Jamaica Photo of the Day #6

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Jamaica is a fantastic getaway no matter where you hail from and for a unique experience the Charela Inn sits in a perfect spot on the most amazing beach. That’s right, you got it, The Seven Mile, Negril, Jamaica.

Soft, white sand and crystal clear water makes you want to spend your time doing absolutely nothing. This is a first class boutique property that is Jamaican owned and managed. The facilities are comfortable and the property is just beautiful. It boasts 59 rooms, a natural garden area and a fresh water swimming pool.

Check out this photo.

This place has an extensive beachfront area over 250 feet with the shelter of many palms. The natural shade from the many lush and mature palms are a natural alternative to the all too common umbrellas at other venues.

To top it off, entertainment is provided Thursdays and Saturdays every week. This place is not for thrill seekers, but perfect for those more interested in a quiet and quality vacation and relaxing getaway.

This is just one of dozens and dozens of little gem locations that you can stumble upon, just walking the beach. If it looks interesting to you, just meander up to the bar and start asking questions.
Every question has an answer,
so go for it.


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