🍻Beer Festival 😎Las Vegas.😁

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Over 200 different craft beers. Good times. @steemcafe @larrymorrison & our neighbors. Friends, fun, & karaoke. Whoot whoot. Hope you had a great week end.


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Mmmmm...having a beer with you right now!!!

A bit off topic, but hoping to reach you....I want to share the video we did together on unschooling in a post tomorrow. The link no longer works to view our interview. Can you provide me with a link? shellie.of.eden@gmail.com

Would love to do another interview with you and share the power of unschooling and raising children in freedom. I'd even delight in having it over a beer with you!!

Fuuun!! What is your karaoke song going to be? You know that total eclipse of the heart won’t be the same without me and @lifesacircus! 😜


It was the same. Hahahaha 🤣😂🙂🎶🎵🎼🐦🐣🦃🐧


Ummm rude! Hahah

@esteemcafe sus caras y sus increíbles sonrisas expresa que disfrutaron el día, se nen tan divertidos me encanta verlos felices mis super amigos bendiciones



Ok, how do i sign up to volunteer?
Helium handed


Hahaha. Thanks.

Have fun! 🙃 See you in Kraków Man! 😎👊

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Hi man. Going to be great.


Yeah Man! 😎👊

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maravillosos todos se ven increíbles siempre con una buena vibra los adoro saludos amigo gracias por regalarnos sonrisas <3

I haven't been there (unfortunately). But I'm planning on visiting the "Exit" festival in Europe (Serbia).
Today I heard that for one of the concerts they sold all tickets in just 13 minutes.
Since a lot of people is interested in it, it is probably going to be awesome.