Tours "Rafting" and "Tubing" Not Just for Adults

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in Central Java has a place of rafting as well as tubing a child friendly. In contrast to other locations, where rafting or tubing can only be done by adults. Seven-meter-wide irrigation channel Dutch heritage since the 1800s is used by the residents of Pandansari Tourism Village for these two types of tours. Pandansari Tourism Village is located in Warungasem District, Batang Regency, Central Java. From Pantura, it takes about 20 minutes. For adult travelers, the tracks are used four kilometers long with obstacles ranging from rapids, small waterfalls, to wooden bridges. As for children, the track lane is two kilometers with a small rafting barrier.

"The smallest age limit can be three years, until elementary school sixth grade. On top of that enter adult, long trajectory four kilometers for one hour, "explained Aminudin AP, Chairman of ETOM Nature Lovers Community, Pandan Sari Tourism Village, when visited KompasTravel, Thursday (3/5/2018). Travelers under six years can use a rubber boat with special security. One boat filled 12 people including a guide in it. "For our children namainnya rafting know the river, so it is more to education than adventure. However, still use standard equipment rafting, "said Aminudin. Small Rides For families who want to vacation here, before the adventure down the river, you can invite your child to play outbound educative .. There are various educational outbound rides. Starting from catching fish, planting rice, and other team cohesiveness games.

Not infrequently the elementary school students camped while enjoying the night atmosphere in this village. Village tours are managed community of this community is to provide a package of camping in the fields. "We used to family gathering, and camping package, was prepared with the tools in the form of tents and others. There is also hiking to two villages to see Curug Bidadari, new to Pandansari to outbound, "said Aminudin. This tourist village caters to tourists every day, except Friday.


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