure it is worth every bit of the money spent.

Can wait to have you over in Nigeria.

You probable should get a RTN (Round The Nigeria) ticket if it exists lolzz.
You have got lots of fans that will love to see our number one Africans daddy @surfyogi

Round The Nigeria ticket? Don't you think that's a good business idea. If you have passion for tourism, you can collates list of attraction sites in different states in Nigeria, partner with some domestic airlines and transport agencies. Then advertise your services on Steemit.


And that's how one become a billionaire!
@lordjames you are too full of ideas.

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Travelling is the most important part to be a successful man as i'm pleased that sir @surfyogi you have travelled worldwide. And your travelling tips, ticket information and travelling experience is really helpful for us. It's educative for us as when we visit various place learn about their language, culture and enjoy the natural beauty. Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable travelling experience with us.

Great information sir
I love sports. I appreciate your traveling...sir, your Post @upvote and @resteemit done.

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That's a valuable content.
Thanks for sharing great information travel.
All the best sir @suryogi
Resteemit upvote done

Thank you so much for this piece of information... I know people who would love to travel the world but they don't know how and they fear the same what will it cost and how will they do it. Impressive piece of article.

Our years of experience of working with people on their Around the World and Multi-Destination airfare have taught us a few lessons on how to plan your trip and we are here to share that information with you. On this page you’ll find links to numerous AirTreks travel planning resources — use them to help you figure out how to plan an Around the World trip that’s affordable, efficient and just plain awesome

it intersting, thanks for share this information.
i appreciate dear

Hello @surfyogi, this is actually very educational, I never thought about RTW trips before but I'm sure if I did I would have thought that it would cost much more. Are you planning a World Tour sir?

Well, I'm quite sure you are already making plans in your head to start something towards that angle.

Most welcome sir.
You my most choice really.... best of luck

RWT sounds like a dream. Most of us spend our lives hoarding things instead of experiencing the world in its full glory. The world has changed so much in the last few decades that I can't imagine this trip would be as exciting as it was when you traveled.

It's the truth; so many millionaires never traveled around to see how the other 99.999% live... sad.

Our people said "A traveller is better than a grey person" because a traveller has the advantage of meeting new people and learning new things.
@surfyogi i must applaud you...we should explode other countries of the world.....thanks for the information....maybe when i grow-up like you....will give it a try....

Hi..... @surfyogi, this is actually very good post......
Thanks for sharing....
I wait for your next part.....

@surfyogi You've definitely enjoyed an amazing life, more ups and downs than the proverbial roller-coaster! Happy to see you've found your authentic self and are truly living. Upvoted and resteemed!

i hope you it will must amazing journey!!! It's incredible how your life turned around, but I like that you kept true to yourself even when the odds were against you.

What are your top 3 places to visit? Which is your favorite continent overall? :)

I will love to read more of your stories, I'm sure you have plenty of them.

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@surfyogi No matter what type of long-term travel you’re planning, be it an Around the World Trip (RTW), a Multi-city Remote Year in Europe or South America or a Pacific Circle Trip , we’re here to help you figure out how to best see the world. For over 25 years, AirTreks has been creating easy to navigate, flexible trips for all types of travelers and we’re here to help you figure out the best itinerary for you.

wow, I think it's a great trip, not everyone can travel like you are, because it costs a lot of money. Only people who have a lot of money are able to go like you are. If I were to go to one country I did not have the money, I really wanted to be able to go on vacation to the United States, because I see, the United States is a very advanced city, but it takes a very long time to get a vacation there , because it is so far away with the country I live in, and spent a lot of money. My first dream was to be able to see the snow.

I think you are very lucky to have a very good life, and you can enjoy it all. Maybe you can find something new on your journey. It is very nice. Thank you for sharing @surfyogi, and hopefully you will succeed to work, and and can help us all to succeed in creating work in Steemit... :)

I have always been blessed, I had money in my pocket when I was an IC designer, later a software engineer, and GUI designer. You can do much that same!
Save some money, put your stuff in storage and fly away!
Even borrow some money to do it! Put it on credit cards, and pay it off later!

Anybody can pay off a balance on a credit card, few put their foot down and see the world...

yes, that's true as you say, if we have the desire and want to try it surely all we can achieve. But I do not have a job to save money, because my life is very different from your life, I live in the village, and my job is just helping my parents at home. Because to find a job here is very difficult. And now I am very grateful, with Steemit I can earn a little money for my life, and can help my parents, although the results are few, but this can help me.

So from that I said, it took a very long time to be able to save money with a lot. But I am still optimistic, maybe someday if I can make a lot of money in Steemit, I can vacation. Thank you so much for your inspiration words, I am glad to be able to share with you...

Very informative story and in fact it also provide the best and in depth knowledge about the Cost traveling around the world. I love your post honesty! This is going to help so many travellers.

Thanks and God bless you @surfyogi my great steemit motivator. keep on the good work

Educational story and in truth it additionally give the best and inside and out information about the Cost going far and wide. I adore your post trustworthiness! This will encourage such a significant number of explorers. Much appreciated and God favor you @surfyogi

I am glad to see you again sir when are you going to impliment this one.

