Travel Flashback Thailand - Playing with some real Tigers

in travel •  last year


Tigers are the most amazing animals out there!
At least that would be my answer in case you would ask for my favorite animal...

So I guess it´s nothing astonishing anymore in case I´m telling you that I´ve went to a Tiger Temple near Bangkok to get a closer look on those awesome creatures. It was a dream of mine since being a small Adventure Kid, whose parents took him to the Zoo at the age of 5 years...


The Bus arrived after a long ride of almost 2 hours at it´s destination, an animal resort that got build around a Tiger Temple. After taking a look on all the other animals we were taken into the great canyon of the Tigers. An overwhelming moment for me as I was finally getting closer to my childhood dream.

It all started with some Zoo like experience just not from a distance but pretty close to the Tigers themselves. I´ve already been amazed only by being that close to them. My dream had come true already but it got even better...

After about an hour they´ve asked everyone around, who wants to be around while they´re playing with the Tigers in a small Pond at the end of the Canyon. First I thought they were joking as they showed us a small cage made out of a thin fence not even being 1.5m high, which should shield us from any possible attack. But they kept asking until I finally realized it´s true, I´m able to watch them playing with all those Tigers just a few meters in front of me :)


But now, let´s the show begin!




Now after seeing all those Pictures you might eventually wonder yourself, where the hack did I actually be exactly during the whole show...

But I guess instead of another long story I´m just adding one last Picture showing the place I have been, behind this thin fence, just a few meters away from those amazing creatures :)


That day back then the biggest Dream of my Childhood finally came true!


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Amazing, those big cats! I would love to hug one when I go back to Thailand.


I really love them :) Even being so big they are damn fast and... oh let´s just face it Tigers are awesome :)

This is an awesome post! I would definitely love to see these animals while traveling through. It might make me respect my house cat a little more after meeting these big cats haha


thank you very much @harrynewman :) In case your coming to Thailand one day you should definitely stop by in case you want to see them a bit closer ;) It´s an amazing one in a lifetime experience


those are pretty greta picture


thank you @ronnielong11 :) It was as well amazing to take them :)

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thank you :)

i love traveling and always connecting with those who do, so honored to follow you and hope you do the same


thanks a lot :) It´s just great how many travellers are on Steemit these days :)

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That sounds like a wonderful trip. I would have been nervous about the thin fence also lol


It was actually really worrying me a bit in the beginning, but as soon as the Tigers started to run around and play just in front of you all that was forgotten.

Wow das sind wirklich tolle Bilder..danke fürs teilen.Gruß