Meeting of the Minds

in travel •  11 months ago  (edited)


This is happening. When you bring like minded individuals together for a common purpose. Great things can come of it. Who else will join us in Lima, Peru. All are welcome.

@fyrstikken @instructor2121 @larrymorrison @sircork @steemcafe

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Hmm, impressive.
Let me say this very quickly, your topic brought me here. It is called consensus ad idem in law. It is really fantastic seeing people coming together for the purpose of pushing steem to the public and fore front of the cryptocurrency market. Well done.

My plane, car and apartment are booked and paid for, @steemcafe, from arrival night of the 8th, till leaving night of 14th..

I have a 2 bedroom apartment by the beach in a perfect location according to fyrst, and im on my own, have you booked a room yet? Can you cancel it? Ive got two rooms with queen beds, and a couch bed in the living room,

images show the apartments look like this:

each is different, but its a sweet spot in every case. I rented a car, and have onsite free parking. Beach is about a block away and the apt is ocean view from balcony.

Get at me, Id really prefer a buddy system since the days are for unplanned activities. :D Fyrst is going to get me a driver to drive my rental car, so I dont get in any trouble and can get around with an experienced local, he also said he was looking forward to being in my backseat smoking and playing tour guide ;)

So, can you cancel your spot and join me? Got a better spot?

Let me know...

Stop by Vegas and pick me up? Ha!Ha! Looks like a fantastic place, have fun😁

If I stop by vegas, we're pretty much just staying there.

That could be fun too! I however, prefer the beach over the desert any day of the week 👍

You got a 100.00% upvote from @steemcreators courtesy of @steemcafe!

this is great friend @steemcafe to know more about steemit all over the world and more with successful people like you

I wish I was gunna be there so badddd