Cathedral Of The Assumption Of Our Lady - Guadalajara, Mexico

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The current church standing is the Guadalajara Cathedral or Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady which broke ground on July 31st, 1561 and was complete in February of 1618. Before that however, another church stood in its place. The first church was built in 1541 but during Mass in 1574, guns were shot in the air outside the cathedral and some of the bullets fell onto the church causing a fire.

The project for the new church was designed by architect Martin Casillas and commissioned by King Felipe II. Due to scarce funds however, progression was slow. It is located in the Plaza de Armas. The cathedral was built in a Spanish Renaissance style with Neo-gothic spires.


Through the years, the cathedral has been victim to many earthquakes since 1818.

One thing I found interesting while researching the church was the fact that it is home to a a few mummified people. The first is a young girl. It is rumored that in the 1700's, a man killed his daughter for converting to Catholicism. They call her Santa Innocencia. The other remains are of three cardinals, former bishops including Juan Jesús Posadas Ocampo who was assassinated in 1993 at the Guadalajara airport.

If you are ever in Guadalajara, this cathedral is a place you definitely want to check out. Not only is it beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. I was going to try and get a picture on the inside but there was an event going on at the time.

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