Travel to the stunning Rockies and get SuperHigh with me (Bow Lake near Jasper, Alberta)

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Here at the SuperHigh Experience we aim to hike you to gorgeous locations within the Canadian Rockies while puffing clouds of BC bud. If you are into skyporn, mountains, hiking, or drugs, this is the place to be. We stopped at Bow Lake for blaze and this was the outcome. It felt as if you could touch the clouds when hiking anywhere around the lake. Right now is the best time to travel to those lakes since the melt water carries colored mineral into the lake to create a vivid greenish blue color. Follow us for more stunning shots like this. Much Love!


Gorgeous! I love that you're developing cannabis tourism in Canada. Great business opportunity. Well done.

@superhighpod Great content great post! Please keep me updated in future I am looking forward to seeing more.

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