This will be great tour in your life sir and i am so happy for you sir.

Many more years ago than I want to admit, I bought a air ticket to fly around the world. It cost about $2000, and I traveled East from New York, to Florida, then to Europe, Paris, Rome, Spain, onto Thailand, India, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii, and San Francisco, Phoenix, and Dallas.
It took me 6 months, and I came home very tired, and sick, but I had accomplished something nobody else I have ever met had done. Still to this day in fact ;-)

i'm just wondering you traveled 6 months nonstop !!
It was really an amazing journey and you gained lot of experiences what other people didn't. But your plan, tips and suggestions was awesome.
Thank You so much @surfyogi sir for your contribution.

Great to see this which is not available anywhere thanks a lot @surfyogi.

I was talking with Gio some months ago and we shared our interest in visiting lots of spot round the world. Then you talked about RTW and stuffs yesterday, it awaken my dreams to visit the world. This is now in my plan for the next three years, and I'm glad you talked about this. I'll probably start my tour with the Asian countries.

Traveling around the world is fun an educative. For me I have to break the bank to do so because it will cost a fortune 🔮
It gonna cost you a lot to travel around the world, but we will roll out the drums to welcome you to Nigeria 🇳🇬 @surfyogi. Great thinking !

This is something i will bookmark and hopefully will travel the whole world dream bucket list :D

Wow @surfyogi this is really great news you travle whole world. I hope you enjoy your traval. You chosse the world most beautiful place to travel. i wish your success. Thanks for share

Brilliant survey, Utilization of the is exceptionally advantageous when voyaging, which obviously spares our opportunity and cash! Much obliged to you @surfyogi

This is a noteworthy awesome accomplishment @surfyogi and this makes you a critical interesting man. I have a dream to dare to the most distant corners of the planet sooner or later in the wake of graduating . I know these tips here today will turn out to be helpful.

If you going to design a round-the-world outing in the removed future and keeping in mind that arranging you have your unpleasant goals and timing arranged, you may need to know the assets you might need to consider before clearing out. You will be on the excursion for about multi year, so you ought to search for things you should address before at that point or that can help make your trek more effective and agreeable. You can likewise consider things like investigating travel protection.@surfyogi

My some photowork for @surfyogi . Please check my post sir

Surfyogi book


Surfyogi with @artzone and @wafrica

Surfyogi calendar 2018


Wow my friend you just aroused my appetite to travel... I never knew of such things like RTW tickets... They are indeed costly and before someone like me would pay for such tickets, it will take long years of Hardwork... I really wish I could travel the world, an experience I would die for.

Thanks for sharing this with us, am heading for the part 2 right away.. Lol

Very informative post about travel. Thanks sir.

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Great post. Thanks for sharing useful information @surfyogi

welcome back to friend!

i think it is best to visit throught out the world with this RTW PLAN
save the money and arrange the time to make a visit for lifetime
i doubt its availability here

This is really an interesting and informative story and it provided idea about cost travelling around the world.Thank you sir for this information

Great information.
I appreciate your diving. thanks for sharing valuable content.
Upvote resteemit done

what if these RTW tickets are not available in my country ?

Great educatinol post with awesome explanation sir and i am so glad that you are back with special blog post.

That's a good plan.
excellent post dear @surfyogi
like it dear.👍👍👍👍

Oooooooooo wow so nice looking...........thanks

Really very helpful information.....all travellers are know some valuable information... thanks for sharing..

@surfyogi If you going to plan a round-the-world trip in the distant future and while planning you have got your rough destinations and timing planned, you might need to know the resources you may want to consider before leaving. You will be on the trip for about a year, so you should be looking for things you will need to address before then or that can help make your trip more successful and comfortable. You can also think of things like looking into travel insurance, getting appropriate vaccinations, opening bank accounts, etc.

Sir, your Post very amazing
I love sports. thanks for sharing your life. I appreciate your valuable Post...@upvote and @resteemit done.

Really enjoyed reading part 1 & 2 sir thank you so much sir,this is what we see so rare on steemit.

Great theory sir and really worth reading whole blog sir can get better than this.

Extraordinary data. I value your jumping. a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing important substance. Upvote and resteem

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Thankful to you such an extraordinary sum for this scrap of information... I know people who may love to dare to the most distant corners of the planet yet they don't know how and they fear a comparative what will it cost and by what means will they do it. Awesome piece of article.

Beautiful travel sir
Thanks for sharing life.

This is a nice review,,

Excellent plans should be fabulous to travel and know and continue traveling and making new plans every time to know more places I love to travel greetings dear friend

Never had the experience before.
RTW is a dream... Or a milestone to be achieved.
I have only done inter-state tour in my country.
Thanks to the NYSC scheme, I was able to know some places too in my country. However, international tour is what I cherish to experience. I know I would, in the nearest future.

@surfyogi this is Marvellous, this is a good ideas put up by you