My Trip To Pompeii, Italy - The Vesuvius Eruption Preserved as well as Destroyed

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2 days ago I visited the lost city of Pompeii, Italy where the Vesuvius Eruption Preserved as well as Destroyed the city of Pompeii in 79AD.  The archaeologists have discovered approximately 1150 bodies since the excavations of the lost city began. 

The unique set of circumstances created by the Vesuvius volcano eruption allowed archaeologists to bring 100 of those bodies ‘back to life’ in the form of casts which preserve the body right at 

the moment of their death.

They say that the Vesuvius eruption began around lunchtime, on the 24th August 79AD.

In the very early hours of the next morning, the Vesuvius eruption had reached its fatal, concluding stages. 

3 pyroclastic surges - and a mix of hot gases & ashes from the collapsing Vesuvius eruption column - was travelling at 100kph and it finally reached Pompeii. 

The first surge had only just skimmed the Pompeii city walls but the final one had overwhelmed the entire city, & finishing off anyone who was still alive.

But these surges had also preserved. For its rain of fine ash fell all over the Pompeii city and covering the city until the only remains of its tallest buildings were visible above the debris.

Also buried within the ash fall were the inhabitants of the town & a shell of pumice which allowed them to slowly decay in the usual way & then covered those who perished in the early stages of the eruption.

The bodies of the victims of the pyroclastic surges had a different fate as the fine ashes falling encased their bodies, and hardened to form a porous shell, as the soft tissues of the bodies decayed, they then leached away through this later. 

however by then, the hardened ash had actually captured & preserved their final postures at the moment of death.

Here is a sculpture of a large naked man, many people were having their picture taken next to him and touching his penis. 

Here are some more sculptures

Here are some pictures of where the Gladiators Trained in Pompaii

Pompeii had 2 theaters, one of the theatres is where plays were produced, & the second was an Amphitheater for open-air shows such as gladiatorial combats

Here is the theatre next to the Gladiator Training Grounds

Here is the second Theatre

Here are 3 sleeping dogs which I saw near the exit of Pompeii, at first I actually thought they were dead! ( Anyway I thought I'd include this in too)

I really recommend anyone to visit the ruins of Pompeii, Italy. 

It costs only 15 Euros to enter Pompeii, and the train journey which I took from Sorrento costed only 4 and a half Euros return journey. I definitely recommend that you take plenty of water and be prepared to do a lot of walking and take plenty of pictures! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and all the images above were taken by me on my phone.  

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Pompeii is incredible - I visited about 20 years ago, and it's all amazingly preserved, like a time capscule.

Wow 20 years ago! It is absolutely incredible! Thank you for upvoting it!

Awesome Pictures!
Steem On!

Thank you very much Anns!

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