This is a Sikh, not a terrorist, thanking the universe for all this beauty

in travel •  3 years ago  (edited)

Too often Sikhs are confused with Islamic terrorists yet the Sikhs are peace and charity loving people. Every Sikh temple serves unlimited food to anyone of any religion. Try it at your local Sikh temple. This shot is from Peyto Lake!

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yes I have some very good Sikh friends and muslim friends and other friends from other religions, As an Irish person I hate the demonising effect has people in fear of the other.

That's not me in the picture but I am also a Sikh. We live our lives explaining to people that our motive is to help anyone in need at any time, not hurt an innocent soul. Sikhs carry swords simply to protect any innocent life from tyranny or an ideology. I have many Muslim friends who are the salt of the Earth. Thanks for being well informed though! Knowledge is the only thing capable of changing this fear of the other.