Quick Bath Before Bali 🤙

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Some would spend their day of departure chilling at home and easily packing their last items. I couldn’t help myself but needed to officially say goodbye to my local spot today, catching some lefts, breathing some African wind and tasting some drops of my Atlantic Ocean. Now I’m heading for Indonesia! Bye bye homie see ya soon! ❤️🤙 Much love, Marly - 📸 Picture published via @steepshot’s iOS App

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You are our :

Have a safe trip, and see you soon from a sunny Bali!

bali-- beaches, corral reefs !!!! a beautiful place and a great place to surf

bathing does refresh your mind body and soul, gear up to capture the beauty..

Welcome back...
Now the time for surfing...!!!
You are looking so pretty @surfermarly

this is really very amazing @surfermarly you look really gorgeous. such a greatt time to enjoy surfing.

what an amazing place this is!! just speechless
most welcome.

Wow!looking very nice.You are so beautiful.

I hope that you enjoyed this moment very much.Nice looking.

Looks absolute beautiful out there. Can’t wait to see what you do in Bali

There is nothing to compare with the love of oneself, like you said, spending one's leisure time catching fun outside is really cool you know, such as gaming and rather related to it. Have a nice trip to Indonesia, we will miss you here.

Travel safe!

We will see you from the other side. ;-)

Have a safe journey @surfermarly toward Indonesia, Fantastic look you here and always look fresh, active and busy. impressive personality you have Marly. Take care.

nice! way to live it up until the last minute and really take it all in <3

See you soon my friend, I wish you a safe trip and of course fun filled adventure

Such a beautiful day. Can i join you for a swim eheheh

this great trip, welcome you to indonesia, in indonesia also very fun.

i super loveee bali, i just went there for a vacation this month and written a post HERE . I miss Bali now hahaha

Welcome to Indonesia. Hopefully we can meet here. Hope you can be happy in Bali @surfermarly. 😊

Really enjoyed that moment.

Beautiful place and you look very nice.

Have a safe journey :)

While Indonesia, here comes @surfermarly ;)

Bali is an incredible tourist attraction. I hope you enjoy your stay there. Have loads and loads of fun

Siempre estaremos a qui para apoyarla amigo @surfermarly Espero que tenga un gran viaje y esperare su próximo post saludos :D

Have a great time in Bali!!! Looking forward to follow your journey. Peace✌🏻

I am from Indonesia, I like Bali,,😍

Do have fun enough for two please... winks

Looks amazing! I enjoy your posts so upvoted!!

Have a great one! But please don't stop surfing and posting pictures!

Living that dream for sure! Have fun in Indonesia!

you know how to do it! Have fun on Bali. I´m a bit jealous, would like to see the contest as well. Just checked the forecast and whole Bali is pumping at the moment. Make sure ti post some cool pics! 🤙

really beautiufll time @surfermarty