Amazing Places #8 - Kuala Lumpur, my new Hometown!

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Picture from Pixabay, @Starflyer-9000 originals below :)

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Kuala Lumpur, an amazing place & my new Home

Kuala Lumpur is simply an amazing City. Being the Capital of Malaysia it´s a place about 1.5 Million people call home, including myself since the beginning of this year. Around here everyone simply calls it "KL" :)

It´s a city full of Diversity as you may experience all different kinds of people, culture and Religion around here. Whatever you´re looking out for, may it be Indian, Chinese, Malay or western things, you will find them all here in KL. It´s just a question in which corner of the city you are walking around.

I´ve got you some of the pictures I´ve made since I moved here as they will probably show you the diverse beauty of Kuala Lumpur in a better way than I could express with my words.



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Awesome photo! Look at my blog to watch my new photo, i am new on steemit you are amazing @starflyer-9000


thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it

This looks like an amazing city :)


and it for sure is an amazing city 😊

KL is one of my favourite cities in Asia as it seems to represent all of the cultures somehow, with a bit of colonial times thrown in.
I passed through it many times and love the food, vibrancy and general atmosphere. Also I loved going to the cinema every time I was there as they had some of the best in SE Asia at the time.


Damn it, seems like you've really been everywhere @tremendospercy :) & KL is exactly what you name above. It's really mixing all the cultures and that's as well something I love about this city. You find so much diversity here.
(Cinemas are still pretty good today ;)...)

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