Day 3

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Hello Steemiters,

This day was one of the hardest for me, I received a message from a lady who told me to leave my ex-fiancee alone because he was happily married. Which I didn't understand, I didn't know he was with someone else. I mean, we had only been apart for 4 weeks top, therefore, I was confused. I looked for his profile on Facebook and there it was; he had pictures of his wedding. His wedding happened one week after he left me. when I went into his wife's profile it was clear they were already dating before him and I had broken up.

Let me tell you that not all Arabs are like this. It took me time to understand but I did. I did a lot of wrong in this relationship and as hard as it was for me it probably was for him too. Him leaving me was the best thing that could have happened to both of us.

I don't know where he is now, or how he is doing. I just truly hope he has found love and learned about honesty so he doesn't hurt people the way he hurt me. If you ever read this, from the bottom of my heart, I forgive you.

This is not a love or tragic story. I promise it only gets more interesting day by day.

Stick around and I'll give you some travel inspiration.

Day 3

March 8, 2017

Today we had to wake up extra early to go the Muslim quarter. Apparently, the lines to go into "Dome of the Rock" are long!

Not so sure how I feel about going since all the Arabs in the area remind me of him, I don't want to think of him anymore. Yesterday, I found out that he got married and that he was dating this lady while we were already engaged. I cried for a long time after seeing his wedding pictures. It broke my heart to see their hands holding with wedding bands and how happy he seemed with only three weeks of us getting separated. The happy moments we shared meant nothing to him.

However, it all makes sense now. His rush to get married, the pressure I always felt from him, he was always checking my phone, reading text from my friends, the ring, he would always brainwash me into thinking my best friends where jealous of me only because they would tell me to be careful of him, and so many other things. That I clearly chose to neglect because I was in love, or was I? He was just using me for a visa. Deep down inside of me I always had the doubt but he was so good with words and manipulative. I believed him until the end.

I know I'm only torturing myself by looking at his profile. I was talking to Miriam and crying next to her but I told my self it will be the last time I ever cry for him.

God give me the strength to overcome these feelings. I didn't want this mess in my head and I don't know how to clean it up! I need help, time please help me and hurry up.


Later the same day:

We got back from the Muslim quarter and it was beautiful! There are two entrances to this location one for Muslims and one for tourist, so we had to check which one was for us. There was a line but not too long. They didn't really ask for identification cards, they just checked our bags.

The place was very quiet and peaceful. I could feel the cool breeze, the sound of the trees and the birds singing. It was quite magical.

"Dome of the Rock" is one of the holiest places for Islam after Mecca and Medina.

In Islam, it is believed that the Rock commemorates the night journey of their prophet. One day Angel Gabriel came to Muhammad while he slept in Mecca and took him to Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem which located in front of Dome of the Rock. From the Rock, Muhammad went to heaven.

Unfortunately, only Muslims are allowed to enter the "Dome of the Rock" but you can find pictures online where you are able to see the huge rock that sits below the dome. In Judaism/Christianity, it is believed that this rock was where Abraham was planning to sacrifice his son Isaac. You can read more about it in the book of Genesis.

Miriam and Golan made a list of all the things to see during my visit. They are keeping me very busy no chance to sit and remember useless things. I got a message from another job interview in a start-up company close to La Jolla which is still close to San Diego. I will respond tomorrow, I'm so tired and I still need to talk to my parents.

My dad thinks I'm not coming back. Honestly, I don't know if I want to anymore. BUUUUTTT I have to, I need to work.

Goodnight life.

This is Miriam creating a tentative schedule that we end up following to the finest detail. Miriam is such a good planner. You can see Golan's feet in the corner. He was in the kitchen preparing a fruit salad. Have I told you Israel has the best oranges I ever tasted?

Dome of the Rock


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Well hun , every pot has its lid.

Good luck finding new love ,

I find mine in India , be stronge.


Staying strong!!! Thank you very much! Sending good vibes from me to you!

What an idea!!!
So cool!!


i love your writing dear be strong he is never meant for in the first place


Yes, big and better things came my way. Thank you very much for reading!

Good luck, enjoy your next days

that nice but top story or your's story its happen with me also becoz i also did to must things hurting ppl's and now i realise that how im and now how im so .. by time passing ppl's understand how we are how we are so .. im simple ur ex know how he will be better then before i like ur travel info thankzz

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