Five Stars at The Emerald Cove

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The Amari Emerald Cove is a luxurious 5-star resort on the island of Chang in Thailand. It has half a beach and endless comfort starting with the rooms that are almost too comfortable to leave. When we arrived, it was a very humid and hot day with massive rain clouds but we decided to take a refreshing dip in the 50- meter pool.

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The cool water was exactly what we needed.

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My brother @gramurai was visiting us from Japan and after my wife & I checked into our rooms, we all met for a classic island lunch. For me, that meant hamburgers and spaghetti with pesto sauce. I love the feel of luxury at The Amari Emerald Cove on Koh Chang.

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HI Bro,
It was great to be there with you. I think next time all your viewers and subs need to come with us next time.


It was amazing and let's do it again next week!