Here's the Profile of Indonesian Tourists Traveling to Israel and Palestine

in #travel2 years ago

Tours to Israel is still so taboo for Indonesian tourists. However, it turns out there are also many tourists who are interested in vacationing to Israel. Israel itself becomes a tourist entrance to Israel and continue the journey to Palestine. Melissa Agustiana, owner of Mala Tour, one of the travel agents who regularly accommodate tourists to Israel and Palestine, said the tourist visit to Israel is actually no special time. According to him, there is a certain time favorite Indonesian tourists to visit Israel.
He said for the big day of Christmas, usually more to Bethlehem, while more Easter time to Jerusalem. One time the group can number 10-35 people

For Muslim travelers not to be adrift of time, they usually go to Al-Aqsa Mosque and Ibran or Makom Ibrahim. For Muslim travelers it is usually more private for family or colleagues

For Palestinian destinations, it becomes the most tourist destination destinations. The religious three-point spiritual site is there, the Jewish Wailing Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque of Islam, and Via Delorosa (the path of Jesus m cross) for Christians. Indonesian tourists who visit Israel are dominated by tourists about 40 years and above. Young tourists usually only accompany their parents or siblings.

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