Sun Surf Soul Travels Hawaii – Rainbow Falls + Drone shots, Hilo- Big Island

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Nestled behind Hilo town is Rainbow Falls. Super easy to access and a beautiful site to see. You can also go for a walk around the top. 

The waterfall is about 25metres high (80 feet) plunging over a natural lava cave. I enjoy reading about local legends and mythological stories when we visit places. The Hawaiian legend goes that the goddess of the moon Hina lives in the cave, behind the curtain of the falls. Hina is the mother of Maui another demigod. 

Hina used to sing while she worked on the river bank and a giant lizard named Mo’o Kuna would sneak out to listen. He would swat rocks over the edge to splash and wet her hard work causing her to stay out longer.  She grew more and more frustrated then one day, Kuna swatted a huge boulder over the falls blocking the entrance to Hinas' cave.  Cold water started rushing in, ruining her possessions. Maui came to the rescue splitting the massive boulder with one strike from his fishing spear. 


Angered, Maui started to chase Kuna but he stayed well below the water surface. Maui called upon Pele the Volcano Goddess asking her to erupt and pour molten lava into all the streams. Nothing in the streams survived. The two parts of the great boulder are now overgrown with plants but are still visible. The legend is shared on a plaque at the site. If you would like to read the full version, this site goes into a little more detail. 

Most tourists seem to miss visiting Hilo, but it’s a super cute little town! Not too many other people around and there are beautiful albeit black (very hot!) sandy rocky beaches. Definitely worth the visit. There is also a scenic drive to do, which is stunning.

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The drone photo quality is amazing!


Fantastic shots a drone gives you such cool points of views

Saving up slowly so one day I may get one

Thanks! Still super happy with the purchase, I'm sure you will be too when the time comes :)

Aww loved the story of Hina 😊💜⭐️ Beautiful photos!

Gracias! Me too. I love reading those kind of things!

Beautiful aerial shots of the waterfall.

Ah I can't wait to visit big island! Great shots as always

Thanks @chrissymchavez! I can't wait to return!

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