Vietnam: North to South in 21 days!

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One of my favourite holidays was Vietnam! I explored Vietnam from North to South in 21 days, and the tour was organized by an agency called Intrepid. There were 20 of us, hailing from England, Ireland, US and Australia.

Vietnam is a beautiful country and I would highly recommend it if you haven’t been! I’ve been around South East Asia before and I wasn’t expecting Vietnam to be so nice, but I was pleasantly surprised at how clean, picturesque and friendly the locals were. I will definitely be visiting Vietnam again.

Here are some pics from my Journey!


We landed in Hanoi and on the first day, we headed out to the centre to see the red Huc Bridge over Hoan Kiem lake. The bridge leads to a temple. We spent some time walking around the lake and marveling at all the wedding pictures that were taking place.


Vietnam wouldn’t be Vietnam without all the mopeds/scooters. I was amazed at the waves of bikes that were riding past.

We explored the city, had some traditional Pho soup and then went to sleep early.

Halong Bay

The next day, we headed off for Halong Bay. Halong Bay is beautiful and sometimes referred to the "8th wonder of the world”, it sure is picturesque!

This picture doesn’t do it justice.

I took more pictures but unfortunately, the day was quite overcast and we even had a bit of rain! The highlight of the day though was canoeing in the caves while getting rained on, but the rain was warm! Unlike anything I’ve experienced in Europe. :)


Hoi an

Then onto Hoi an! This was my favourite part of the tour as the city had a great vibe and there were signs of Chinese architecture throughout. The highlight of this was celebrating Chinese New Year with our tour group, eating amazing food and setting fire to our Chinese lanterns!


We also had a random bbq on a deserted island. We started with a boat trip, caught some fish and then docked on the island before creating a BBQ. Instead of aluminium foil, they use banana leaf! It was so tasty!


Nha Trang

We arrived at Nha Trang and did nothing for a couple of days. The beach was beautiful! We also had a spa day where we visited some mud baths.

This was nice but it felt very touristy and what i didn't like was that almost every shop had signs written in Russian. I guess it's a hot tourist destination for Russians! It didn't have the same charm as the other cities that we had visited but still a great holiday destination if all you want to do is relax on the beach and soak up the sun!


Saigon / Ho Chi Minh city

Final destination was Ho Chi Minh city. This is the working hub and IT hub of Vietnam. It was much warmer here in the South compared to the North, almost Tropical weather! The pineapples and Coconuts tasted amazing, and I guess it has a lot to do with the Climate :)

We also went to Chu Chi tunnels, where the Vietnamese fought the US and we saw a complex network of tunnels that the Vietnamese had built to evade attacks and use the element of surprise to gain a competitive edge. It was amazing how tiny these tunnels were, check this out!



As I don't want to end this post on the Vietnamese war, here are some random snaps that I took along the way!

Fresh coconut water


Vietnamese coffee

This is made from coffee beans that were pooped out by weasels! Yes, strange.. but apparently, they find the best coffee beans and they don't digest them properly so they can be foraged from the remains of the weasel poop. It's a very rich & tasty coffee, and you definitely have to try this once!


Tasty Food!


The highlight of Vietnam for me was the food. So much flavour and full of garlic, chilli and onions. The food was light and non-greasy, which meant that you could just keep eating and eating! :)


And that's all folks! Vietnam stole my heart and I will definitely be coming back here to visit!


Love the photos. I'd really like to visit Vietnam some day

Yes, me too. I almost got there but got stuck in horrible Bangkok traffic and missed my flight to Vietnam :( Next time! Thanks for taking us with you on your beautiful journey, soul-thru-da-ink!

You should definitely go! Vietnam is beautiful but and the food is just heaven. I am Vietnamese but I grew up in The Netherlands and I always miss the food the most! I just blogged about my 4 fav must eats when in Vietnam, you should check it out :).

Vietnam is a magical place like Never Never Land.

Thanks! Hope you get to Vietnam soon! :)

Wow tour really useful .. Many information
Beautiful . Good for you .. well done
Thank you for sharing with us your adventure‏

Thanks for your efforts

The coffee looks so strong . Was it ?

It's a black coffee and has a very rich/nutty taste. However, the vietnamese coffee is typically served with condensed milk which makes it sweeter. it's a nice combination but i try to avoid the condensed milk with my daily coffee, as i want to cut down on the sugar.

