Jamaica Picture of the Day {#3}

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The Jamaican Picture
of the Day # {3}
is a photo taken at the Roundabout in Negril, where main roads A1 and A2 intersect. This sign is a visual guidance, such that you can physically locate where you are in regards to the various establishments that can be found, either on the WestEnd (cliffs) or
Seven Mile Beach area.

Perfect for tourists venturing to Negril for their first time. You can find some of the high fame and praise places like Ricks or even some hole in the wall places that only the locals know of.

Ask a local and find those small, funky gems. They exist everywhere, you just have to find them. Seek them out, Negril has so much to offer the travel goer.

There are crafts shops and markets, small local eateries; pubs; clubs; and dubs, food carts and much more. There’s always a sight whether you venture west or stay beach side. Both are different, offering you a unique flavor of Negril, Jamaica.

I can tell you from my personal experiences. That’s why I share them with you all on this music and travel forum we know as Reggaesteem.


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