Exploring An ABANDONED Psychiatric ASYLUM!!! | Part 1

in travel •  8 months ago

Whatsupppp Steemians?

I’m still sick, but I finally get to release this awesome vlog for you guys!

In this video me, Kevin (@kevinsworld93), and Justin (@jreyproductions) take off to explore an abandoned psychiatric hospital known as Kings Park. It’s located in Long Island, NY and has been abandoned since 1996. Kings Park opened it’s doors in 1885. The interesting thing about this place is that it was entirely self-sufficient. They grew their own food, and generated their own heat and electricity.

As more conventional methods of dealing with psychiatric issues became popular, the need for asylums like these diminished and eventually caused Kings Park to close their doors completely.

Any urban explorers watching? Let me know what abandoned places you’ve been to in the comments below!

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such a good channel

Pretty gnarly! Thanks for taking us with.

Sweet dude, thank you for sharing! Have you checked out Centralia, PA?

Hope you will found something interested in another videos. Let us know. :)

Nice one brother :) And now, it's time for you to redecorate the whole place and do a STEEMFEST there!! WOOOHOOO!!! :D

Winny out...for now ;)

PS: I hope you get well soon mate!

Was almost expecting to see some paranormal activity happen or something.

There are lots of those here here Philippines. Anyway, any fellow who wanted to support a newbie out here? I will follow back :) Please feel free to visit my page. Have a great day all of you

My wife and I have done quite a bit of this kind of work....

We take it to new levels by using Ouija boards and such..
We once explored a place called Moonville Tunnel and used the board with some strangers... it ended up being a pretty frightening experience. We pretty clearly heard and saw some things I never expected to see.

There’s a pretty famous asylum called The Ridges on the Ohio University campus. It’s been closed for years but we found our way inside briefly once. The inside was absolutely beautiful- and the cemetery out back from the victims of tuberculosis was another shock...

Also, gravestones with patient numbers instead of names..lobotomies gone wrong and the such...

Just to name a couple places we have explored.

spooky as well

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It gives a little scare those sites, but they generate a lot of curiosity

pretty scary but cool shit mate, Poveglia in Italy is next mate...

Excellent channel keep up the good work 👏

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I know you want to live in Australia, but damn you have so many great places to explore in NYC.

Amazing content as always. I'd acutally prefer a bit more raw footage of the inside of the asylums.

Awesome vid! I am an urban explorer in Detroit.
I am planning on posting some urban exploring videos on Dtube once I get a computer that has enough power to edit videos. Maybe we can collaborate? :)

what software do you use to cut your videos ?

Awesome video! We had to upvote