Amazing Places #11 - The magnificent Lake Garda, Italy

in travel •  last year


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Simply the perfect Place for a relaxed Holiday!

The lake Garda or Lago di Garda, like it´s called in italian, is the largest lake in Italy. It´s one of the most popular holiday locations in the north of the country and located next to the well known Cities Venice, Verona & Milan. Back in time Glaciers formed this beautiful alpine region, what resulted in us being able to enjoy such beautiful views like the one above.

As a small boy I´ve been there at least once a year as my parents were simply in love with this region. Further it was just about a 4 hours drive away from our home, so that it was not too exhausting to get there having two kids in the car. But what shall I say, those holidays have been so great and I just got wonderful memories on them.

Swimming in the lake, wandering around in those small beautiful alleys, enjoying a Pizza or Pasta and afterwards maybe some delicious italian ice cream or a Tiramisu. That all, while admiring the amazing views every single corner around the lake Garda got to offer...


Isn't this view simply magnificent?
That´s the pure beauty of Italy at it´s finest!


In my Opinion there´s really nothing better than wandering around on the cobblestones in all those small alleys of the villages around the amazing Lake Garda.


[Pictures taken from Pixabay]

Have you been there already?

(or maybe got some plans to go there anytime soon?)

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Man this place looks unreal!!! Your travel posts always give me itchy feet I can't wait to get out there and see these places for myself.

Was it tough dealing with the language barrier over there?


You just gotta book a flight going anywhere one day ;) I mean you can´t live with those itchy feet for the rest of your days :P

& regarding the language barrier I think you´ll get around just good enough. For me, speaking German it might actually be a bit easier but in general it´s a tourist region so that everyone at least speaks a little bit of English ;)

Nice. European lakes are really beautiful.


They are for sure :) I grew up in the southern part of Germany and there is just one lake next to the other ;) But Lake Garda is really a special one, maybe due to all those Memories of mine connected to it...

Amazing pictures!


It´s just an amazing place :)

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Wow, thank you very much :)

Sure looks like such a beautiful area wonderful views and such school buildings


In case you have the chance one day to stop by at lake garda, I can just recommend you to do it :)


I wish but my flying days are over due to some health issues

Amazing pics!!!! Keep the good work coming! btw check my latest article on my home town its awesome!

Alex Koshy


Your Post is really a really good one as well :) Enjoyed reading it and put the place on my To-Go Travel list ;)


You need to go there man, trust me. And also I came back to inform you of my latest post on a place in India nicknamed The Scotland of India from my TOUR INDIA Series.

Alex Koshy

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What a splendid album of photographs highlighting this beautiful desitination! I am adding Lago di Garda to my bucketlist travel must-see list. Following and reSteemed @startflyer-9000


Hey @Ninahaskin,
it´s definitely worth to add it to your bucket list :) Hope you´ll be able to go there soon!