Explore the Other Side of Berlin City

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Here are some hidden places or not many tourists who know to visit while in Berlin.

  1. Markthalle Neun The city of Berlin used to have many beautiful traditional markets, but unfortunately there are only 3 left. One of them is Markthalle Neun, a market that opened around 1891 and established as a market for farmers at the end of 2011. If you are a culinary lover, you need to taste all the typical culinary that is here with a relatively affordable price. Enjoy good meals on "Street Food Thursday" or like to taste traditional Berlin breakfast at "Breakfast Market". All events are held on the third Sunday of each month. So set the date of your visit yes!

  2. Viktoriapark In fact, Berlin is likely to stagnate. However, there is a secret spot that actually has the highest plateau in the city and has a large green area without trees, an ideal location for you to picnic and enjoy the sunset. Viktoriapark name. In this park you will also find a beautiful lake and waterfall, a beer garden, and you will find a Prussian monument at the top of the hill. The view from above is what you need to feel for yourself.

  3. Hackesche Höfe Berlin has a lot of hidden charm, moreover it is a gang whose existence is behind the bustling main street.

    Try to walk down the Hackesche Höfe alley and enjoy the beauty of the decor and relax for a while in the clustered hipster cafes there, or maybe shop at the boutique. Do not miss the Chamäleon Variety Theater charm and watch the show in the afternoon.

  4. Halensee You must to this place if visiting Berlin in summer. Halensee is a clear lake close to the center of the city, close to Ku'damm (if using train, get off at S-Bahnhof Halensee station). You can relax or lie down here. If you want to sunbathe, head to Stadtbad Halensee. You will also find beautiful restaurants there.

  5. Kunstquartier Bethanien Kunstquartier Bethanien is a hospital and used as a museum that accommodates the performance of painting and the like. If you visit Berlin between May and September, there will be an open cinema (yes like a tancap screen in Indonesia) held at the Kunstquartier yard. This cinema is a favorite not only because of its interesting place setting, but the movies are also classic movies, new Hollywood movies and, of course, German favorites. If you do not understand German, you do not have to worry because the majority of films will be played in Inggirs or with subtitles.

  6. Mauerpark Are you crazy shopping? Visit Mauerpark. There is a market that only appears every Sunday and stretches just past where the Berlin wall once was. You'll find a food booth and a beer garden there, next to it you'll find booths selling retro brands, clothing from local designers, old vinyls and other spindles.

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