Thanks , i didnt hear of condensed milk coffee . Will sure need to check out once . But i hate condensed milk too . I usually run with zero sugar in all types of coffee. Thanks mate

Amazing dear @soul-thru-da-ink

Vietnam is highly recommended place to visit

Damn this is quite the trip!

chinelo do brazil

woow amazing and very beautiful country. I am impressed by your trip. I'm waiting for more photos.

yeah man its really inmpressive photography

Vietnam is amazing! Especially the food! You should definitely go! I am Vietnamese but I grew up in The Netherlands and I always miss the food the most! I just blogged about my 4 fav must eats when in Vietnam, maybe that will help you pick the right food when you're there :).

The food is really mediocre but the best food is the Moroccan food I will give you some of the meals and welcome to everyone in Morocco

Moroccan food is great too.

There is plenty of good Moroccan food across Europe. This post wasn't about Morocco. Feel free to make your own post though.

@dlugiii - Right! I heard that Vietnam it's amazing ;)

Thank you!

Waouh nice post! was in Vietnam too for 20 days last month, and we did Ho Chi Minh, Hoi an and Hanoi (with the Halong Bay too) and Hoi an was definitively the best destination for me!! Did you buy a dress made-to-measure there ? :)

I wish I could taste the food. It looks delicious...

The food looks amazing! I love Vietnam. I visited only south tho :(. I would lov to travel through the Vietnam on scooters like they did in TOP GEAR! :D

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Such you are a really good photographer and I like to traveling ......continuous @soul-thru-da-ink

Thanks! take care

I've always wanted to go to Vietnam! Very interesting images and good tips for where to go, thank you! I've heard Vietnamese coffee is some of the best in the world

I am living here in Saigon for almost 10 years, and I agree about your blog.
It is fun being here in Vietnam. :) I hope you come back soon.
You should've also try Ca Phe Sua Da, it is a black coffee with condensed milk and ice. Legit!

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I really like coffee and I am also a coffee farmer.

warm greetings from Aceh, Indonesia @soul-thru-da-ink
and in my garden is very easy to find coffee from illegal weasel, if the taste is appropriate for the consumption itself.

That tunnel looks so claustrofobic! unreal that people fit through there.

[email protected], It's good post about photograohy! I enjoy your photoghrphy. Keep up the good work.
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit

Nice story, If you like to visit my stories - you are welcome :) I post mostly about Western Europe

I love Vietnam Foods it's very delicious I love Vietnam Ramen too.
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Great nature. I did not know much about this cave in Vietnam. Mam shared his experience in the class during the class. He traveled to Vietnam in 2015 as a tourist. It was a surprise to me. I hope, soon I'll be seeing soon.

Writing and taking photographs is very different, but the way you have connected these two with great skills is splendid, Keep Rocking

Thanks a lot, appreciate your comment. :)

Hey, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and I lived in Vietnam for 5 years, mostly in Saigon, and I'm from Oregon, and love your photos and Dalat City was beautiful and loved the rice and coffee so much hehe.

2014-12-26 JA GROUP.jpg

Hello @saul-thru-da-ink
I'm really hungry, after seeing your photos. ;)
In the community, we all usually help each other, that is why I leave you an example here, how to achieve justified texts for your post.

Greetings and have fun! :D

I loved Vietnam too! Where are you off to next?

I have written a stretch routine for people who travel by airplane or who sit down for long journeys: click here to read

Hopefully Bali. Thanks, I'll check this out!

If you want to discover a hidden paradise visite Los Roques, Venezuela and if you fall in love you can travel around all the country. Is one of that countries you maybe think is a bad idea to travel, but when you do it you really meet the meaning of paradise.

Thanks for the tip! I'll check this place out.

I had been to Europe and US and had planned to see Asia in my next travel.Your blog had tremendously provoked my desire to do so by starting it from Vietnam.

Vietnam is indeed blessed with beautiful natural resources. i wonder why countries with these endowments struggle economically.

Lovely piece of information. Thanks for sharing. Following you to stay tuned for More..😊

travel is a beauty

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Nice to see all those pics. Good post
Just recommend which places are good for friends to enjoy weekly trip in Vietnam??????????????

I have visited Vietnam already. And i really can feel this post really well. You explained everything in details and clearly and well decorated.

Good one.

You may like my travel series too - Travel Series (Part #1) Bali, Indonesia, Bunch of Beautiful Islands

Did you see Dalat City? Beautiful place.

