Interested in Russia? See 10 Interesting Facts about Russia

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as one of the countries that have the widest area in the world is one of the right vacation place. Russia has many interesting sights to visit. For those of you who have the opportunity to visit the country nicknamed the Red Bear, following 10 interesting facts about tours in Russia.

1. Hotel Astoria Hotel located in St Peterburg is a place where Hitler plans to hold a celebration party after he succeeded in conquering the city.

2. The Hermitage Museum Museum which has 14 miles of marble corridor is also located in St. Petersburg. This museum is home to approximately 70 cats who keep their property against rodents. This tradition exists since the decision of 1745

3. Day Subbotnik Subbotnik is the day the residents of Russian cities voluntarily sweep and clean the streets. The tradition that is still being done to date was originally done after the revolution.

4. Red Square The name Red Square has nothing to do with communism, but comes from the word "krasnyi" which means "beautiful".

5. Moscow Underground Space The basement commonly used for fast trains in Moscow can be the most beautiful underground in the world with its unique architecture.

6. Bronze Bronze Sculpture at Ploshchad Revolutsii metro station There is a bronze bronze statue of a dog with a shiny nose at Ploshchad Revolutsii metro station, the sparkle from the nose becomes a lucky symbol for whoever touches it.

7. Laika Monument This monument is a statue of other dogs in Russia, called Laika monument. This dog monument was made for dogs that went into space in 1957.

8. Chicken leg soup (kholodet) This kholodet soup is a traditional snack of Russian society.

9. Cloakroom 'Cloakroom' shirts or shirts Russian people love the dressing room or cloakroom. When you enter the restaurant / bar / museum / gallery you have to put your suit or bag in the locker room which will be assisted by the baboushka team.

10. Give flowers to locals There is a habit of giving flowers to local residents. When giving flowers to the locals make sure you give with an odd number, while when you go to the funeral give an even flower.

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