Travelling to Vietnam

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Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you about my trip to Vietnam. I myself would hardly have thought of flying to this country, because I just did not suspect, that it is so popular among tourists. It is a state in Southeast Asia, located on the Indochina Peninsula. From Yekaterinburg to Vietnam you need to fly for a long time, about 12 hours.


For those who do not tolerate flights, this can be a significant disadvantage. Almost everything else is a plus: an unusual and exciting excursion program, beautiful beaches. And at the same time — low prices in hotels, restaurants, tours and generally everywhere. Here are some interesting facts about this country. Vietnam is famous all over the world for its coffee, I will say more, Vietnamese occupy a leading position in the export of coffee in the world. In Vietnam, coffee is drunk very sweet, sometimes add condensed milk and a lot of sugar. Popular here and drink iced coffee, you can even find instant iced coffee.



A tan in Vietnam is not in honor. Vietnamese consider the tun to be the lot of the poor, do not be surprised if you see a girl in the heat + 35 completely wrapped: in long gloves, jacket, pants, etc. In Vietnam there is a city beach, but you can rent a moped and go to a wild beach, where there is no one but you...




Thanks for reading!


wow😱 wonderful country!!!Thnx for sharing impressive lucky u r!!!!

Oh man what a trip and what a beautiful country, love your shots!! Hope you had a great time, I can't wait to visit, Cheers!! Thanks for sharing

vietnam is awesome... nicely click by u...

Vietnam city is one of the best natural sight and beauty's i seen ever..i will be go this city to overlook its amazing scenary..thanks @springmelody for sharing this journey me always dear..

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Hi how was your flight?

I went to the Philippines and Vietnam seems to be worth visiting.

Greetings from Berlin @seelc

Despite being such a long flight, you can say that it was worth it. The images are incredible and you can see that it is a beautiful place to visit. If you ever have the opportunity to travel to South America, let me know and I can guide you through the most beautiful places in Venezuela. I can assure you that you will not regret it (google "Los Roques and you´ll see"). I´ll be Waiting for your next posts. Saludos desde Caracas.

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