Moscow! World Cup! Brought to You by Steem

in travel •  5 months ago

I'm in RED SQUARE. The Kremlin, St. Bascile's, Moscow WHAT!?

Thank you everyone. This has been all made possible & paid for by Steem. Thank you all the support. Big Shout Out to @dtube @kpine @larrymorrison @ogc @joepate47. You all have been massive supporters of my content.

Moscow is HUGE. Don't know if I have ever been to a larger metropolis in my life. Fantastic.

So much to say and do. The days are full of awesome stuff. The nights as well. @cryptospa is an incredible person. He has taken me every where. Can't thank him enough. Thank you friend. By @steemcafe

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Can't wait for the matches to begin. Have a great time. Hollay Hollay Hollay

Wow, great to see you there! Looking forward to behind the scene posts from World Cup!


You got it. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

So lucky I would love to visit Russia

So much good news coming from Moscow!

Woooo! wooooo !woooooo!

You are having it all bro!!


Oh the weather in Moscow is not that hot, in the south is much better now. :p I've prepared for you a little lesson, maybe you will need those words, take a look at my recent video. ☺


@clixmoney, today the weather is getting better. I hope later today it wil be sunny. Probably we (me and steemcafe) will go to Gorky park.


Gorky park is good, I like also ВДНХ, they have an other name now I think. Here is my best picture there :

You can also take a look at Moscow City :

I like Moscow and I hope to move to live there in the future. ☺


Hi how are you, i like your video, thanks for your sharing video

Hi how are you today. A convenience can buy anything with steam including world cup tickets. that's really fun.

You're really lucky to get the chance to be at the World Cup! Can't wait for the games to start! :D

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