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Hi everyone I just want to share my Boracay experience last year. Also, I'm hoping for more subscriber on my Youtube Channel please please watch my videos and subscribe.

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@supermattjimenez Boracay is a magical place, excellent video.

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thanks @teardrops yes it is!!! Are you a Filipino?


I think the sound track is wonderful.


hahhaaha thank dude!! hoping or more upvotes on my next videos...pls pls pls

I think so. I really love Boracay Island~
Boracay gave me wonderful view....
sunset, whitebeach everything was so cool!


Yes indeed!!!! Have you been there too? Are you also a Filipino steemian?


Yeah, I stayed Boracay for 2~3 years for work.
I think Im very lucky that I lived there a bit longer time than another foreign tourist.
Ako Koreana steamian po.