Nice Vietnam. I’ve been there last year.
Saw streams of motor cycles.
Coconut drink is so good.

Did you like the rice and coffee in Vietnam?

Sure! Vietnam Coffee taste so good .
I even bought home some .

you are smart and wise, good work

What an awesome post this is!
I'll add veitnam to my list of places I'd love to visit this coming summer.
Thanks for sharing!!

Seems vietnam is a cool place to visit!
I'll also love to visit!!

Love to see Vietnam through your eyes!! Thank you for sharing!

The secrets to perspective comes from many eyes, hehe. Was in Vietnam.

Desde Venezuela, te felicito por ese viaje tan agradable a Vietnan, y se te logre tu objetivo de volver a visitar a esos lugares acogedores. Buen Post.

yes, great, Vietnam was awesome for sure, thanks

yuummm yummy so delicious
you have shared amazing and very beautiful post with delicious item. I hope you will fully enjoy your trip.pray for your safe journey.

That is my wishh to visit Vietnam...

Beautiful country...

A wonderful post to read. I really love hearing about trips around the world. And your photos made me hungry and thirsty, so thanks for that. Haha. Followed and upvoted.

wauuu...fantastic....and beautifull
i hpe one day to visit with my family...
thanks for sharing...

I really enjoyed your journey
its looks likevheaven

Vietnam is a beautiful place, isn't it? @soul-thru-da-ink

yeah, sure
Do you want visit Vietnam?

Wow, I didn't know Vietnam is this good. I wish to travel outside the Philippines someday I hope it will be sooner though. I'm just wondering how much did it cost you? Travelling to Vietnam? So I can save more money haha thank you 😊

very interesting story, thank you

awesome click my dear @soul-thru-da-ink vietnam is so beautiful place i will difinitly visit there

Really love these pics! You must have done a very beautiful trip! I want to go to Vietnam too to visit all this with my eyes!
I'd like to go to Sa Pa, for excursions. Some say it is the perfect destination for trekking lovers... Have you been also there? Could you give me any advice? :) thank you!!!


I am planing to go to Vietnam next year. I will have around 14 days I hope I will manage :)

excellent post, make you want to visit Vietnam ... Very good pictures

It is so beautiful, was there 5 years. Love the people.

I planning to go thailand, should I change it to Vietnam? have u been in thailand?

Beautiful country with good food.

I think this is on of the most memorable tour for you @soul-thru-da-ink

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Thanks for this post. Now it makes me think to visit Vietnam.

There were amazing people there. I loved Vietnam.

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very good and lovely trip .

Wonderful post, beautiful pictures and delicious food

i have never had a chance to visit that much yet...great post

was amazing travel stories...
and coffee taste...:)

Wonderful Place... Hope someday get there.. Thanks @soul-thru-da-ink for sharing us. Hope your journey always in succes and finding new inspiration.
Vote you.. If u dont mind, please come to see my post with a title "something in the morning" about one words about nature, maybe you interesting.

Best regard and God Bless You..

Vietnam is a very beautiful country with a rich culture and a beautiful landscape.

I love it! Vietnamese food is so delicous! I just posted about it on my blog :). I just followed you! Thanks for sharing!

Agreed, I love and loved Com Ga, the chicken rice, so much, hehe, in Vietnam.

You had a very wonderful experience in Vietnam. Everything seems amazing. Try to visit our country also, The Philippines. You will have an equally wonderful experience...

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Vietnan is amazing and beautiful place. I am impressed by your trip. Your picture are beautiful.

seems vietnam is a cool place. Bdw if possible visit arunachal pradesh, india. you will love it , variety of tradition , diverse culture , and mountains and views rivers ebrything . its haven.IMG_0185.JPGIMG_0346.JPGIMG_0842.JPG

You are offending my country, you know nothing about the people of this country but you show yourself do not understand

no so sorry if i hurt you, but that was not my intention. i just wanted to share mine thats it. And yeah i know almost nothing about Vietnam but going through ths post made mein feel good about it so i appreciated. i didnt offend no one

Why are you offended? What are you offended about?

that is wat. i didnt say anything bad about anyone or some place. i just expressed my view. i think that guy tool me in a wrong sense

Please tell me about your views. I am asking you to express your views. When you write and talk, you seek to communicate in order for others to understand and see and hear and get what you are saying. Please tell me what you were saying.

