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As a travel lover, I like to use Google apps to plan my trip. For instance, Google flights helps me track flight price and Google trips and MyMaps helps me on daily route.

I went to Hong Kong from 7th to 11th December in 2016. The initial purpose of the trip is to watch Jacky Cheung concert "A Classic Tour". It couldn't be better if we can spend a few days here, take a walk and eat around.

每次旅行之前和之中,我都喜欢用Google开发的app,比如Google flights可以追踪机票价格,My Maps和Google Trips用来安排行程,Google Inbox里面的Trips也会自动整理收纳机票和住宿信息,实用又方便。

我是2016年12月7号到11号去的香港,总共5天四夜,其实去香港的最初目的是张学友的经典之旅演唱会:p 当然也必须顺便走一走 ~ 看一看 ~ 吃一吃 ~ 逛一逛 ~


Flights and Accomadation 机票和住宿

I would like to take this trip as an example to show how Google apps work. Once I booked the flight, the flight itinerary was sent to your email address as well as accomadation details. These information was combined automatically by Google trips for easy management of trips.

If you use Google Calendar at the same time, flights and accomadation will be generated as events.



如果同时配合Google Calendar, 它会自动生成事件提醒,以防误机:p

My Maps 我的地图

There are many layers you can define in this app and you can choose which layer to display.

What it is displaying now is the marked food places.

My Maps可以分成多个图层,每层可以设置不同的类别,想在地图上看到哪一层就选哪一层。比如选“香港美食餐厅地点”这层,我所标记在地图上的美食地标就会出现:


Those just are a few tips. Let's start our food trip.

以上是一些小撇步,现在美食旅行正式开始 ~ ~

Food day, everyday 美༶食༶旅༶行༶记༶

I love the favorable tempertaure in Hong Kong. We were staying in a travel house near Yau Ma Tei. As a foodie, after settling down luggage, we went for dinner and supper straightly.

香港天气不冷不热,非常舒服,我们回油麻地附近的民宿放下行李之后就去附近走走了。作为认真的吃货,首要目标自然是美食,于是我们去吃了招牌云吞面ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノヾ ~ ~

Mak's Noodle 麥奀雲吞面世家

Mak's Noodle is HK's most famous Wanton Noodles. There are many branches and this one is at G/F, 55 Parkes Street Jordan.



After dinner, there must be dessert, right ~ ~

There was a nearby traditional famous cafe, famous for Double steamed milk with egg whites (pic left) and Double-boiled eggs with Almond (pic right).

最喜欢的还是甜品啦✧(≖ ◡ ≖✿)

在云吞面隔壁就有我心心念想的双皮奶杏汁炖蛋, 不过我觉得杏汁炖蛋有点太甜了。

Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司



Look! Christmas is coming!

快到圣诞节了,到处的装饰也迎合着了节日主题 ~



On the way back, we had some Curry Fishball at Dai Pai Dong.

回去的路上又吃了大排档的咖喱鱼蛋和点心 ~


Next day, the local breakfast was waiting for us.

第二天早上,一定要来点地道的早餐,于是我们去了茶餐室 ~

Mido Cafe 美都餐室】(新电影《追龙》里面刘德华与肥猫共聚的地方)


  • French Toast
  • Macaroni Soup with Ham
  • Hot Coke with Lemon
  • 法兰西多士
  • 火腿汤通
  • 热柠乐


The French Toast is super yummy (๑>؂<๑)۶

The Macaroni Soup is a healthy choice✌️

Hot Coke with Lemon can help preventing from flu and add ginger as alternatives

西多士很惊艳,好吃的东西热量自然少不了 ~

通粉很清淡健康,不过满足不了我这种重口味的吃货 ~

听说热柠檬可乐还可以预防感冒,也可以煲姜在里面 ~ ~

After breakfast, we went to Central-Mid-Levels Escalator followed by Victoria Peak.

吃饱饱了就去中环半山扶梯 - 太平山 ~ ~

Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳

Cart Noodles HongKong-style Milk Tea

车仔面 丝袜奶茶


The peak of Hong Kong, one of the three most famous nightview in the world


Victoria Peak 太平山顶


We took public bus down from the peak and came to Duddell Street.

The unique old HongKong-style Starbarks is located here. Half of the interior design is like the 1950s to 60s style, which remains the old Hong Kong culture.


Starbarks 星巴克 冰室角落

「冰室」是一种逐渐消失的老香港景象,类似于现代的咖啡厅,让大家可以休 息聊天的地方


Picture by Wikimedia - Wpcpey

Law Fu Kee 罗富记粥面专家

You must try the porridge and fried daceball with sauce!

这次来香港让我最忘不了的就是这家的炸鲮鱼球和粥啦!!! 还配了特别的蘸料,好吃到没朋友 ~ ~


Lunch on the third day.


Dim Sum Icon 点心代表:懒蛋蛋主题餐厅

The main dishes in the restaurant is dim sum. The price is a bit expensive, ard $HK39 to 69 for one dish. But the theme and environment are really cute. Every dish is made delicated.

  • Custard bun and Chocolate bun look the same from outside.
  • The strip one is steamed vermicelli roll with soy sauce.
  • The triangle dim sum with Crayon Shin-chan theme is shrimp dumpling.

店里的食物主要是以点心为主,港币39-69一份,简直是圈钱 ~ 但是环境真的非常有爱 ~ 还有蜡笔小新主题 ~

奶黄包不是一般的奶黄包,除了会卖萌,还会呕吐奶黄 ~ ~

巧克力包也不是普通的巧克力包,巧克力是从懒蛋蛋的pp里出来的 ~ 自行脑补吧 ~ ~


Italian restaurant after Ngong Ping 360.



Nice ambiance and tasty pizza



Next day, Mong Kok is the main route. We had a brunch first.


Chan Kee Restaurant 深井陈记烧鹅专门店


Fei Jie 肥姐小食店

This is the unmissable super popular snack stall - iced pickled skewers, such as squid,gizzards and intestinal.



On the way back, there was a street BBQ stall. Why don't have a try?



The biggest event in this trip is Jacky Cheung Concert.

The concert can be omitted here first:p

吃饱饱去听学友哥哥唱歌咯 ~

此 处 省 略 一 场 演 唱 会

Supper time !

Light Kway Teow Soup and the "Treasure Meow” of the coffee shop

终于可以吃宵夜了 ~


清淡鲜美的粿条汤和店家的猫~o( =∩ω∩= )m ~ ~


Food stories are to be continued ...

Thanks for your reading !

香港还有很多很多美食,下回继续 ~ ~


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Beautiful nice post shearing thank you pelese halp my upvote

The food looks superb and so does the city. I hope some day to come and check everything out there. Thank you!

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After looking at those yummy pictures, I want to fly to HK to try all those foods!

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