Airport Premium Lounge in Phnom Penh 😀

in travel •  2 years ago

Enjoying some luxury in Phnom Penh

As I've arrived at airport here in Phnom Penh I've got pretty lucky as I got a free invitation to the Plaza Premium Lounge. Well, the reason was that my flight is delayed and I've got to wait a little longer... but at least with some good food and free drinks 😊

They are serving some nice Mushroom Pasta, Pizza rolls and many more delicious small bites here. Of course some sweet things are there as well, which go along just perfectly with a good old cup of capuccino 😉

So while writing I just got the message that my flight is delayed another 40 minutes... Currently I really don't know whether I should be upset about the delay or happy about the lounge access 😂




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Wow looks great


It is, I've never been in one before but it's really a good way to spend your time at the airport. Gotta start collecting some miles to get permanent access in some years 😂

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