Looks interesting.

thank you, I'm come from VietNam <3

I like the pictures and what an amazing experience!

Sometimes the places that we think are less attractive are the places that when we visit have something magical that attracts us. very nice pictures of vietnam actually draws attention

nice holiday packages

Interesting how Vietnam has turned into a tourist mecca. Your pictures are spot on enriching us how Vietnam looks like.

To my way of thinking if you get it together by traveling that you can give Anthony Bourdain a run for his money in showing people different parts of the world.

i will be going to Vietnam in September 2018. Thank you for this. I hear it's not a place to shop. Thailand is better but food in Vietnam from what i see of your blog and from what i hear is delicious and cheap. The coffee is to die for. Thanks again.

I shopped in Vietnam.

Wow. Hope you passed amazing day. Wish me also be their for these tasty food ,coffee and feel the nature

Upvoted on your post.
You can upvoted on my post as below link

Nice to see all those pics. Good post

Beautiful photos! Can't wait to visit in the future

chào đồng hương

very for your food, thanks

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Vietnamese food is delicious~

thank you for a trip to my country. I hope you have a chance to come back

Good and intelligent post bro. I like it @soul-thru-da-ink ^.^

Well documented trip. I enjoyed reading your post.

Cầu Thuê Húc - Việt NamC69AEF46-97FB-44BC-BCF2-EE940AADFA73.jpeg

Tasty Food

The food looks So Yum...Vietnamese Coffee is one of the Best!!!

please follow and upvote / resteem me, every bit of help would be much appreciated :) Many thanks.

Sorry but you wasn't in Vietnam! I stopped reading when it comes to Agency.

hey, what's with all the hate & disrespect?

This was the first and only time that I've travelled with an agency and it was a great experience. Our guide was a Vietnamese local from Hanoi. He actually quit his job shortly after this tour and then started his own private tour company. What do you know about tours?

And it's a shame that you stopped reading after "agency", because you might benefit from a little English lesson or too. I took a peek at a few of your travel posts and I suggest that you run your content through a spell check before posting. The community here deserve a little better than that.

I'm just giving you back what you deserve. :) Take care! :)

Well actually I am paying for proofreading. Last month was the bill 150 eur. So I would be glad if you show me some mistakes and I can make compliment to my proofread guy. I think this is constructive critic! I gave you also one, just didn't expaine it. I will now.

Now I read it through and I have still the same opinion. All those toured things you saw were a fake Vietnam. And this is why are tours bad. And it doesn't matter if the guide is local or not. You should visit at least Sapa, still tourist show but a bit more realistic.

Your post isn't worth that much reward you got. That must be also a reason I "attacked you". I didn't find one good info in it. Why you don't wtite some details. Why is there so many bikes, why is architecture like it is, and so one.

I was in Vietnam. I ate a dog, sleep on hard floor with locals, drank the real kopi luwak ( I am afraid you didn't tried the real one. Beacuse there is around 70% fake ones. If you paid less than 8$ for your coffee it can be fake), I smoked weed with the local tribe and 4 years old kid stuffed it into the Bamboo pipe, I was on a train, the only white guy, I saw the real fight sights, not the museum so called CCTunnels. There is around 300km underground system...

However what my point is tours doesn't gives you the real picture. There is another place better looking than Halong Bay, without tourist and stupid canoes, which are now banned anyway. Try to be more specific in your posts, don't throw out just a trip advisor review. We are hungry for something more you know. But anyway this is up to you. You are making money here on Steemit, so it doesn't matter.

It is hard to find good travel posts anyway. Here I will show you where I am staying now in Kuala Lumpur. I bet you won't find things like this on blog. Why? Beacuse people aren't honest or they show only what tour guy showed them.

I am honest and yes some find it disrespectful in it. But I rather see it that way and maybe change mind in someone like you, who is spending their money for travel and see fake picture. Open you eyes.

Regards and apologizes for any hard feelings.



I agree, the Vietnamese coffee was very good! I also enjoyed Vietnamese food a lot :)

I've been to some of the places you've shown. I like the photos, they make me want to go back again and see the rest of Vietnam that I missed the first time...

I love Vietnam and its food is one of my favorite cusines. I've been to Vietnam a few times and visited Nha Trang on one of my trips too. It's my least favorite region in Vietnam. As you said it's quite touristy and there are similar beautiful beaches in Vietnam with less people and noise (and trash).