😎Double Tree 🦁Hilton Dubai🏖 — Steemit

😎Double Tree 🦁Hilton Dubai🏖

in travel •  21 days ago

🌏Decompresstion is key to keep 🚝going. @steemcafe @daveonarrival @larrymorrison @cryptospa @yanipetkov.

Incredible hotel. Awesome food. Beach. Pool. Fantastic people. Thank you every1 for your support. What is your favorite beach.

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Blockchain is involving and so many use for it.
2019 should be a blast.
Enjoy the good weather.

Fianlly a video!

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Hahaha. I know. Haven't been making videos. During to much work.

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Woow buddy, such a great trip over the world. Dubai rocks!!! Cool guys with such a beautiful girls!

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Always hustling at the front. Keep the videos coming!

The sophistication of the environments, you guys sure did have a blast, never been to Dubai before

Wish I was there with you guys!!!

Next time for sure :)

enjoy of good weather video.