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World Famous Architect Ando Tadao And Museum San, Korea

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Me and my former colleagues planed to stop by the museum “San” in Wonju city of Gangwon Province
We were so interested in the Architecture of the Museum San.
San means ‘Mountain’ in Korean language.
The fact that attracted our attention was the museum was designed by Ando Tadao.

Ando Tadao is world famous Japanese Architect.

(source image google)

You might've heard his unique architecture style of 'nude cement'


He never had learned any regular educations on the architecture.
At the teenage, he was indulge in the boxing. Truck driver was his job for living.

One day he found the book on the architecture by chance. From that moment, he made a decision to devote his whole life for the Architecture. As wandering around the whole world, he had learned the architecture by himself for several years. Finally he had got his unique style in the Architecture.

Museum San is the one of his representatives.
Actually it was first time for me to look at his work.

It was shock for me. If I knew the architecture was such a wonderful job before, I would like to be an Architect.
Museum San was located in the midst of the mountains.


It was raining slightly when we dropped by.
But this weather was perfect to enjoy the real value of this architecture.

Museum San was mixture of artificial and nature.

It was difficult to clear the boundary between the architecture and it’s surroundings.
Moreover, the fog added this mysterious atmosphere.



I couldn’t estimate whole design and appearance of the museum.
I couldn’t see the whole appearance from anyplace.

It was mysterious experience for me.

the road to the main building



wall of entrance


sculpture at entrance


This sculpture made me imagine a mountain which was a name of this museum.


Now let's continue our travel of the museum San

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The walking on that wonderful art work is also a very great feeling. I am looking forward for more posts related to this museum because if the outer side is lovely then I am sure inner would be more.

The work of Ando Tadao in that Mountain museum is an eye candy and we really can see his talent by looking at his beautiful artwork using his learnt skill in architecture and concrete work. @slowwalker

Interesting .. well done
Sounds like a trip full of experiences, good for you
I liked it, thanks for sharing..

It reminds me of the architecture of Mies Van der Rohe but with natural elements. Very interesting. Thank you

@slowwalker i love your all work...and all photography are very nice...thanks sharing your work....


thank you

All the background are great art

a place that has history in korea, lots of people love to see this beautiful place. @slowwalker

very good plan slowwalker, I also like to go to the museum because a lot of historic storage, but in our place the museum is only in a certain place and can be said also very little, so I really like the time you say going to the museum, good luck always my friend @slowwalker


Thank you so much

Sir @slowwalker, we must acknowledge the ability of the autodidacted person even though not studying to college, but his work is known to the whole world community. And one of them is This World Famous Architect Ando Tadao, he managed to make the famous San Museum. Incredible.

Thank you very much sir, you are share the story to us.

Hopefully you will successful Always ..

Regards, your loyal fans: @rijalaronaceh


Thank you so much

That's a beautiful view.

No previous architectural experience?! How is that possible?! Can you imagine if whatever step the universe hadn’t put him on to find that gift? The loss to humanity if he’d just continued driving trucks. I have some close friends that are obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright and Midcentury Modern homes. I’ll have to see if they’re familiar with Tadao. Thanks, as always, for sharing @slowwalker.


thank you for comment.
Ando Tadao is a marvelous person in my view.
He decided his own direction of life.

Beautiful views and the place is amazing.

Wow what a wonderful work and when reading your publication and finding out that the creator did not really study for that and look what he could do, it's something surprising.

Sometimes we just need inspiration and a lot of desire to achieve something that the talent for that something finally comes out naturally.


Yes, the talent looks like a courage to do what he really want


You're right, many do not study and manage to do impressive things only with the motivation and desire to be better at what they like.

I love how Ando plays with space configuration. He is good at creating a peaceful ambiance for a place with a rhythm of spatial experience when we travel from the entrance to the main space. Would love to know more about your journey :) Never experience his work in real life just yet but I already can sense the space.


Oh, your must be a professional in the Architecture.
Thank you for comment


An interesting career for me so far :) Glad to follow @slowalker posts since I started Steemit too. Looking at architecture and culture through history.

Very nice museum! I do like the paths of winding brick laid down and how it seems to meander aimlessly throughout.

I think the rain gives it a clean look, taking the dust off and letting the water wash in,

I like architecture as it integrates different materials in keeping with its archtectural design.


thank you for comment

물에 둘러쌓인 건축물과 그것을 만든 일본 건축가...
이 두가지 조합으로 저는 일본의 오사카 성이 문뜩 생각이 납니다 ㅎ
오사카 성은 해자로 보호를 했는데,, 마치 그런한 것을 생각해서 만든게 아닌가 싶기도 하고요 혹시나 해서 찾아보니 건축가 자체가.. 물을 이용한 건물을 많이 만드셨군요 특히나, 삿포로의 물의교회는 정말 멋지네요, 선생님 덕분에 새로운 것을 알고 갑니다



It is a perfect architecture work..beautiful museum you shared @slowwalker


Thank you so much

how did friends my tea


Thank you for your beautiful shoot

Love the red sculpture! Can't wait to see the interiors of the museum. Looking forward to you trip in the museum!


Thank you for your stopping by

Great post. Looks amazing!

I am a photographer. I respect you. I would be grateful if you could follow me and take a look at my picture.


Thank you for the respectable @slowwalker voting. I will continue to upload good pictures. Watch me!! :)

Great history @slowwalker, I have really learnt a lot about korean historical part visiting your blog and it's really very informative and educative as well. Thanks for always sharing this historical events and places about Korea with us. Nice photography too as well.

Architecture is amazing, it take ingenuity and skill to think up something like this. I dont know which i love more, the building or the decorum of the compound.
As you said, I believe the style used here was to keep you unexpectimg as you walked through the surrounding .
Its great thanks for enlightening me

That museum really has the castle and moat theme going. Very cool share.

Unbelievable post.

@slowwalker, "Museum San" The work of Japanese Architect is very beautiful, unique style, architecture is a job we should respect together, I am reminded of the Aceh Tsunami Museum, have you ever heard of this Museum. :)

The tsunami disaster struck Aceh on 26 December 2004, the Museum was built to commemorate the victims of the tsunami disaster, and became a center for research and learning about the tsunami disaster.

I hope you can visit my country. you can see the picture here

Sorry my English is not good.


Your english is better than me.
I saw the tsunami museum on the map you sent me.
I'd like to visit the museum.
Thank you


Thanks for the positive response, if you come here I am very happy, Greetings from Aceh @slowwalker.

Whenever I see magnificent architecture design its always amazing me and most time I be like why not I chose architecture as a disciplined but well Its life we must not all going to the same path.. awesome Shots you shared here, I believe this is just a tip of an iceberg... Waiting to see more sculpture from that museum...

말씀처럼 안도 타다오라는 이름을 들어본 것 같습니다. 한국땅 원주에 그의 작품이 있었군요. 정규과정을 밟지 않았다는 사실이 놀랍네요. 물과 안개에 둘러싸인 분위기가 한층 더 신비로움을 더해줍니다. 원주에 들릴 일이 있으면 꼭 한번 방문해 보겠습니다.^^


정말 멋있는 건물인데 많이 알려지지 않은 것이 이상할 정도였습니다


저도 관광지들 소개는 그냥 지나치는 편인데. 사진만 보고도 여기는 꼭 한번 가봐야겠다는 생각이 들 정도네요. 슬로우워커님 저번에 소개해주신 김영갑씨 작품이 있는 곳은 가봤었거든요. 그런데 그보다 김영갑씨 작품활동하셨던 집을 더 가보고 싶더라구요. 사진집에서 봤던 그 풍광을 직접 한번 보고 싶어서요.

Nice picture shots, inspiring when a person with no/little architectural education could build a structure like this one.


Thank you so much

Izin saya resteem postingan anda
Saya dari indonesia
Saya menyukai karya yang begitu detail,sukses selalu

I like and love this kind of storytelling and history!

Beautiful and good looking environmental.... Kudos for sharing this with us

Beautiful and good looking environmental.... Kudos for sharing this with us

I was left with the desire to see the inside of the museum, because observing the outside is to imagine that everything that contains must be great. Great photos that leave you wanting to see more.

art that is so amazing that it looks something beautiful and this creativity is very top.

great place to know the history

you both got your profession by chance by doing other work for survival professionally.and some day you achieve dramatically what you were wanted for great and superb you believe in yourself and in your work that made you a great professional and today you became an architecture.thank you

산 박물관이라니.. 정말 새롭습니다.
비가 내리고 , 안개가 자욱하니 오히려 더 경이롭게 보이구요.
산 한가운데에 이런게 있다는 자체도 신기한데 ,
조화까지 잘 어울린다니..
느낌이 묘 할것 같습니다.
6월의 첫 시작인데 이렇게 사진으로 감동을 주셔서 감사합니다.
슬로우워커님도 6월의 첫 시작 알차게 보내시길 바라겠습니다.



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Great artwork :)

I like the photos shared on this posting. And truly enjoying reading it.
It makes me feel being there on a rainy day with having some coffee and looking around people.